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June Collectors Auction - THIS SALE HAS CONCLUDED

Date of this auction was: Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 A Hornby loco, R259, BR Yorkshire, boxed also various cigarette cards, first day covers, album of bank notes etc £60.00  
2 Two Pelham puppets boxed, also an electric scale model of Austin A40 Somerset by Victory Industries, boxed £45.00  
3 Tri- ang railways OO gauge electric passenger train set, boxed £15.00  
4 English tinplate miniature passenger train set, and a tinplate Fire Chief model car £20.00  
5 A Dinky Supertoys No 918, Guy Van, Ever Ready, boxed, also other general diecast models £110.00  
6 Various items including composition doll, old teddy bear, children's annuals, small Lesney diecast models, Vintage pocket size flash light and personal alarm, boxed, WWI Souvenir of France needlework cushion cover £12.00  
7 A collection of various Minic models and track £85.00  
8 A Hornby O gauge and clockwork tinplate train set partly boxed £38.00  
9 A quantity of Chad Valley railway track, various O gauge track, Bintoy train set and other O gauge tanks and wagons (collection) £35.00  
10 A Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang model No 05301 (boxed) £15.00  
13 Collection of thirteen boxed Vanguard scale model cars £42.00  
14 Corgi Toys model 465 Commer Pick Up Truck (boxed) £50.00  
15 Corgi Toys model 417 Land Rover Breakdown Truck (boxed) £55.00  
16 Corgi Toys model 236 Motor School Car (boxed) £50.00  
17 Corgi Toys model 409 Forward Control Jeep (boxed) £25.00  
18 Dinky Toys model 197 Morris Mini Traveller (boxed) £48.00  
19 Corgi Toys model 460 Neville Cement Tipper Body on ERF Chassis (boxed) £32.00  
20 Corgi Toys model 234 Ford Consol Classic and Chevrolet New York Taxi model 221, both boxed, (2) £38.00  
21 Corgi Toys Major model 1116 Launcher, model 1109 Bristol Bloodhound Guided Missile on Trolley and loose Dinky Toys army wagon (3) £70.00  
22 A mixed lot including Scalextric model racing car, Lista Jaguar (boxed), Corgi Toys model 55 Fordson Tractor, Corgi Toys model 51 MF Trailer, loose models including Dinky Toys Thunderbirds, Lledo promo models etc £22.00  
23 Dinky Supertoys Foden flatbed lorry, Multi Bucket Skip Lorry, Tipper and model 960 Lorry Mounted Cement Mixer (boxed) £100.00  
24 An old teddy bear and soft toy monkey £20.00  
26 A Corgi Aviation Archive Series model chinook helicopter scale 1/72 t/w a Corgi WW II Super Marine spitfire boxed (2) £80.00  
27 A box of various tinplate models £20.00  
28 An Armand Marseilles bisque head doll No 341/31/2 K, 33cm £20.00  
29 A 1/18th scale Revel BMW 507 model in metal also a Porsche Boxer on wood plinth and a Burrago Ferrari 250 GD (3) £18.00  
30 A 1960s Airfix Betta Bilda set No 3 with leaflet £20.00  
31 A Matchbox carry case containing 44 Matchbox and four Corgi Junior models mostly good condition £25.00  
32 A collection of Meccano in box £85.00  
33 A collection of Meccano in box £48.00  
34 A collection of Meccano in box £90.00  
35 A large quantity of Meccano £250.00  
36 A Meccano Hyper Space boxed construction set £25.00  
37 An old scratch built child's car (GPS II) and some modern models £20.00  
38 A collection of early Lesney miniature die cast models £5.00  
39 Six Corgi models including Corgi Classics, Route Master bus, Road Services Vehicles, Southampton Transport Bus, Penny Post model, Leyland Platform Lorry and Tram, Matchbox Collectibles Models, all boxed (11) £42.00  
40 Various boxed diecast models including Days Gone, Corgi Classics, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Fire Engine Series, Corgi Tramlines, Promo & TV models, 50 Years Lledo Souvenirs etc. (18) £45.00  
41 Various Days Gone Promo diecast models, Models of Yesteryear including Fire Engine Series, Rolls Royce models, all boxed (approx ) £15.00  
42 A 19th century bone model of a 16 gun sloop of war, possibly a Napoleonic Prisoner of War Model, 26cm maximum length and 22cm maximum height including platform, set within a glass dome on wood plinth, 32cm including case £950.00  
44 Two 'pump' action atomisers and three small French boxes etc (5) £38.00  
46 A silver and glass salt pot (Chester), pair silver earrings and silver ring (inset with bird design) £10.00  
47 A Jade small brush washer £100.00  
48 A Jade snuff bottle £70.00  
49 A white Jade pendant £230.00  
50 A Jade brush pot £550.00  
51 A Lladro collectors society porcelain plaque, a Lladro figure 'Bearly Love'; No 1443 (retired in 2001) and a Lladro Ballerina, Laura No 1360 by Juan Huerta (retired 1993) (3) £75.00  
53 A 1960's German 'volcano' vase, Aynsley bone china rose bowl bouquet, Irish Dresden modern figurine and a Beswick vintage curly horn ram (4) £25.00  
54 Royal Doulton Winnie the Pook Collection, 6 figurines (6) £30.00  
55 A framed Elvis Presley, Kid Galahad EP £22.00  
56 A collection of Limited Edition Warner Brothers & Looney Tunes numbered collectors edition plates, designed exclusively for the Warner Brothers Studio Gallery, (list available) (16) £20.00  
57 Betty Boop collection comprising Limited Edition hand painted sculpture plus salt and pepper pot and dog (4) £18.00  
58 A large collection of costume jewellery £5.00  
59 A large collection of costume jewellery £25.00  
60 A large collection of costume jewellery £10.00  
61 A large collection of costume jewellery £20.00  
62 A large collection of costume jewellery £15.00  
63 A large collection of costume jewellery £25.00  
64 A large collection of costume jewellery £12.00  
67 A collection of twelve Dinky, Spot On, Matchbox, Meccano and other small catalogues and price lists £10.00  
68 Various metalwares, brass trinkets, silver plated biscuit box etc £10.00  
69 A collection of various general pictures (9) also Clarice Cliff Celtic jam pot (damaged), tureens and two porcelain figures £20.00  
70 A group of six WWII Medals awarded Walter Hill £42.00  
71 A small walnut cased reproduction bracket clock, the movement inscribed Rotherham's £30.00  
72 A silver circular ring box on feet £60.00  
73 An antique auctioneers gavel £30.00  
74 A Rolex watch box, various badges and cufflinks including 9ct gold and enamelled British Legion badge etc. £50.00  
75 Various items, oak barometer, telescope inscribed T.Cooke & Sons, London, a sewing box, two binoculars, drawing instruments and shot measure etc. £20.00  
76 PAUL MANN a pair of signed watercolours, 'boats on a river', also after DEREK GARDNER a pair of maritime prints , Limited Editions, singed in pencil (4) £20.00  
77 Various items including cased collection of Matchbox Superfast Models, some other boxed models, large Times Atlas, some general coins, a set FA Cup Centenary Medals in album, Airfix models etc. £40.00  
81 Collection of Model Shipwright Magazines, books on shipping, album of coloured photographs including Hong Kong, other books including British Marine painting etc £10.00  
82 A collection of Plymouth Maritime History, various books and memorabilia, also photographs etc £50.00  
83 George Bass 'The History of Sea Faring' and a collection of sailing and nautical books £18.00  
84 KATRINA SOLANO (b1950 local artist) watercolour 'Plym Viaduct', a floral print and dry point print after W. Russell Flint, 1931 'Amazons on Breton Beach', also after Kelly 'Thatcher Rock' (4) £15.00  
85 Five books including Dixon Kemp 'Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing', interesting early 19th century scrap book history relating to the family 'Gooch', another 19th century family tree volume, and W. Wyllie 'Sea Fights of the Great War' (5) £220.00  
86 A collection of sailing and other shipping books and literature including catalogues etc. £28.00  
87 A wood ship model The Hussard £10.00  
88 A wooden model The Prince de Neufchatel. A fast sailing United States schooner-rigged privateer, built in New York by Adam and Noah Brown in approximately 1812. £20.00  
89 A box of art instruction books £5.00  
90 C.Darwin 1882 'Origin of the Species', 6th Edition £48.00  
91 Three Books, 'The Tour of Dr Syntax' 6th Edition, 'Guide to the Lakes' John Housman 1808, 'Barnaby Rudge' Boz 1842 (3) £120.00  
92 W,G.Perrin 1922 'British Flags' £25.00  
93 Various 19th century and later books including Walter Scott 'Lady of the Lake', Clarendons Life (2 vols), Adams Classical Biography, History of England etc (8) £40.00  
94 A collection of memorabilia P & O Shipping, SS Great Britain, 'Navigation Badges and Honours' etc £5.00  
95 TIM THOMPSON (British Marine Artist) A large portfolio of printed work, some signed and limited edition, featuring 'The America Cup', 'Queen Mothers Birthday Review' etc, and other art works including JOHN STOBART and many other artists £160.00  
96 Three antiquarian prints, including 'Royal Yacht Victoria' after Gilbert, 'Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour' and 'View at Mount Edgcumbe' (3) £75.00  
97 Two antiquarian print including 'Queen Victoria at Devonport Dockyard' and 'Plymouth Sound' after J.M.W.Turner (2) £70.00  
98 A collection of 13 antiquarian Plymouth print including 'Royal Yacht Osbourne', 'Mount Edgcumbe' and 'Cattewater' (13) £40.00  
99 After Roland Langmaid Yachting print, Also 'First Race of the Thames Yacht Club' after C.W.Wyliie (2) £40.00  
100 An Edwardian mahogany inlaid single door display cabinet £30.00  
101 A Victorian walnut and inlaid music cabinet with single glazed door £30.00  
102 An oak fall front desk on stand, wall clock and a stick stand (3) t/w An dark oak three drawer chest t/g an oak and carved sideboard £20.00  
103 A reproduction Louis XV style circular table fitted with drawer £20.00  
104 A Victorian bow fronted chest fitted with two short and two long drawers £25.00  
105 A Victorian bow fronted chest fitted with two short and two long drawers £25.00  
106 A 20th century chest fitted with six drawers t/w A 20th century mahogany dressing table, pair of bedside cabinets and three folding dressing mirror £30.00  
110 A reproduction bronze sculpture of a classical Lady on plinth, 165cm tall £65.00  
111 Two carved wood plant stands, three carved African Tribal figures £22.00  
112 Two antique carved oak bedheads, a double and a single £5.00  
113 A Georgian mahogany small cupboard chest t/w a miniature modern chest with four drawers £10.00  
114 Two Victorian upholstered chairs, an armchair and a nursing chair £30.00  
115 An oak drop flap table and a stained pine 'dough' bin (3) £10.00  
116 A miniature 19th century chest fitted with two short and three long drawers on turned feet £60.00  
117 An antique oak chest fitted with four drawers with lift up compartment enclosing a hand written note inscribed 'the property of Mary Chaworth Musters, romantically associated with Lord Byron.' £20.00  
118 Georgian country oak bureau t/e a similar period half moon side table £10.00  
119 A 19th century large stool on cabriole legs and another later stool (with worm) £5.00  
120 An early Victorian mahogany fold over card table £70.00  
121 A well made teak open free standing bookcase with adjustable shelves £70.00  
122 Two French antiquarian military marine prints (2) £60.00  
123 IMAUM 1858, an interesting very large collection of ship plans showing profiles and sections, also a collection of various world sea charts £25.00  
124 A collection of Naval Memorabilia, including photographs, The Navy Magazine 1940, various shipping images, scrap book containing various marine images incl war time battleships incl 1915 'Donkerque', also HMS Severn & Emden scrap book also watercolours and photographs taken at the scene of the wreck £20.00  
125 HMS Alacrity Collection, Falklands War, including shell case fired from a 4.5 gun, apparently one of the first shots fired from the Task Force with the round landing on Port Stanley Airstrip. Tim Thompson painted scenes from the time. The lot also includes Alacrity ships crest, sea charts, a collection of prints by Tim Thompson from 'The Naval Collection' and various photographs and a canon ball from the wreck of the RAMILLIES, lost on bolt tail, Devon in 1760 £50.00  
126 SS Aquitania 2 small vases, other Ocean Ship objects, also Cunard White Star memorabilia, Ferries of Auckland book (p72) and other similar subject matter, Linea Lamport and Holt 1915 calendar. Etc £55.00  
127 A collection of Sea Charts, East Channel including The Solent £5.00  
128 Various antiquarian and later marine prints including Plymouth Regatta', Rouen, Yachting on the Clyde by Garrack Head after Wyllie, £20.00  
129 R.Bullock watercolour, rural scene, signed, also Sir John Paul small watercolour, and Tim Thompson watercolour 'figure on a beach' (3 unframed) £5.00  
130 A fascinating collection of mainly local Georgian Newspaper's including Plymouth & Dock Telegraph and Chronical 1815, 1817, Plymouth & Devonport Journal, The Times 1808, 1821 etc. mounted with a large scrapbook £180.00  
131 JOYCE JEFFERIES pre war watercolour 'Geneva' and other works also single book by her husband W.A.Jefferies A.R.W.A. titled 'Old Sea Paintings' Limited Edition No 87/100, £10.00  
132 A collection of Western Sea Charts Plymouth to Lands End £5.00  
133 18th century French aquatint marine battle scenes (2), also 19th century engraving 'Torquay from Livermead' and other Torquay prints £48.00  
134 An interesting collection of photographs, some relating to HMS Galatia 1860, also Royal Family, Simmons Town Cape of Good Hope 1868, etc, also Malta and P & O steamer SURAT £42.00  
135 A collection of Ship's Monthly Magazines, also a book 'Titanic Illustrated History', other shipping books etc. £3.00  
136 A collection of Guernsey related specialists research books and rare print £2.00  
137 TIM THOMPSON The America Cup 1851-1983, a signed print showing the art works produced by the artist for the collection, framed as one £5.00  
138 A large bag of old Pennies from Victoria onwards £15.00  
139 TIM THOMPSON 'The Clipper Gossamer and The Eddystone Lighthouse' a signed unframed print, together with a keel bolt from its hull also a plan and frame section. The Gossamer comes from the Tea Clipper era between 1843 to 1869 and was born out of the opening up of the tea trade with China. £15.00  
140 COINS various Royal Queen Mother & Sport, silver proof coins etc.. £160.00  
141 COINS a UK Proof Half Sovereign 1999, cased £140.00  
142 COINS a collection of Royal Navy silver coins Ships and Captains £85.00  
143 COINS a group of Parcel/Freight seals in lead £5.00  
144 COINS seven bags of post 1920 silver coins, also the silver ingots and 1937 Crown £170.00  
145 COINS Royal Mint silver coins, collection 0f Royal Navy silver crowns including Mountbatten also WWI, Submariner and Fleet £150.00  
146 MANGA original comic art work by David Neil, (3) unframed £10.00  
147 COINS a slide of two shilling silver coins (16) £30.00  
148 COINS a slide of two shillings to half-crowns Geo V to Geo VI silver coins (24) £40.00  
149 COINS a slide of Victorian YH and OH silver half crowns (24) £140.00  
150 COINS a slide of Geo III and Victorian YH & OK to Edw VII silver coins (77) £70.00  
151 COINS a slide of various silver sixpences and three pence coins (77) £38.00  
153 COINS a slide of various silver shillings, sixpences and three pence (77) £42.00  
154 COINS a slide of various silver sixpences EF to UNC (77) £48.00  
155 COINS a slide of various silver sixpences EF to UNC (77) £40.00  
156 A collection of various size new picture frames (approx 12) £10.00  
157 COINS a mixed collection including 1953 EIIR year set cased, 1886 USA dollar, 2011 1oz silver dollar, 1762 silver 3d, gold 1966 Rhodesia ten shillings, other US coins, silver, gilt and enamelled Lodge Medallions, 1902 Edw VIII crown, The Burma Star medal and some jewellery etc £450.00  
158 A pair of German CARL ZEISS JENA binoculars, stamped DRP, 'Feldstecker Veigri 8', with leather case £45.00  
160 A brass binnacle, 42cm x 32cm base on 3 brass dolphins seated on thick teak round base £100.00  
161 Crown Derby (John Twichet) sugar bowl from The royal Yacht Osbourne £410.00  
162 Sketch of Project 55, VAVA, the luxury motor yacht recently built at Devonport, 21cm x 23cm £20.00  
163 A Ships bell 21cm x 23cm, Isle of May 1896 £180.00  
165 A Jamaica box collection of interesting coins £28.00  
166 A box of collectors coins £30.00  
167 A box of collectors coins £30.00  
168 A book 'Royal Yachts' by C.M. Gavin published by Rich & Cowan (loose spine) £30.00  
169 A carved Bible box with 3 internal drawers, 'WH 1701' £100.00  
170 An Edwardian inlaid corner chair £5.00  
171 19th century rosewood side table the top with oval lift out panel with tin reservoir below £190.00  
172 A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs also inlaid mahogany side chair £30.00  
173 Two lacquered walking canes, old sticks, umbrellas and umbrella pot £38.00  
174 Three KLM flight cases also some old soft toys and puppets, teddy bear etc £25.00  
175 A three fold Victorian scrap work dress screen £20.00  
176 A Victorian 'Tub' chair upholstered in green and two similar balloon style chairs £50.00  
177 Two antique Benin bronze heads, the tallest 27cm £30.00  
178 Two antique bronze Benin bronze figures (2), the tallest 30cm £35.00  
179 A terracotta wall plaque with portrait in relieve and eleven other composition and other plaques and two leaded glass panels £48.00  
180 A pair of silver and amethyst style pair of earrings and various costume jewellery and a Five Pound coin £30.00  
182 A reproduction Chinese style umbrella stand £5.00  
183 A painted cast iron money box , Jolly N*** Money Bank £150.00  
185 Charles and Diana pair of silver and jasperware commemorative dishes, cased £15.00  
186 Cricket Texaco Trophy 1984, collection of cards 'signed' by the players also a collection of replica cigarette cards, golfers, £40.00  
187 Seven items, Sylvac pottery, two USSR Racoons, Halls ashtray etc £20.00  
188 Clarice Cliff Crocus cup and saucer £40.00  
189 Clarice Cliff jug on pink ground £30.00  
200 Two Nao figures and another, tallest 26cm (3) £20.00  
201 An Art Deco design glass and EP cocktail shaker and four matching drinking glasses £10.00  
202 Novelty WWI tank tea pot, crested ware and miniatures cottages £10.00  
203 A rare Royal Doulton Bunnykins teapot, 13.50cm high £320.00  
204 W. Moorcroft pottery ginger jar, 16cm high £95.00  
205 Villeroy and Boch Amapola modern six setting service also French Pierre Frey coffee and part tea wares £10.00  
206 A 1960's contemporary clear glass six setting coffee and plate service £5.00  
209 A collection of various Art pottery and Beswick ware including Maryse Boxer hand painted Honiton vase £10.00  
210 Six Lladro bird groups t/w six other bird and lamb groups mainly Nao (12) £50.00  
211 Four Lladro figures, Continental children (4) £130.00  
212 Three Lladro figure depicting two girls with baskets of flowers, one with fruit (3) £42.00  
213 A Lladro figure of a girl with balloons, Lladro seated man t/w five other Nao figures (7) £75.00  
214 A large Lladro figure, 'Mother child and Donkey' on stand , 37cm £50.00  
215 Six various Hummel figures £42.00  
216 A novelty elephant teapot, ornate silver plated biscuit barrel, horse brass, other brass and part Minton coffee wares £10.00  
217 Three Lladro figures including girl reading, 36cm and two other similar figures (5) £55.00  
218 W Moorcroft a modern bowl decorated with flowers, 16cm diameter £40.00  
219 A Beswick palomino hunter horse, two Beswick foals t/w a Goebal bird group 'Robin with Young Cuckoo' (4), tallest 30cm £50.00  
220 A Venetian Art glass vase t/w five 19th century Ashworths stone china dishes (^) £20.00  
221 A pair of 19th century Staffordshire flatback figures of Scottish figures on horseback and a similar group depicting a coup[le sat within an arbour, tallest 38cm £20.00  
222 Mixed collection of Victorian and later glass and china ware including pair of pink opaline glass vases, paperweights, Art crackle glass vase, Austrian vases etc £25.00  
223 A Beswick fireside model of an old English Sheepdog, Model 2232, 29cm tall £30.00  
225 A large Japanese Satsuma floor vase, 94cm tall with Chinese carved wood stand, £200.00  
226 Various paperweights, stoneware flagons, reproduction blue and white pumpkin ginger jar, small old bottles, Doulton Lambeth pitcher £30.00  
227 A mixed lot of china ware, Art glass ware, various items including Royal Doulton plates etc £5.00  
229 A pair of W Moorcroft vases decorated with pink poppies of squat form, 12cm high, one with paper label to base £80.00  
230 A miniature W Moorcroft modern vase, 6cm £35.00  
231 A signed William Moorcroft pottery vase on blue ground, 13cm £48.00  
233 Collection of various Portmerion china wares (12) £32.00  
238 A collection of Masons Mandalay decorative china ware (18 pieces) and one similar 'Mandarin' piece (19 total) £40.00  
239 A Continental Art blue glass centrepiece of Lalique style in two parts, 29cm wide £30.00  
240 Various ornaments including pottery facemasks, reproduction Chines dogs, Oriental modern figures and various plant stand and jardinire, Art pottery vases, glassware etc £20.00  
241 Royal Doulton figure HN 1843 'Biddy Penny-farthing' £48.00  
242 A Coalport vase and cover decorated with a scene of 'Lake Windermere' on blue and cream ground with gilt decoration throughout, 26cm £75.00  
243 Various 19th century and later decorative plates and dishes including Royal Crown Derby, Gold Aves and Red Aves designs also b/w plates, Spode collectors plates etc £10.00  
244 A Lladro figure, two Royal Doulton figures 'Top of The Hill and Fair Lady', green Wedgwood and three other figures (10) £45.00  
245 Royal Doulton Art pottery including Slaters jug, Emily J Partington Lambeth Victorian jug etc £48.00  
246 Doulton Slaters tea pot by Rosina Brown a/f , tobacco jar. Tankard, jug and vase (5) £30.00  
247 A collection of various glassware including 19th century rummers (approximately 26) £20.00  
248 Susie Cooper Burslem dinner wares (approximately 24) £10.00  
249 A Lladro figure modelled as a seated nun cross stitching, 27cm tall £90.00  
250 Victorian black wood cased mantle clock, wall barometer by C W Price of Bristol in rope twist case t/w Victorian and later china wares £20.00  
251 Victorian and later cranberry and other coloured glass ware (9) £18.00  
252 Collection of small b/w china including Oriental, tea pots, small Chinese porcelain mugs etc (12) £100.00  
253 Two pairs of Dalmatian Staffordshire type quill holders and another single Dalmatian group (5) £30.00  
254 Portrait painting 'Young Girl', oil on canvas in gilt frame early 1900 t/w a musical Victorian photograph album as found £35.00  
256 A pair of modern cloisonne table lamps, 35cm tall £10.00  
257 A Chinese blue Cong shaped vase with 6 character marks, 30cm £500.00  
258 A collection of various Victorian and later green glass bottles £10.00  
259 Shelley porcelain 'Blue Iris' patterned milk jug, sugar bowl, duo, trio, tea pot and bread plate £55.00  
260 A collection of various general china including pair Staffordshire style dogs, reproduction toilet set and vases £10.00  
261 Various silver wares including candelabra, picture frames, jars etc £22.00  
262 A large collection of Booths 'Old Willow' blue and white china approximately 80 pieces £65.00  
263 A ecclesiastical book slide, some general jewellery, a gilt watch chain, Commerative medal etc £65.00  
267 A Doulton Lambeth waisted stoneware jug printed in brown with named portraits of Capt. H. Lambton and Capt. P. M. Scott centred by a rifleman inscribed The Handy Man 22cm high, £60.00  
301 A copper bed warmer, old pair of binoculars by W Gregory of London The Bisley, Links of London Concorde key ring, cigarette case (4) £10.00  
302 Antique Chinese carved ivory card case, finely carved with figures and trees etc, 10cm high £240.00  
303 A single book by Edgar J March, 'Sailing Tours' £22.00  
304 Edwardian hall lantern with brass case and coloured glass panels £30.00  
305 19th century music box by Nicole Frere playing eight airs with single 13 cylinder with impressed markers stamp,(one tooth missing) in inlaid original case, 53cm wide £460.00  
306 Two old brass oil lamps each with glass shade, tallest 66cm £20.00  
307 A modern brass cased carriage clock also a cased set of mother of pearl handle cake knives in Mappin & Webb case £10.00  
308 Middle Eastern short sword and scabbard, 60cm long £620.00  
309 An English 19th century sword and scabbard, hilt damaged, 102cm long £140.00  
310 Collection of Wedgwood green Jasper ware, various cigarette cards including Gallagher and sporting also Coronation ware, crested ware and Art glass vase £20.00  
311 Five Ian Fleming James Bond books comprising Thunder ball, The Golden Gun, From Russia with Love, On Her Majesty's Service and Casino Royal £85.00  
312 A large print 'Battle of Alma' and another 'Defence of Rorke's Drift 1879' (2) £20.00  
313 A shield with a pair of Gurkha knives and insignia £20.00  
314 An old Ukulele with original case £75.00  
316 A pair of miniature portraits in circular frames (prints) £10.00  
320 An old copper bed warmer, saucepan, various small brass objects including ornate greyhound inkstand etc £28.00  
321 Great War medals and WW II medals inscribed J 68172, J.F.Robinson BOY 1 RM, Victory medal and War medal and George V Long LSDC medal and four WW II medals some badges and medallions £80.00  
322 Various cigarette cards including Turfs, trade Brooke Bond tea cards, and small collection of Kensitas silk flags (loose) £10.00  
323 Five marble lighthouses in glass display case measuring 40cm x 76cm £35.00  
324 Ten marble lighthouses, tallest 20cm high £40.00  
325 Four London based models depicting 'Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, The Royal Albert Hall and Big Ben', tallest 21cm £5.00  
326 Six various wheel barometers each of ships wheel design £12.00  
327 Two brass cased Art Deco cased wall barometers and reproduction battery operated carriage clock, tallest 19cm £5.00  
328 Various clocks including miniature longcase clocks, six various ships in bottles etc £10.00  
329 A cased model of 'The Eddystone Lighthouse', in wooden travel box £32.00  
330 Two marble cased clocks, one barometer and other items including marble inkwell, candlestick, etc £85.00  
331 A copper and wrought iron screen of Art Nouveau design, 79cm high £110.00  
334 A carved hardwood circular Chinese photo frame of dragon decoration, 20cm diameter £30.00  
335 An electric Guinness pub illuminated sign £35.00  
336 Chinese style carved rosewood pedestal table having circular top measuring 72cm diameter with pink marble inlay and pierced carved freeze, the base carved with dragon design on three out swept legs with feature faces to the feet £1,350.00  
337 A carved hardwood jardinire stand of Chinese design inlaid with pink marble, 92cm high £180.00  
339 A mahogany GPO drop dial wall clock with fusee movement and pendulum £340.00  
340 An Arts and Crafts copper cigar box, attributed to John Pearson on tall legs with enamelled and pewter mounted decoration to the hinged lid, 15.5cm wide £140.00  
341 An Arts and Crafts copper box, attributed A.E. Jones designed by A Stubbs, with decoration to the lid including enamelled motif, 4.5cm high x 15cm wide £210.00  
342 An Arts and Crafts hammered and copper photo frame, 22cm x 15cm £65.00  
343 An Arts and Crafts copper small vases with flared neck stamped James Weir Silversmiths of Glasgow, 9cm £40.00  
344 An Arts and Crafts copper planter, 18cm high, with impressed stamp to the base, S & D (?), 18cm high x 23cm wide £55.00  
345 An album of various general postcards including Devon, some real photographic £10.00  
346 Silver cigarette case and a silver charm bracelet £42.00  
347 An original collection of Plymouth Theatre Royal promotional photographs of various famous celebrities £20.00  
348 An interesting collection of original Theatre Royal posters, late 1980s and early 1990s (full list available) £12.00  
351 A collection of English and Foreign sorted coins, also various world banknotes etc, First Decimal Set etc £18.00  
352 A brass pull telescope, nine sections, inscribed 'Adams of 60 Fleet Street London, New Patent Portable Telescope' £150.00  
354 Acoustic guitar, as new, Model W255 £35.00  
357 Five single medals including three Great War medals, QEII Africa medal with Kenya bar and Mercantile Marine medal (5) £110.00  
358 Five Beatles phonographic chewing gum cards with facsimile signatures (worn) t/w bronze Commemorative medallion, thimbles, small boxes, napkin ring and enamelled vase £10.00  
360 A three bottle glass Tantalus with presentation plaque (modern) £35.00  
361 Collection of Great War postcards in album including some silk postcards and another album of war postcards including some photographic £160.00  
362 An old ships portal with hinged cover £28.00  
363 Royal Doulton figure HN 4476 'Queen Elizabeth Coronation', Limited edition £35.00  
364 #Error £32.00  
365 Four Royal Doulton figures Pretty Ladies Edition 2006 'Julia , Phillipa, Ruth and Theresa' £85.00  
366 A group of fifteen Royal Worcester figures including 'Days of the Week' (15) £60.00  
367 Royal Doulton figure 'Georgina' and Royal Worcester figure Street Sellers Series 'Apple' (2) £20.00  
368 Various china wares including figurine, Royal Albert tea wares, Royal Doulton cat collection figure, various plates etc £10.00  
369 Six Nao baby figures £20.00  
370 Two Royal Doulton Disney fairy figures 'Tinkerbell and Bess' (2) £18.00  
371 Mixed lot including a boxed set of dominoes, wood carvings, Star Wars movie cards, novelty bell, Star Wars album, some fountain pens, First Decimal Coin Set etc £15.00  
372 Two Middle Eastern white metal Jambaya knife and another similar object £260.00  
373 Miniature bronze? Figure of a Gentleman on an onyx stand, 10cm £30.00  
374 A Dutch reproduction bracket clock, the moon phase striking movement inscribed A. James with keys and bell strike with West German movement £18.00  
375 Collection of various metal ware, parasol, cutlery sets, wall barometer, napkin rings etc £20.00  
376 Collections of various ships plaques and crests (10) £30.00  
377 Two wood model masted ships, largest 52cm long £10.00  
379 A George III cartwheel penny, 1797 of good grade £32.00  
380 A pair of Great War medals awarded to S P R. J Stanwell R.E. also Commemorative medals, 1893 Rifle Competition medal and a handbook of signalling dated 1913 (Stanwell was the signal officer at RN Depot Crystal Palace) £55.00  
381 An interesting collection of eleven Commemorative Cameo Shells, detailing 19th century Royal Births and also Commemorating the Duke of Wellington, titled as follows 'Her Most Sacred Majesty Queen Victoria May 24th 1819', 'Marshl R. Highness Prince Albert, born Aug 26th 1819', 'Princess Victoria Royal, born Nov 21st 1840', 'Prince of Wales (Edward), born Nov 9th 1841', 'Princess A. M. Mary, born Apr 25th 1843', 'Prince A. E. Albert, born Aug 16th , 1844', 'Princess H.A. Victoria, born May 25th 1846', 'Princess Alberta, born Mar 18th, 1848', 'Prince A. W. Patrick, born May 1st 1850', 'Princess Mary, born April 14th 1857', 'Arthur Duke of Wellington, born May 1st 1769-died Sep 1st 1852' (11) £330.00  
383 A Georgian papier mache table snuff box , lid hand painted with a portrait of a young Lady £30.00  
385 A WW I British tin helmet with leather chin strap £18.00  
386 A Continental porcelain hand painted plaque, modern Chinese porcelain and white metal wine pot and a small pear shaped Chinese vase £22.00  
393 A pair of reprints of old photographs of Plymouth t/w three small open prints after Beryl Cook (5) £40.00  
394 A pair of modern cast iron ornate wall planters (2) £10.00  
395 A large copper twin handled bowl, 58cm diameter £15.00  
398 Assorted collection of clay and Mersham pipes £50.00  
400 A collection of coins including Will III 1696 crown, Will III 1697 shilling, large American One Dollar medallion, Eliz I 1575 silver sixpence?, 1608 silver coin, etc £35.00  
401 Victoria 1899 gold sovereign £160.00  
402 Silver bangle in the form of a buckle t/w silver matched set Georgian teaspoons, Old English pattern and pair of silver salt spoons (9) £95.00  
403 An antique 15ct gold brooch decorated with two doves and set with seed pearl £50.00  
404 Collection of WWII medals awarded to C.W. Dennis including Burma Star, Defence medal, War medal, GSM and 39/45 star with some paperwork £60.00  
405 Collection of various glassware, jars, vases, bowls etc £10.00  
406 Collection of approximately seventeen various wrist watches t/w a collection of watch parts £10.00  
407 Set of three reproduction Samurai swords on stand £30.00  
408 A trombone and case £28.00  
409 A general collection of British stamps in several albums, Victoria to present day also some first day covers £18.00  
410 A pair of metal candlesticks, 37cm £10.00  
411 An interesting 19th century visitors book from The Wellington Hotel t/w a black bakelite old telephone stamped 1960, AEP (2) £22.00  
412 Three various paintings including a 1930s signed watercolour od 'St Michael's Mount', another coastal watercolour etc (3) £5.00  
414 Collection of general coins £30.00  
415 General collection of stamps including various Hitler stamps £5.00  
416 A general collection of binoculars (13) £35.00  
417 An old black bakelite telephone, handle stamped GPO No 186 £42.00  
418 Two wood carvings of Tibetan style, tallest 48cm £20.00  
421 Various albums of World stamps approximately six £50.00  
422 Three albums of World stamps and empty Hanger sheets £15.00  
423 Various albums of general stamps approximately 14 £15.00  
425 A carriage clock in brass case, 18cm (handle up) with striking movement and platform escapement, the dial with Roman numeral's and Arabic outer numerals with key £160.00  
426 A large early 19th century copper haystack three galloon measure £55.00  
428 Victorian copper kettle, 19th brass and wood bed warmer and a pair of brass candlesticks £28.00  
430 An iron bound wood cask, half flat copper kettle, a trivet and copper wall pocket (4) £15.00  
431 Film Review Poster 'Raging Bull' Robert De Niro, Amadas 87cm x 61mc, framed and glazed £40.00  
432 A Frog Model aircraft 349 diesel engine, a Frog .8cc and a Cox diesel.5cc glow plug £32.00  
434 A Great War Trio of medals, 92001 GNR.S.BAILEY.R.A, also an interesting collection of war time press clippings in three albums (including details of first gas attacks etc) £50.00  
436 Approx 36 Plymouth Argyle Official Programme circa 1950/60/ and 1970's etc including Plymouth v Santos (with Pele) (36) £32.00  
438 A WWII Stalig Prisoner of War Camp, 1941, hand made Boxing Tournament Programme £65.00  
439 A collection of Sporting Autographs including Ricky Hatton, Paul Gascoigne, Tom Finney, Billy Liddle, Alan Kennedy showing him after scoring Liverpool's winning penalty in 1984 European Cup Final V Roma, also Pat Jennings £42.00  
440 A collection of 1956 England photographs from the 1956 Germany v England Match featuring Duncan Edwards (Man Utd Busby's Babes), ten original photographs and a letter from the time £150.00  
441 An Interesting collection of WW I postcards mainly sent to a Plymouth Lady including real photographic cards including Police Horse 1918, Corouns Musical Jersey 1907, (x 2) also other Jersey photographic cards, Larkhill & Donnington Camp Salisbury Plain, army and navy cards, romantic cards, French, saucy humorous and Parisian loose cards £150.00  
442 Set of WW II medals awarded to R.M.Freeman of Plymouth £32.00  
450 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Various promotional material including EMI photographs, CD's, Bridges to Babylon items, tour items etc £50.00  
451 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Bridges to Babylon promotional sets, Harlem Shuffle record set within a moulded block, Voodoo Lounge bag, Wembley Stadium 1990 A Last Bow No 317 set, and 'Stones 1975 Onwards' box set. £50.00  
452 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Coffee table book 'The Rolling Stones Street Fighting Years' in Japanese, also 'The Definitive Illustrated History' by Taschen (2) £28.00  
453 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Bill Wyman Presentation Scrap Book with outer box and signed photograph by Jessie Wyman Edition No 82/1962 issued 08/04/2013 £75.00  
454 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a quantity of various CD's, promotional material, books, Marianne Faithfull books and records also Rolling Stones Special Limited Edition unopened Bill Wyman book and another £22.00  
455 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Two framed and glazed collections of small printed photographs of the band £5.00  
456 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION A collection including Mick Jagger Licks World Tour figure, various promotional material, Isle of Wight 2007 Festival programme, inflatable 'Lips Tour' balloon, official merchandise catalogues 94/95, Voodoo Lounge Tour and tickets 1995 for Wembley with merchandise catalogue t/w other tour programmes and tickets including Urban Jungle Tour 1990 tickets for Wembley, A Bigger Bang Tour with tickets for Twickenham Stadium 2006, also 1982 Wembley Stadium tickets from the European Tour and other material £35.00  
458 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION A collection of books approximately fifty books including large volume by Bent Rej also some magazines including Rolling Stones Chronicle, Not Fade Away, Rolling Stones Last Tour magazine, Rolling Stones song book, Japanese Emotions Tour etc £30.00  
459 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Voodoo Lounge media release pack, other Voodoo Lounge material including boxed stew collection also Forty Licks set, Rocking Road Circus and Stripped (6 items), various promotional signs, displays including 'From The Strict Tour' a band display, £95.00  
460 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION various posters in six cardboard tubes, 'Love is Strong' promotional poster and other items £10.00  
461 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Mick Taylor CD's, Ronnie Wood books, Wood on Canvas book, Limited edition of 500 Ronnie Wood Live in London and also The Mick Taylor Years etc and some albums £100.00  
462 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a quantity of DVD's £48.00  
463 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION The Same Girls Wig Box and a collection of tour T shirts £40.00  
464 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Mick Jagger collection of books, character figure, CD's , colour vinyl, albums, various promo material etc £75.00  
465 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Large collection of CD's in three boxes £300.00  
466 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of Books, (approx 20) £10.00  
467 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of books and magazines including 'Rolling Stones on Camera' £10.00  
468 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of various books including 'A Life on The Road' also 'In The Beginning by Ben Rej' £10.00  
469 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION An 'Exile on Main Street' boxed vinyl and CD set (unopened), 'Behind The Buttons' book, 'Fortieth Anniversary' box set, 'Urban Jungle' and 'Sweet Summer Sun' box (5) £110.00  
470 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Various jigsaw puzzles, novelty Rolling Stones phone, Trivial Pursuit game etc £35.00  
471 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Magazines, cassettes, 'Bridges to Babylon' tape, singles catalogue, collectors guide Basement News Edition, box sets of 45 r.p.m. singles etc also 'Let it Bleed' tape and 'A Conversation with The Rolling Stones' 1978 reel tape £40.00  
472 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION an unopened Rolling Stones 'GRR' deluxe edition set also 'Blinds and Shutters' by Micheal Cooper boxed set £260.00  
473 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Various magazines including Uncut, Total Guitar etc many with promo tapes and extras including Keith Richards interview etc £10.00  
474 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Novelty boxed tins of Rolling Stones watches £140.00  
475 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Rolling Stones ties, Art work, fan club items, collectors wall clock and Urban Jungle model £38.00  
476 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Various Rolling Stones and related artists books also CD's £10.00  
477 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a collection of video's £10.00  
478 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of 'Play Guitar' CD's , albums and instruction manuals £10.00  
479 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION various books including Illustrated Rock, Team Beat, Pop, etc £20.00  
480 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION 46cm Pirates of The Caribbean figure 'Captain Teague' £20.00  
481 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Unopened box set Rolling Stones 'Charlie is My Darling', 'Ladies and Gentleman' Deluxe Edition box set and 'Some Girls' set (4) £32.00  
482 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a scarf, European Stones Fans magazines, Tumbling Dice 1990 magazine, World Tour leaflets and other memorabilia including photograph cards, Rolling Stones fan club news letter circa 1980s etc £10.00  
483 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION vinyl records approximately thirty including picture disc Brown Sugar (30) £190.00  
484 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION A book signed copy of 'Sticky Fingers, The Lost Session' £130.00  
485 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of vinyl approximately fifty three albums including Exile on Main Street (2), Flashpoint, Steel Wheels, three picture discs also Sticky Fingers album Voodoo Lounge etc £440.00  
486 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION vinyl records approximately sixty four various (64) £210.00  
487 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Various promotional items including miniature album collection, ice cube tray, novelties, Voodoo Lounge merchandise etc £65.00  
488 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of 45 RPM singles approximately 100, some colour vinyl etc £200.00  
489 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a mixed collection of calendars and newspapers £15.00  
490 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Keith Richards collection including novelty figure, books, CD's, albums, unopened items, bottle of 'Live at The Palladium' wine 1988 etc £65.00  
491 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION various books including Rolling Stones Concise etc (18) £10.00  
492 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION of vinyl approximately thirty albums including Gimme Shelter, Beggars Banquet and Golden boxed album £190.00  
493 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Charlie Watts collection including figurine, albums, books, also books on Brian Jones, drumsticks, The Brian Jones Years albums, The Spirit official magazine Brian Jones collection etc £60.00  
494 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Car stickers, cards, miniature matches etc £12.00  
495 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Five boxed sets of miniature figures £90.00  
496 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION Rolling Stones 350 piece jigsaw puzzle £120.00  
497 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION A coloured photograph signed by the band (faint signatures) removed from FAB magazine (originally cost the seller 1,750) £300.00  
498 ROLLING STONES COLLECTION a block of 4 Austrian stamps 2003, a group of four black and white stamps, and a ticket Licks World Tour 2003 at Twickenham Stadium £10.00  
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