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Collectors Auction - THIS SALE HAS CONCLUDED

Date of this auction was: Wednesday 30th September 2015

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 A 19th century sailors carved stay busk love token inlaid with ivory and mother of pearl, 29cm long £280  
2 A miniature mahogany walnut tip up top tripod table of apprentice style, height 20cm. £60  
3 A sailors chip carved love spoon with marine ivory mounts, 39cm long, inscribed FH. £110  
6 A Griffin and Tatlock FORTIN barometer in glazed cabinet, height 125cm including cabinet (a detailed instruction guide and printed history is available) £120  
7 A Griffin and George FORTIN barometer in glazed cabinet, height 129cm including cabinet (a detailed instruction guide and history is available) £170  
8 A pair EP wine bottle coasters, a silver egg cup and spoon set, cased, a silver heavy and engine napkin ring, cased etc £55  
9 Hallmark Replicas Ltd. The Empire Collection of 25 replica silver gilt stamps, cased, 466 gms. With certificate. £90  
10 A Tibetan bronze Buddha sat on a lotus plinth, his jewellery and headdress with inset stones, height 18cm. £1550  
11 A Tibetan bronze figure of Lama seated on a lotus throne wearing robes and peaked hat, headdress with inset stones, height 45cm. £100  
12 A gilded bronze figure of Buddha, seated in dhyanasana on a lotus base, wearing a sanghati draped over the left shoulder, with tight whorls of hair fashioned into a top knot. Height 20cm.  
13 A bronze Buddha head, acquired near Borobudur, Java, Indonesia, height 32cm, £50  
14 Nepalese white metal 'wedding vase' with spout, height 30cm  
15 An antique Chinese porcelain blue and white vase, height 23cm £410  
16 An antique Chinese shallow dish decorated in red and green, with stylised flowers, diameter 35cm. £430  
17 A Chinese blue and white porcelain large shallow dish, decorated with stylised flowers, diameter 34cm. £330  
18 A Jian ware conical tea bowl, in a deep brown glaze, on a plain stoneware foot rim, probably Song dynasty, diameter 11.50cm. £60  
19 A Chinese porcelain blue and white bowl decorated with vertical character marks and scene of figures in a junk, diameter 16cm. £70  
20 Set of four 'Kitchen Qing' domestic earthen ware blue and white bowls, 27.5cm diameter. £80  
21 Chinese blue and white porcelain shallow dish decorated with panels of stylised flowers, 21cm diameter. £160  
22 A 19th century Chinese porcelain blue and white jar and cover, 23cm. £50  
23 A Chinese pottery bowl decorated in off white drip glaze with on a plain stoneware foot rim, with four small ring handles, probably Song dynasty, height 13cm. £32  
24 A Chinese pottery model of a saddled standing horse, probably Tang dynasty, white and red colouration, height, 37cm. £1050  
25 Two similar blue and white porcelain Chinese miniature jars, tallest 9cm. £30  
26 Three miniature Chinese porcelain jars, tallest 6cm. £30  
27 A Chinese blue and white ginger jar and another smaller decorated with trees and plants (2), tallest 14cm. £30  
28 A Chinese crackle glazed ginger jar decorated with warriors, height 22cm. £10  
29 A Chinese crackle glazed wall plate, decorated with warriors on horseback, diameter 40cm. £32  
30 A Chinese celadon glazed dish, probably Song dynasty, pale green of shallow form, with underglaze key-fret design with a central chrysanthemum, diameter 29cm. £400  
31 A Chinese celadon glazed pottery dish, of circular form with incised decoration, diameter 27cm . £50  
32 A Chinese celadon glazed bowl, with exterior underglaze petal decoration, probably Song dynasty, diameter 20cm, £220  
33 A small Chinese celadon glazed porcelain dish, with faint underglaze decoration, probably Song dynasty, diameter 17cm. £250  
34 A Chinese celadon bowl, decorated with incised wavy design, probably Song dynasty, with small footed base, diameter 20cm. £55  
35 A small Chinese celadon glazed porcelain dish, with faint underglaze decoration, probably Song dynasty, 17cm. £300  
36 A small Chinese celadon glazed porcelain dish, with underglaze decoration, diameter 16cm. £55  
37 A Chinese pale porcelain bowl, with faint underglaze decoration, diameter 19cm. £42  
38 A Yue ware conical bowl, brown glaze, probably Song dynasty, diameter 17cm. £220  
39 An early Victorian rosewood pole screen with woolwork tapestry cottage scene. £20  
40 A collection of various press photographs mainly Devon, 1960/70s to include photograph of President Pompidou and Edward Heath 1972 etc £10  
41 Collection of various press photographs including TV and press personalities, film, 1960/70's etc £12  
42 Beatles 1962 Plymouth Visit to ABC Theatre Royal b/w original photograph and another (2). £10  
43 A collection of various vintage Meccano in various boxes and some general tins. £30  
44 Collection of Edwardian and later postcards, approximately 190, in album and some GWR cards. £12  
45 A Jaeger Le Coutre Atmos clock and booklet, height 22cm. £400  
46 Pair Japanese Imari vases and covers (a/f), 37cm tall £30  
47 Two Copenhagen animal figures and a Lladro geese. £22  
50 A pair of antique Nepalese brass candlesticks height, 53cm. £90  
51 A mixed metal Asian centre piece with pierced decoration and cover, height 30cm. £25  
52 A 19th century turned wood Mazer mounted with pewter and silver, diameter 12cm. £70  
53 A Nepalese prayer wheel with mantras inside (enclosed prayers), length 47cm. £230  
54 Three Tibetan copper calendars, each approximately 30cm x 25cm. £70  
55 An antique Indonesian Betel nut set, brass, (Tepak Sireh). £30  
56 Antique Pottery, two grey stoneware ceremonial/ ritual bottles, possibly 14th/15th century, height 20cm. £20  
57 A Chinese brass and copper teapot with dragon relief decoration, height 23cm. £30  
58 Four Javanese antique Batik fabric stamps, copper, Indonesian, (4), £70  
59 A 19th Century Dutch gilt brass hanging oil lamp and a similar table standing Dutch oil lamp with white opaline shade (2). £25  
60 An antique brass Indonesian mortar, a goblet and two other items (4).  
61 An unusual antique iron lock, Asian brass bell and ornate brass mounted Chinese herb cutter (3) £110  
62 A Chinese Bronze Censor, Qing Dynasty, with stand, diameter 13cm. £1850  
63 A tray of miscellaneous boxed toys and kits including Corgi Police vehicles and Route master bus plus Gilroy Police motorcycle (12) £70  
64 Fifteen boxed models of Yesteryear including limited edition and five other boxed models (20) £28  
65 A tray of twenty seven various toys including Corgi fire engines and Shinsei (Japan) freight liner £22  
66 Forty seven playworn Dinky and Corgi toys £120  
67 Seventy plus playworn Lesney Matchbox 1-75 models and similar £45  
68 George III 1820 crown and an English florin. £95  
69 Royal Crown Derby porcelain plate, 'High Tor, Matlock', 22cm diameter. £20  
70 A Webley Mark I air pistol, calibre .177 , serial No 762 circa 1940/50s. £75  
71 A Webley Premier Mark I, calibre.22, post war. £80  
72 Large 20th century Chinese floor vase on carved wood stand, height 80cm. £60  
73 A modern bronze effect sculpture Greek figure possibly Hercules , 37cm high. £20  
75 A Murano glass clown character jugs including Melba Ware Punch, Doulton 'The Huntsman', Beswick 'Peggaty' (7) £20  
76 A collection of various ceramics including Wade gilt lustre coffee service, modern casket Tantalus, Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' wares, Spode collectors plates, Carlton Ware, Minton plates etc (40 items) £10  
77 Set of four Chinese modern black lacquered panels, 86cm x 25cm £32  
78 A replica Chinese reverse glass painting, 54cm x 38cm £95  
79 A large Man of War model ship, approx 100cm wide x 70cm tall. in a glazed oak display cabinet. £140  
80 Collection of 44 various die cast model cars including modern Dinky models, Eddie Stobart, Days Gone, and other promos (approximately 44) £95  
82 An extensive Doulton tea and dinner service in the 'Harlow' pattern, approximately 52 pieces, list available). £32  
83 A Georgian mahogany tip up top tripod table £65  
84 A collection of Models of Yesteryear car, approximately 82. £75  
85 A large copper jam pan, 44cm diameter also a brass ink blotter (2) £38  
86 Franklin Mint `Battle of Waterloo` chess set with pewter figures, in fitted case with chest board lid. £110  
87 Five Beatles and Lennon 45 RPM singles including 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band', 'Cant Buy Me Love' also The Beatles Lyric book. £10  
90 A collection of 29 lead historical figures, mostly in original boxes labelled, Charles Morrell, 50 Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London, W1, including Royalty, military figures etc, also 15 other loose lead figures including Britain's soldiers. £480  
91 Collection of various silver ware including seven piece teaspoon and tong set cased, four piece silver salt set, cased, silver back dressing table mirror, trinket box with silver top, silver and oval box, two piece fork and spoon christening set, cased, s £110  
92 19th century Police truncheon with crest and monogram CR t/w a bag of various treen and bone sewing objects etc £100  
93 Six Edwardian children's books/magazines and postcards. £32  
94 A large collection of various new pin badges including TV related, novelty, Noddy, etc. £15  
96 I. Whitely print 'West Perranporth', 26cm x 66cm. £10  
97 A Doulton Lambeth waisted stoneware jug printed in brown with named portraits of Capt. H. Lambton and Capt. P. M. Scott centred by a rifleman inscribed 'The Handy Man' 22cm high, £40  
98 Carol Dewar oil on canvas 'Traction Engine' (S.J. Wharton), signed 44cm x 59cm. £10  
99 Unknown pair of English watercolours 'Boats on The Thames, London' one inscribed 'Bankside', 24cm x 33cm. £45  
100 An RPG-7 Rocket Launcher £490  
103 A Scots Guard Officers Bearskin and brass chin chain £280  
104 An Irish Guards officer's bearskin, complete with feather plume and brass chin chain £270  
105 An Irish Guards Peaked Cap £10  
106 A Royal Horse Guards Peaked Cap £20  
109 A Russian Afghanka combat jacket £60  
113 Two Royal Navy WII Duffle Coats £70  
114 Two WWII Royal Navy Officers Reffer Jackets and a pair of trousers and officers cap £65  
115 Two French fire helmets, one silver, one brass £95  
116 A French Police Kepi £12  
117 A Geo V brass bound wood fire bucket with rope handle and crest. £48  
118 A French Republican Guard Helmet £380  
119 A German Model 1916 Steel Helmet, reissued 1939-40. £240  
120 A QEII Household Cavalry Life Guards Helmet. £500  
121 Two Messerschmitt Clocks.  
122 A Spitfire Clock. £150  
123 WW I /WW II Second English Channel Coastal RN gunship, 150cm long £170  
124 RN uniform chest £20  
125 WWII USA Cargo Liberty ship £150  
126 US Navy WW II 1944 D Day landing craft £120  
127 A Drum Major Doublet to a Highland Regiment £48  
128 Devon Special Constabulary uniform £40  
129 Devon Special Constabulary great coat £40  
133 A pair of 18th century flintlock pistols by Knubley of London £580  
134 19th century octagonal barrelled percussion cap pistol £180  
135 18th century flintlock pistol by Nock of London £160  
136 Early Exeter City police helmet £65  
137 Early Bath City policeman's helmet £48  
138 Durham city Constabulary police helmet £40  
139 Argentine steel helmet 1982 Falklands Argentinian webbing included £170  
140 FN FAL bayonets (2) £50  
141 FN FAL Para folding stock magazine auto rifle , Argentinian made, Falklands 1982 £620  
142 Soviet Draganov sniper rifle deactivated £820  
143 A model sailing boat owned by people who owned Lulworth Castle the Weld estate £30  
144 An Imperial Russian Generals Pickelhaube c1900. £1950  
147 A Columbia table top gramophone. £10  
150 A Royal Marines white pith helmet £35  
151 A pair of inlaid corner cabinets £45  
152 A black iron folding fire guard and shovel 5  
153 An old Zanzibar chest with brass studwork decoration and fitted with three drawers, 110cm wide £190  
154 A mahogany three drawer sewing table on small castors £10  
155 An Old Charm style oak bookcase, 96cm high x 124cm wide £48  
157 An old mandolin, cased with paper label 'Giode Meglio', Italy. £80  
158 A Victorian dial wall clock inscribed Thomas Armstrong and Brother, Manchester with fusee movement, 40cm diameter and mahogany case. £160  
159 A large green sugar glass bowl, 26cm tall £30  
160 A 1920/30's Lucas klaxon horn, an old leather travel case stamped 'Colonel A.M. Delavoye' also a WWII field telephone (3) £18  
162 A traditional gents gold cased wrist watch, the enamel dial inscribed 'Sunray' with 'red twelve'. £10  
163 A pair of gold scales also various brass ware and sundry boxes, cap badges, medallions, playing cards etc £30  
164 A Decca gramophone, old LP records. £38  
165 An Arts and Crafts style metal log box. £12  
166 A set of twelve diecast 1956 Morris Minor 1000 scale model cars by Saico (boxed) £35  
167 Matchbox The Dinky Collection, boxed set of seventeen Dinky models each boxed. £65  
168 Stephen Gayford group of four signed prints 'Siberian Tiger Cub' from a limited edition of 425 £10  
169 Crown Staffordshire. A set of six collectors plates 'Sailing Ships of The World'. Royal Albert, Old Country Rose pattern part tea service of 29 pieces, a collection of miniature chinaware and other various china. £10  
170 Three Coalport Lady figurines and a Royal Doulton figure (4) £15  
171 A small collection of various cranberry coloured glass ware also some paperweights (16). £18  
172 A Murano glass clown decanter and another Murano figure (2) £15  
173 A Jenna, Holland lustre fish group, model No 261. 5  
174 An old wood and copper bound bucket t/w an Indian occasional carved hardwood table with elephant legs £30  
176 A German pottery vase and a Torquay daffodil patterned pot, 21cm. £10  
179 Chiming mantle clock in mahogany inlaid case with presentation plaque to P.C.Westacott, dated 1922, height 35cm. £10  
180 A Clarice Cliff bowl decorated with stylised trees, 16cm and a Wedgwood House and Bridge Bizarre reproduction dish. £25  
181 Collection of various stamp albums including commemoratives and loose stamps. £10  
182 A large collection of various postcards and cigarette cards including several albums of each also trade cards £70  
183 A collection Lurpak china ware (7) also a small collection of bank notes. £15  
184 An interesting Army records and pay book of Norman Ward WWII. £50  
186 A Liz Dobinson two large oil paintings 'Sheep', 75cm x 122cm £95  
190 A BOAC menu signed by 1970 English World Cup team. £75  
191 Football memorabilia a signed photograph of Dennis Law and a signed card by George Best. £10  
192 Stephen Gayford two limited edition signed prints including 'The Suitor' and 'La Maharaja' limited edition £22  
193 Stephen Gayford two limited edition prints including 'Tiger Family' and 'Reflected Glory' £20  
194 Stephen Gayford three limited edition prints including 'Double Trouble' and 'Cooling Off' £50  
195 Stephen Gayford four limited edition signed prints including 'A Lesson in Patience' No 90/380 £50  
196 Collection of various brass bankers metric weights also some gold weights. £12  
198 An illuminated Guinness advertising sign. £65  
199 A 19th century drop dial clock with inlaid parquetry case, bell strike, 8 day movement. height 84cm. £95  
200 A pair of carved wood Eastern tribal figures, tallest 61cm. £18  
202 A carved wood Ramayana mask. £22  
203 A Balinese carved wood figure of a seated man capturing a cockerel under a cage, 27cm £10  
204 A carved wood Ramayana mask. £20  
205 An Indonesian carved wood door chime and a carved rosewood fork and spoon, 56cm. £10  
206 A large and ornate carved wood Ramayana mask. £22  
207 An Indian carved and painted wood Garuda bird statue, 75cm tall. £20  
208 Two Indonesian puppets, boxed, length 58cm. £12  
209 A carved wood Balinese panel decorated with figures and fruits, 96cm x 36cm. £12  
210 A Chinese floor standing dinner gong with ornate carved and red painted wood stand surmounted with a double dragon, with striker, height 100cm. £100  
213 Two Palepai, Sumatran ships cloth (from Sumatra, West Indonesia) decorated with various motifs, animals from natural dyes, largest 75cm x 70cm. £30  
214 An Indonesian carved camphor wood blanket chest, height 60cm x width 100cm x depth 48cm. £100  
215 A pair of carved wood wall plaques, approx 134cm tall987* £22  
216 Twenty boxed items by Corgi and Matchbox and Solido etc £30  
217 Twenty four boxed models by Corgi, Matchbox and Majorette etc £42  
218 3 trays of miscellaneous Matchbox, Dinky, Corgi and other toys £22  
219 A boxed Maisto Mercedes Benz 500 SL and boxed Harvard 'Rolls Royce Radio' £28  
220 Six Royal Doulton character jugs including The Lawyer, Pied Piper and Old Salt £45  
221 BASIL EDE (b1931) two limited edition ducks prints, signed in pencil, each numbered 90 from an edition of 500, also various general pictures and prints. £20  
222 C.Rex James watercolour 'Branches across The Burrator Lake, Dartmoor', 49cm x 68cm £30  
224 Collection of various ornaments including metal sphinx on onyx base, various trinkets, blue and white wares and various modern Delft. £20  
227 Approximately 70 various diecast models including Oxford diecast, Oxford Commercials, promos etc £50  
228 Various Oxford diecast models (approx 54) £42  
229 Collection of diecast models including Corgi, Vanguards and Oxford (13) £32  
230 Diecast models including Great British Buses, Vanguards, Corgi, Ford Collection models (20) £42  
231 Twenty Seven various diecast promo models including Corgi Roadshow Specials, advertising etc (27) £55  
232 A group of four Japanese wood block type prints, framed £18  
233 Violet Hilda Drummond (b 1911) watercolour 'Horse Guards Parade' mounted, 18cm x 20cm £50  
234 19th century needlework picture of 'Children with St Bernard dog', mounted £12  
236 A Malacca riding crop and walking stick (2) £25  
240 A mahogany piano stool with fall front sheet music section. £10  
250 Five 20th century carved ivory netsukes (5). £100  
251 A Persian Kolyahi rug, 247cm x 154cm. £60  
252 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, width 87cm. £35  
254 A 'Lead Miniatures' sewing machine in case. £25  
255 Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge china to include tea pot, plates, bowls and eight figures, pictures in frames and 'My Favourite Teddies' cup and saucer (28 items) £55  
257 A Moorcroft jardinire, signed in green, height 23cm. £80  
258 A Simone Halbig bisque head doll with open eyes and mouth, height 51cm. £25  
260 A Mamod twin cylinder steam engine with box. £70  
261 A Vosper electric model motor boat, boxed £15  
262 A Triang Minic Motorways collection of vehicles £40  
263 Five figures, Spill vases including Highland figures, tallest 35cm £70  
264 Two figures, William Shakespeare and another poet, tallest 27cm £30  
265 Eight figures including Highland figures, Fisher Woman, tallest 40cm £70  
266 Four figures including 'Highlanders and Highland Jesse', tallest 30cm £55  
267 Two figures, a pair including 'Going to Market', 23cm high £22  
268 Two figures, a pair including 'Prince of Wales', 24cm £32  
269 Two figures, a pair of Highland Horseback Riders, 29cm £25  
270 Two figures including' Napoleon' and 'Napoleon and Albert', tallest 36cm £50  
271 Five figures including 'Queen Victoria', 'Uncle Tom and Eva', 'Prince Albert and Victoria' and 19th century toby, tallest 27cm £55  
272 Two figures including 'Prodigals Return' and 'Flight into Egypt', tallest 35cm £45  
273 Two figures including 'Queen Victoria and Albert' and 'Byron and Maid of Athens', tallest 37cm £150  
274 Five figures including Fisherman, Highland Couple etc, tallest 30cm £48  
275 Eight figures including Highland soldiers, Highland clock groups, 'The Rival' etc, tallest 36cm £60  
276 Ten figures including Highland figures, spill groups etc, tallest 24cm £55  
279 A brass cased carriage clock, Matthew Norman, London, striking on a gong with key, 18cm handle up. £80  
281 An 'Art Union of London Parian Ware Circular Plaque depicting 'The Fall of the Rebel Angels', inscribed around the rim with the title and 'Designed and executed by Robert Jefferson - Lambeth', 18cm diameter, framed, 20cm. £28  
287 19th century sampler dated 1851 'Helen Walker', 35cm x 31cm. £10  
288 Four Lladro figures (a/f), tallest 30cm. £75  
291 Six Doulton character jugs and another (7) £42  
293 Various Scalextric sets including 'Monaco' and a 'Jaguar' model car kit £32  
294 Four steering wheels for 'Jaguar' cars and various mascot £340  
296 Various electric trains with controls £32  
297 Two extensive Shelley part tea sets in yellow, 30 pieces. £80  
298 A German 300 day anniversary clock under glass dome, height 29cm. £10  
299 Moorcroft pottery vase No163/250, 2003, 'Siberian Iris', boxed, height 22cm. £95  
300 Moorcroft pottery vase No164/250, 2003,'Siberian Iris', boxed, height 22cm. £120  
301 Cranberry glass jug, 19cm also a glass comport (2) £30  
302 Collection of nine scale model cars, 1980's Franklin mint including Rolls Royce, Lledo box sets etc also 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' Corgi Toys model. £95  
303 Novelty Guinness sports characters etc. £10  
304 Four Swatch quartz watches. £42  
305 A Swiss painting oil on board, unsigned (brought back during WWII), 16cm x 23cm. £20  
306 A pair of Victorian Staffordshire dogs, height 33cm. £20  
307 Five Victorian Staffordshire figures including a pot lid 'The Late Prince Consort' t/w two small Staffordshire style dogs. £48  
310 An old carved wood trough or dough bin, 110 cm long. £70  
313 Two taxidermy animals, a pine martin and a red squirrel (2) £32  
317 A pair of Ornamental carved wood 'tusks', 42cm high. £20  
318 A Japanese ginger jar, 25cm high. £10  
319 A mahogany nest of three tables, a reduced two door glazed cabinet and small Ercol elbow chair. £20  
320 Parker 14k nib fountain pen, two others, pocket barometer and other items. £85  
322 A 19th century French kingwood and parquetry inlaid stationary box writing slope, with burr walnut interior, 17cm high x 30cm wide, with small label 'Zimberg, Paris'. £150  
323 A French brass cased carriage clock with platform escapement and Roman and arabic numerals with key, 15cm handle up £45  
324 A Jaeger travel clock, two Parker pens and lighters £25  
327 An Edwardian rocking chair £38  
328 Edwardian arched top mantle clock with gong strike and French movement with key, 25cm tall £38  
329 An Edwardian mantle clock with inlaid mahogany case, gong striking movement and key, 27cm £20  
330 Trent Art. A wall hanging gong formed from a large shell case inscribed 1918 HMS Retriever with bracket inscribed 'Nelson' produced by Alfred John Elderton (b 1886 Officer Engineer RN) also a monument ornament from HMS Retriever, height 57cm. £170  
331 An erotic scent bottle, two netsukes and one bone bracelet decorated with skulls. £22  
332 WWII gun sight, possibly from a tank No 7999.  
333 Three various telephones including 1950's black bakelite telephone. £25  
334 A brass 'Household Microscope', boxed. £15  
335 Pair of Chinese dog ornaments, height 10cm. £10  
336 A WW II hand bearing compass in original box £12  
337 A Philco bakelite radio with spare glass window. 5  
338 An electro therapy testing machine, boxed £20  
339 19th century sextant, the box with paper label 'J.S. Matheson & Co', sextant inscribed, vernier gauge, signed W Slim? London. £280  
340 A brass 19th century marine telescope with rope work grip, inscribed 'D. BELL, Monkwearmouth', overall length extended 101cm. £95  
341 A pair copper ships Port and Starboard lights, height 26cm. £90  
342 A 1949 white five pound note by Beale No N87 066347 dated 13th July 1949. £50  
343 Two Victorian crowns, various other crowns and sundry coins and notes. £140  
344 An enamelled RAC 'King' car badge, height 15cm. £100  
345 Two vintage radiator caps including 'Feather in Our Cap Guy Motors Ltd' and a calor meter by Wilmot Breeden Ltd (2). £140  
348 Pair of 20th century carved wood figures of Russian Infantry men, height 56cm (2). £32  
349 Old Meccano magazines, 1970s plus model railway carriages OO gauge, old railway lanterns etc. £15  
350 Lone Star small collection of N gauge diecast model railway £10  
352 A collection of various Lego £270  
353 A collection of various Britain's farm boxed items and also a Lone Ranger Prairie wagon and some Britain's animals £70  
354 Collection of diecast models mainly Days Gone, £35  
355 Quantity of model railway, Thomas The Tank, coach kits, tinplate O gauge, accessories and other collectables £370  
356 A collection of 26 Halcyon Days porcelain and other boxes several with original boxes and certificates (26). £90  
357 Eight German and other porcelain figures. £130  
358 Various porcelain and pottery including a pair of Minton gilt porcelain vases, four Staffordshire cottages including Pastel Burner and other items along with three green leaf plates. £20  
359 Four various replica pub signs including 'Johnny Walker'. £10  
364 An Armand Marseille baby doll with fixed blue glass eyes, closed mouth and jointed composition body, marked AM Germany 341,/31/2 K., also a miniature Liberty cloth doll. £48  
365 Heubach Kopplesdorf doll with painted bisque head, sleeping blue eyes, jointed comp body, marked HK 3425 Germany. £50  
366 Victorian slate and marble mantle clock with bell strike and eight day movement. £70  
367 A collection of various loose diecast models mainly Lledo and Days Gone £12  
368 KEITH ANDREW (b 1947) watercolour, 'Rural Farmhouse Wales', title verso Shop-Y-Onwy, 36cm x 53cm. £15  
371 White Lane Press, two books, 'R.O.Lenkiewicz, 1997' signed and 'Robert Lenkiewicz, Paintings and Projects, 2006' (2) £30  
397 A single 45rpm record, Polydor, Tony Sheridan and The Beatles 'The Saints' and 'My Bonnie' Tony Sheridan (1940-2013 was an early collaborator of The Beatles, one of the two non Beatles and the only Non Beatles to appear as lead singer on a Beatles record £20  
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