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Christmas Collectors Auction - THIS SALE HAS CONCLUDED

Date of this auction was: Wednesday 16th December 2015

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
0 50  
2 An old stripped pine chest fitted with two short and three long drawers on bun feet width 103cm. £65  
3 A small office counter desk with leather insert, fitted with drawers on one side, width 107cm. £32  
5 A mahogany and inlaid Bracket Clock, having silvered dial and three sub dials, with 8 day chiming movement, striking on a rack of gongs with Westminster chimes, on a long case stand, in two parts, overall height 131cm, height of bracket clock, 61cm, with £400  
6 A George V gold half sovereign 1915. £85  
7 Three novelty cigarette boxes, four James Yates pewter goblets, general postcards including some WW I silks. £10  
8 An antique pond yacht with wood desk and brass fittings in a wood storage case. £20  
9 H.WHITE, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, a large 19th century oak bracket clock, the chiming movement striking on two sets of gongs, the dial with two sub dials inscribed 'H.White, 63 Cheapside, London', the architectural case with pediment and central finial (replace £430  
10 A carved oak Monks Bench, width 102cm. £190  
11 A reproduction 'stressed' oak sideboard, width 106cm. £50  
12 A pair of antlers £20  
13 A glass conical and blue enamelled decanter and stopper, with paper label 'Lavender', height 16.50cm £20  
14 A glass scent bottle with carved ivory cover. £20  
15 A coloured glass inkwell or scent bottle with Art Nouveau overlay pewter decoration , with embossed hinge lid. £30  
16 An Art Nouveau pewter vase with flared neck and inset enamelled decoration, height 26cm. £150  
18 Murano glass, a collection of 14 sweets. £30  
19 A Thunderbird FAB rocket No 1, Carlton International. £20  
24 Burago diecast model cars, boxed, (19). £28  
25 JANICE TCHALENKO (born 1942) large pottery charger £60  
28 A collection of general costume jewellery. 5  
30 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST Argentina, a signed No 10 football shirt, by Diego Maradona 2003, framed, with certificate. £150  
31 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST England shirt No 19 signed by Paul Gascoigne, framed, with certificate. £85  
32 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST A black and white photograph signed George Best in box frame, with certificate. £60  
34 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST England shirt, signed Wayne Rooney, montage display, with certificate. £48  
35 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST Pele signed colour photograph also signed by Jose Palomares dated 1999, Stuart Beckett limited edition No 87/350, framed, with certificate. £140  
36 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST England shirt signed Trevor Francis, framed. £30  
38 OF FOOTBALL INTEREST England shirt signed Geoff Hurst. £30  
39 Two books J K Rowling, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire First Edition 2000 with dust cover also Jeffrey Archer The Eleventh Commandment signed copy 1998 with dust cover. £28  
40 Two books Time Warner, Greavsie, The Autobiography signed copy 2003 dust cover also Murray Walker My Autobiography signed copy 2002 with dust cover (2). £20  
41 After ALBERT ERNEST CARRIER-BELLEUSE, French (1824-1887), a pair of patinated spelter figures of a man and woman carrying the harvest, signed A.Carrier, 75cm tall, on black columns plinths standing 77cm tall. £200  
42 A collection of die cast models including Lledo, Corgi, Models of Yesteryear, Cameo etc (approximately 90). £60  
45 A large collection of diecast model cars including Corgi Coventry Coach set, Models of Yesteryear, Anson Classic, Harley Davidson Bikes, Vanguards, Days Gone and Burrago cars etc (approximately 100). £160  
46 A collection of Hornby OO gauge electric and other model railway including boxed sets, Intercity 125, Smokey Joe, Permanent Way, accessories, Lima, also Tonka toys, Lilliput Lane type cottages etc. £160  
47 A collection of Lego. £32  
48 Various boxed cars of yesteryear including Lledo, Corgi, Oxford diecast approximately 110 (list available) £60  
50 An antique Cannon possibly a Rabonett (18th /19th century). £1550  
51 An oak and teak Ships Capstan, late 17th or early 18th century. £920  
53 Meccano Army Multi Kit Sets (3) £15  
54 Two sets of Meccano 1 and 4a, Meccano Outfit No 6 set, Meccano Outfit No 5 set, not boxed, No 2 Evolution Meccano and No 4 set. (5). £25  
55 Meccano set No 301 No 190, set No 302 No 155, set No102 No155, Meccano collection No2940, Meccano collection No 3910, Meccano collection No3920, Meccano 3 set, Meccano Evolution 6 set, Meccano space base No 4850, Meccano collection No 2301 also a Meccano £25  
56 Meccano jigsaw puzzle maker, also three Meccano magazine circular jig-saw puzzles (4). £20  
57 Two sets of Meccano Action Controls No296 (2). £10  
58 Meccano Builds of Model sets (red box), Bridge x 2, Cranes, Outfit Accessories Sets x 3, also gears Outfit 'B' set, Meccano 5 set (8). £38  
59 Meccano light and music system tuning radio control No 368 x 2 sets (2). £25  
60 A large quantity of various Meccano parts in two boxes. £20  
61 Meccano No 6, three boxed sets t/w Meccano 5 set (4). £25  
62 Mixed collection Meccano A and B set, Meccano highway vehicles set, Meccano 3000 set, Meccano highway multi kit set, Meccano mountain engineers set, Meccano standard range 6 construction set and Meccano 4, motorised set (7) £25  
63 Two tins of various Meccano parts (2). £10  
64 Various Meccano parts (3 tins) to include strips, curved strips, cogs etc (2) 5  
65 A large box collection of Meccano parts including tyres, motors etc. £20  
66 A large collection Meccano cogs, wheels and parts. £200  
67 Large collection of Meccano including wheels, tyres, nuts/bolts, cogs and strips etc also 5 sets of Meccano power tools and a Meccano conversion set and various loose power tools. £38  
68 A scratch built Live Steam Meccano engine with box of various parts. £20  
69 Six yellow metal Meccano boxes with various parts, also a box of clips, and a wood box of tyres. £30  
70 Fifteen yellow metal boxes of various Meccano pieces, clips, tyres, strips, plastic accessories etc. (15). £25  
71 A large collection of Meccano in five boxes (5). £210  
72 A large collection of various Meccano pieces to include part built pieces, electric motors, plastic figures, models, wheels, cogs, clips etc. £180  
73 A large wooden chest of Meccano parts. £55  
74 A large wooden chest of Meccano parts. £18  
75 A collection of Meccano kits, mostly motor kits to include 5 Meccano Evolution and No 2 sets t/w six Meccano No 3 sets etc. £60  
76 A collection of Meccano sets to include No 7 set,1, 2 sets, Meccano Evolution 1, and 4 small sets of Meccano 1. (14). £42  
77 Three sets Meccano buildings, Sets No 6, No 4, and two sets of Meccano No 2 and No 3 also 1000 Construction set (6). £40  
78 A collection of Meccano including No 8, No 4 Electrical and Motorised (8). £28  
79 Meccano Junior Power Drive Set, Meccano 3 set, Meccano Junior set 1 and Meccano Super Junior set 2 (4). £20  
80 A collection including Meccano Engineering for Boys, two trays of various wheels, cogs and parts, wooden box with red Meccano logo containing various parts (4). £30  
81 Six sets Meccano to include 5 x Meccano No 4 sets and an Evolution No 4 set (6). £40  
82 BOOK DR. Heinrich Hoffmann 'Struwwelpeter'. £10  
83 A collection of smurfs and a small display cabinet and a smurfs apron, (approximately 54). £55  
84 Various Meccano sets No 2, (8). £42  
85 A modern mango wood chest fitted with fifteen drawers, width 115cm x 96cm height x depth 50cm purchased from Freedman's of Torbay 2007 from The Flagstone range. £150  
86 A pair of Ghurkha, Presentation knives. £20  
89 A set of Chinese Lantern Christmas decorations, boxed. £15  
90 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, fitted with a single drawer on turned legs. £40  
91 A collection of toothpaste pot lids, 19th century and later approximately 32 £260  
92 A mahogany bracket clock with striking eight day movement on a gong with pendulum, the arch top case with line inlay, height 19.50cm £30  
94 An amber style bead necklace, composed of 30 graduated beads from 14 - 10 mm, weight 28 grams and a red amber style bead necklace. £340  
96 A pair of 18ct gold and diamond ear studs, claw set with brilliant cut stones of approximately 0.12 cts each. £100  
97 A cultured pearl, amethyst and diamond necklace, the front collet set with a pear shape amethyst bordered by brilliant cut diamonds, to a cultured pearl necklace, lacking clasp. £40  
99 A contemporary ladies Hermes style dress watch and a contemporary Sergio Valente wrist watch (2) £10  
100 SWAROVSKI Hedgehog Art 7630 NR 050 , Hedgehog Art 7630 NR 040 , Pig Art 7638 NR 050 000, Seal Art 7663 NR 046 000, Chicken Art 7675 NR 030 000, Baby Chick's Art 7676 NR 020 003 (6), all with original boxes £55  
101 SWAROVSKI Bird Bath Art 7460 NR 108 and large Swan Art 7633 NR 063 000, Duck Art 7660 NR 040 000, Swan, Miniature Duck Art 7653 NR 045 000 (5), all with original boxes. £65  
102 SWAROVSKI Rose Art 7478 NR 000 001 14, Fish On Seaweed Art 7644 NR 077 000 (2), all with original boxes. £42  
103 SWAROVSKI Large Mouse Art 7631 NR 040 000, Swan Art 7633 NR 050, Mouse Art 7631 NR 030, Mouse Art 7655 NR 023 (4), all with original boxes. £45  
104 SWAROVSKI Tortoise Art 7632 NR 045, Snail Art 7648 NR 030 000, Cockerel Art 7674 NR 045 000, Cat Art 7659 NR 031 000, Vase Art 7511 NR 070 000, Small Chaton Art 7433 NR 050 000 and Small Tortoise Art 7632 NR 030 000 (7), all with original boxes. £70  
105 SWAROVSKI A collection to include large bell Art 7467 NR 071 000, two small bells Art 7467 NR 054 000 Art 7467 NR 039 000, candle holder Art 7600 NR 123 000, an SCS 1997 blue heart, a SCS 1996 clear and a SCS 1998 red heart, four paper weights and a red T £120  
106 SWAROVSKI Five various paperweights, all with original boxes. £28  
107 SWAROVSKI Birds Nest Art 7470 NR 050 000, 3 large Blowfish/Puffer fish Art 7644 NR 041 000, mini Blowfish/Puffer Art 7668 NR 020 000, Baby Chick with Metal Feet, Art 7651 NR 020, Penguin Art 7661 NR 033 000 (5), all with original boxes. £60  
108 SWAROVSKI Old Timer Automobile Art 7473 NR 000 001, Rocking Horse Art 7479 NR 000 001 34 (2), all with original boxes. £48  
109 SWAROVSKI Terrier Art 7619 NR 000 002, Pluto Art 7635 NR 070 (2), all with original boxes. £30  
110 SWAROVSKI Butterfly Art 7639 NR 055 000, Toadstool Art 7472 NR 030 000 GI, Butterfly Art 7667 NR 035 000 (3), all with original boxes. £35  
111 SWAROVSKI Piano with stool Art 7477 NR 000 006 C3 (1), with original box. £30  
112 SWAROVSKI Bunch of Grapes Art 7509 NR 150 070, Egg Paperweight Art 7458 NR 063 and Pineapple Art 7507 NR 060 001 (3), all with original boxes. £60  
113 SWAROVSKI The Dolphins, Annual Edition 1990, SCS. 'Lead Me', with original box. £60  
114 SWAROVSKI Horse Art 7612 NR 000 001, with original box £65  
115 SWAROVSKI Frog Art 762 NR 04800, Cat Art 7634 NR 046 000 F1, Duck Art 7647 NR 080000, Fox Art 7629 NR 070 000, Dog Art 7641 NR 075000, Bumblebee On Leaf Art 7615 NR 002 EZ (6), all with original boxes. £110  
116 SWAROVSKI Kris Bear Table Clock Art 7481 NR 000 001, with dedicated white box but no outer box, also Woodpeckers (2), with original box. £80  
117 SWAROVSKI Birthday Cake 5th Anniversary and Cat Art 7634 NR 070 (2), all with original boxes. £30  
118 SWAROVSKI Kangaroo Art 7689 NR 001 04, with original box. £25  
119 SWAROVSKI large Pegasus, 3rd edition, Fabulous Creatures 1998, with original box. £70  
120 SWAROVSKI large SCS Elephant, Inspiration Africa Series 1993, with original box. £130  
121 SWAROVSKI Pierrot, 1st in the series of Masquerade 1999 with original white dedicated box and outer box. £70  
122 SWAROVSKI Columbine, 2nd in the series of Masquerade 2000, with original white dedicated box and outer box. £60  
123 SWAROVSKI Dragon, 2nd edition, Fabulous Creatures 1997 with original white dedicated box and outer box. £60  
124 SWAROVSKI Four Bears, Art 7664 NR 044 000, Art 7637 NR 000 001, Art 7637 NR 075 and Art 7637 NR 075 (4), all with original boxes. £70  
125 SWAROVSKI Little Red Riding Hood, with Basket Art 7559 NR 000 001 191695, with original box. £45  
126 SWAROVSKI Annual Edition 1995 Inspiration Africa 'The Lion', the final edition in the series, with original box. £70  
127 SWAROVSKI Annual Edition 1994 Inspiration Africa 'The Kudu', the second edition in the series, with original box. £70  
128 SWAROVSKI 'Santa Maria' ship model Art 7473 NR 000 003, with original box. £35  
129 SWAROVSKI The Whales SCS Annual Edition Care for Me 1992, with original box. £35  
130 SWAROVSKI Seals, SCS, Save Me, Mother & Child Series, 1991, 2nd edition also mother and child 1990-1992 plaque all with original boxes. £42  
131 SWAROVSKI Pig Art 7638 NR 065 000, with original box. £90  
132 SWAROVSKI Large Baby Elephant Art 7640 NR 055 000, 1989 with floppy metal tail, with original box. £32  
133 SWAROVSKI South Sea Fish (on a coral reef) Art 7644 NR 057 000 B3, with original box. £25  
134 SWAROVSKI large Owl Art 7636 NR 060, with original box. £28  
135 SWAROVSKI Penguin Art 7643 NR 085 000, with original box. £30  
139 Two ebonised carved wood elephants, 33cm. £12  
140 An old Leather suitcase with LNER luggage label. £10  
141 A Victorian slate mantle clock, with architectural case. £20  
142 A cased collection of 78 records and record player. £15  
145 Set 6 carved Eastern napkin rings, probably bone. £10  
146 WM YOUNGER RUBBEROID FIGURE. William Younger figure with beer mug, stood on square plinth, GET YOUNGER EVERY DAY' £22  
147 A novelty tea pot in the form of a WW I tank with Bruce Bairnsfather finial. £32  
149 A quantity of china wares and ornaments including reproduction Cloisonne vases, 1930s Empire tea set, Japanese tea wares, Beswick Cottage wares, glass etc. £18  
150 MARY STORK (1938-2007) mixed media 'Jump', signed, 30cm x 40cm, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £240  
151 LUKE FROST (b 1976) acrylic on canvas 'Chromavolt 6.1', 2003, 40cm x 80cm, signed and titled verso, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £220  
152 SIR TERRY FROST (1915-2003) 'Vertical Blue Collage', signed and titled verso in glazed box frame, 34cm x 44cm overall, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £650  
153 ANTHONY FROST (b 1951) acrylic on everything?, 'Senseless Thing', VIII,2004, signed and titled verso in glazed box frame, 71cm x 61cm, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £220  
154 ANTHONY FROST (b1951) acrylic on board 'Red Wedge', June 1990, signed and titled to verso also signed below painting, in cabinet box frame, 47cm x 80cm, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £150  
155 CSABA MARKUS (b Hungary 1953) 'Corinthian Sweet III', coloured serigraph with foils and hand colouring, No 54/285, 40cm x 27cm, purchased D'art Gallery Dartmouth 1998 with receipt. £120  
157 MARY STORK (1938-2007) mixed media 'Heat', signed verso, 35cm x 27cm, Provenance; The Somerville Gallery, Plymouth. £210  
158 LEE WOODS oil on wrap around board 'Butterfly', signed, 91cm x 30cm. £30  
159 MARION DE' ATH oil 'A Crooked Cottage', 31cm x 39cm, Provenance; Barbican Gallery, Plymouth 1998, with receipt. £40  
164 GEORGES BRAQUE (1882-1963) colour lithograph 'Still Life with Apples', signed in pencil No 144/300 with GS GUY SPITZER blind stamp, 28cm x 38cm. £280  
166 Chinese carved ivory brush pot with pierced body embellished with phoenix dragon and pearl height 15.50cm. £170  
167 BLANCHARD a bronze group two cherubs upon a rock on marble base height 29cm. £330  
168 Royal Crown Derby paperweight Owl with silver stamp, Royal Crown Derby paperweight Chicken with gold stamp, Royal Crown Derby paperweight Pheasant with gold stamp also Lladro figure a Geisha girl, 29cm. £60  
169 Four watercolours by ROSEMARY MORGAN including Saltash, pair of coastal and flowers also ROMA ELENA LYORSEA 1998 bridge view (5). £30  
171 JOHN FORSTER collection of thirteen miniature originals 'Little Originals' purchased at Open Studio Event 2007 Drawn to The Valley. £32  
173 An old Tole ware tin hat box and a square wood chest £15  
174 An early 20th century mahogany dining table, with wind out mechanism and one leaf, length 194cm x width 113cm x height 72cm, offered with a set of six dining chairs. £150  
175 BOOK Ministers of Devon and Cornwall by M.T.H. dated 1606. £50  
177 BOOKS (8) including Arthur Hughes 1874 'Speaking Likenesses', Poetry, Alfred Tennyson 'Maud' 1855, D H Lawrence 'The Prussian Officer' 1914, English dictionary dated 1717, Jerome K Jerome 'Three Men in a Boat' 1889, Rupert Brookes poems 1915 etc. £55  
178 British Airways Concorde Ergo flask by Chris Middleton. £22  
179 Advertising ware, Guinness plastic condiment set, salt, pepper and sugar pot. £20  
180 Collection of contemporary pottery also glass plaque and carved wood sculpture (12). £20  
183 R .BRYANT 1987, large oil on board steam train '1200, Off Shed, Laira', signed and dated 1987. £22  
186 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Moi Wong with the Painter' signed limited edition print, no 136/450, mounted, not framed. £150  
187 A Swiss silver jump hour keyless wound open face digital pocket watch, the white enamel dial with hour and minute apertures, secondary seconds dial, inscribed Patent Automatics Timekeeper, the inner case inscribed Jack Philip, diameter 50mm. £100  
188 A 9ct gold half sovereign ring, set with a 1892 Old Head shield back coin, weight 9.4 grams. £100  
189 A quantity of mixed jewellery to include; an opal doublet ring, a pair of jet ear rings and two unmounted shell cameos. £20  
190 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
191 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
192 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
193 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
194 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
195 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
196 A sealed bag of costume jewellery. 5  
199 A pair of 14 K white gold and diamond stud earrings, claw set with brilliant cut stones of approximately 0.60 cts each, colour estimate L/M, clarity estimate SI1 and SI2. £650  
200 An Edwardian silver oval basket, Birmingham 1903, of pierced and lobed form, 24 x 15 cm, weight 5.5 oz. £30  
202 Accurist; A ladies silver and marcasite set wristwatch, with a Y section bracelet. £10  
203 A silver set double clip Brooch etc £15  
207 A gold single stone diamond ring, claw set with an old cut stone weighing approximately 0.50cts, colour estimate H/I, clarity estimate VS2, size O 1/2. £240  
211 A silver goblet and a spill vase £10  
214 58 various silver mounted pendants, set with hardstones, semi-precious stones and paste stones. £65  
215 36 various silver mounted necklaces, set with hardstones, semi-precious and paste stones. £55  
216 26 various silver mounted rings and 18 pairs of silver mounted ear rings, set with hardstones, semi-precious and paste stones. £85  
218 A single stone diamond pendant, claw set with an old cut brilliant stone of approximately 0.50cts, clarity approximately P1/2. £210  
219 A sugar castor, christening mug and ashtray also a white metal and glass swan, fish slice and quantity of plated ware £48  
221 A silver cigarette case and two lighters. £18  
223 A continental unhallmarked gold abstract necklace, composed of openwork textured panels, length 90 cm, weight 42 grams. £290  
224 A silver sugar castor, London 1937, of baluster form with a pierced pull-off cover, height 19cm, weight 8 oz. £40  
225 A white metal five stone diamond ring, collet set with graduated brilliant cut stones, approximately 0.80cts total weight, stamped 750, weight 8.5 grams, size T 1/2. £200  
227 A 9 ct two colour gold curb link bracelet, weight 10.5 grams. £65  
228 A silver and paste line bracelet, box set with brilliant cut stones. £10  
230 HENDERSON CISZ 'London by Night', giclee print on canvas, no 77/195, 59cm x 59cm, in a black frame. £150  
231 J.WHITELY (pseudonym for Reginald Daniel Sherrin 1891-1971) a pair of watercolours 'The Moors at Poundsgate, Dartmoor', 'Oke Tor, Dartmoor', signed, 29cm x 48cm, artists details verso.(2). £75  
232 WHITE LANE PRESS single Robert Lenkiewicz book 'The Mary Notebook' with signed certificate from an edition of 350, in excellent condition with and outer sleeve. £200  
233 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Study of Mary' limited edition print no 249/350, 45cm x 38cm. £90  
237 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) 'Shall We Dance' limited edition print no 229/650, 61cm x 48cm with certificate. £200  
238 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) 'Poetry Reading' limited edition print signed, 54cm x 41cm £220  
241 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) black biro sketch 'Portrait for an Elderly Gentleman' with annotated inscription, 17.5cm x 13.5cm. £210  
242 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) an interesting 1970's receipt from the Barbican Wine Lodge, over painted by the artist with a portrait sketch and also annotated' 21cm x 14cm. £410  
243 A Webley Mark III air rifle, .177 with Parker Hale Diopeter sights (super target configuration) with case. £200  
245 A Webley Junior Mark II pistol, .177, with resin finish (post war) Serial 222. £50  
246 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) biro sketch 'Lovers', 19cm x 23cm. £130  
247 Two modern silk prayer mats, approximately 80cm x 44cm. £20  
249 Limited edition print 'Portrait of a Seated Girl', signed and numbered 665/851 £15  
251 W. HAY print 'View of St Nicholas Island Plymouth Sound' £10  
252 MATT CUMMINGS oil on canvas 'Nude Study of a Girl', 88cm x 87cm £110  
253 A collection of ROBERT LENKIEWICZ memorabilia including brochures, booklets etc £10  
254 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ a Christmas card, signed from an edition No 234/300 £40  
255 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ signed book £20  
256 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ signed book £25  
258 A World War I Queen Mary Christmas 1914 brass tin, 13 x 8.5 x 2.5 cm. £22  
259 'The Simpsons on Line', a limited edition serigraph cel, signed by Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart) with bubble voice, framed, 44 x 106 cm. £50  
260 James Bond, 'The World is not Enough', 1999; a signed poster by Pierce Brosnan, framed, 72 x 106 cm.  
261 F.E.Becker & Co., London; a walnut cased chemical balance with adjustable feet, height 52 cm and a copper distilled water still, height 44 cm. (2) £15  
262 A Britain's Ltd. Painted lead farmyard set to include; two horse drawn carts, a horse rack, two shepherds and twelve horses. £42  
263 A French metronome of pyramid form, a Pye battery radio 'Slim Six', model P128B, circa 1960, trench art; a brass officers hat, a Bishop, USA green vase, a Beswick chicken on basket and a backgammon board. £18  
264 A Chinese soap stone carving on stand t/w a hardstone style vase with relief decoration, elephant ring handles, cover and base £30  
266 TAXIDERMY a Bull Eland (Scull with horns, mounted on a plaque) £80  
267 TAXIDERMY two Empala with horns £200  
268 TAXIDERMY a Waterbuck with horns £180  
269 An Indian carved ivory figure of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, art, wisdom and music, height 19cm. £25  
270 Six patterned tea pots including a Portuguese Morrish tea pot etc (6) £10  
271 A French gilt brass and porcelain mantle clock, circa 1900, the movement signed Guyerdot Ainc, A. Paris, numbered 4398, of ornate shell and scroll form, the panel with a shepherd and shepherdess scene, height 40 cm, pendulum (numbered 4398) and key. £220  
272 A Balinese silkwork painting from Ubud Village, Bali. 44cm x 64cm t/w A Tibetan Mandala (Thangka), 54cm x 40cm. £50  
274 Chinese Painting with original paintings and discourseson Chinese Art by Professor Chang Da-chien £350  
276 A jade disc pendant of white mottled colour, untested, with a gold mount set with two love birds, diameter 47 mm. £32  
277 Two decorative reproduction paintings in ornate gilt frames, 24cm x 18.5cm £22  
278 A mid 19th century set of oak, copper and brass peat bellows with leather chain, possibly Irish, length 69 cm. £90  
279 An Edwardian burr walnut writing cabinet, the hinged sloping front opening to reveal a fitted interior, locking drawer beneath, 36 x 17 x 32 cm. £75  
281 A pair of pony hooves with hammered pewter covers, inscribed MAC 1924-1925. £28  
283 Three signed photographs of Carl Foggerty, Pele and Mark Spitz, framed. £30  
284 Four assorted walking sticks (3 silver mounted) including unusual German stick with motifs £30  
285 A French WW I Chassepot bayonet and scabbard £60  
286 A mid 19th century Sunderland lusterware 'frog' mug, decorated with a naval transfer and a poem entitled 'the sailors tear', height 10cm. £75  
288 A collection of Wade Collectors Club figures, boxed, (approximately 25). £55  
291 A group of four Masons china pieces and a Staffordshire flat back figure. £28  
292 A pair of mahogany library book stores, width 93cm (2). £410  
293 A modern two door cupboard with glass top, a pie crust tripod wine table and a mahogany two drawer side table with sabre legs £20  
294 A mahogany torcher with spiral columns and tripod base (old bed post). 8  
298 A gilded bronze figure of a Buddha, seated in dhyanasana on a lotus wearing a sanghati draped over the left shoulder, with tight whorls of hair fashioned into a top knot, height 20cm. £120  
301 Four silver proof 1 coins, 1984/5/6/8, cased. £55  
302 Two silver proof Queen Mother crowns, 1980, cased, an Australian silver proof $10 coin, 1988, cased, an Australian silver proof Commonwealth Games $10 coin, 1982, cased and two cupro-nickle crowns. £48  
313 Deactivated; a German Mauser Schnelfeur machine pistol, number 32421, calibre 7.63mm, with two magazines. Sold with certificate. £720  
314 Deactivated; a Soviet Tokarev TT30 semi-automatic pistol, number 25695, calibre 7.62mm, dated 1935, with magazine. Sold with certificate. £230  
315 Deactivated; a Yugoslavian MG53/ MG 42 light machine gun, number N-41708, calibre 7.92mm, with tripod, belt and drum magazine, transitional version with some WWII German manufactured parts,. Sold with certificate, has some WW2 German waffenampt eagle mak £330  
316 Deactivated; a Soviet PPS43 sub-machine gun, number 545, calibre 7.62mm, dated 1943, with magazine and sling. Sold with certificate. £200  
317 Deactivated; a WWII Soviet DPMG heavy DP 27 machine gun, number N7371, calibre 7.62mm, dated 1943, with tripod and pan magazine. Sold with certificate. £240  
318 Deactivated; a Soviet PPS H41 sub-machine gun, number 3547, calibre 7.62mm, dated 1943, with drum magazine and sling. Sold with certificate. £230  
319 A Knights of Pythias Secret Society dress sword £32  
320 A Colt air pistol, Government 1911 A1, made in Germany, number F52716843, calibre .177, 4.5mm, case and instruction manual. £120  
321 Deactivated; a German Mauser Mod 1934 pistol, number 465140, calibre 7.65mm, with magazine. Sold with certificate. £150  
322 Deactivated; a Soviet Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle, number 718746, calibre 7.62mm, dated 1975, with magazine and sling. Sold with certificate. £230  
323 Deactivated; a Soviet RPD light machine gun, number 702160, calibre 7.62mm, with drum magazine and sling. Sold with certificate. £320  
324 Deactivated; a Belgium FN FAL SLR. Assault rifle, number P1762, calibre 7.62mm, with tripod, magazine and sling. Sold with certificate, reputedly used by the Argentine Army in the Falklands War 1982. £360  
325 Deactivated; a Portuguese Heckler & Koch FMP self-loading assault rifle (G3A3), number 122040, calibre 7.62mm, with magazine and sling. Sold with certificate. The serial number shows ex-Rhodesian Bush war use (1964-1979) £320  
327 A Saxon Guard du Corps Pickelhaube Officers helmet, lacking internal fittings. £1050  
328 A German World War II V1 'Doddlebug' flying bomb rudder, £260  
330 Seven inert shells to include 1 x Messerschmitt ME 109 20mm and 1 x 13mm shells, together with 5 x 50 calibre shells and a gilt desk eagle. £50  
331 A selection of militaria, to include MG 34/42 ammunition belts, Thompson, Sten, SLR and AK magazines and various pistol grips. £55  
335 A Victorian brass coal scuttle with shovel. £55  
336 A large collection of postcards, mainly of UK views circa 1950/80. £15  
337 A general collection of brass and copper ware including Victorian half pint brass tankard 360LCC, a miniature Chinese brass censor, 19th copper measure, some pewter ware and heavy Indian brass vase with elephant handles (damaged)(19 items) £18  
338 A dress sword in scabbard in the form of a USA Civil War model 1872 Light Cavalry Saber, with gilt fittings, length of blade 76 cm. £70  
340 A 20th century signed oil on canvas, 'Pheasants' in an ornate gilt frame, 29 x 39cm. £42  
342 Two figures including 'Queen Victoria and Albert' and 'Byron and Maid of Athens', tallest 37cm £100  
343 A Victorian walnut writing slope and a part set of mother of pearl and silver plated fish eaters in case. £10  
344 Various general prints including Spy Vanity Fair, set of 50 Balloon Cards in three frames, two Beatrix Potter books etc. £10  
345 Five old stone jars including one impressed 'Jamaica, St Michaels Alley, E.C.' also part porcelain dressing table sets, old green glass bottles , variously named including 'Mumby'. £30  
346 A porcelain blue and white ribbon plate, decorated with flowers, cross swords marks in underglaze blue, probably 19th century. £10  
347 George V silver Communion cup and wafer dish, in original fitted travelling case (Birmingham circa 1913) with small bottle. £42  
350 Booths Willow blue and white dinner wares, pair Maurano glass figures, two glass animals and modern german figure £22  
351 A three fold dress screen with gilt frame, glazed and fabric panels £50  
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