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Date of this auction was: Thursday 3rd March 2016

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
302 ALFRED BENNETT (1886-1950) oil on canvas, 'Lazy Time, Derbyshire', signed and dated 1905, titled verso, 35cm x 51cm. £310  
303 19th century oil on canvas, indistinctly signed H.HVE?? 1880, depicting a rural scene with a farmyard, hay stacks, cattle and a figure, (over varnished and restored) 29cm x49cm. £30  
304 Victorian School painting, indistinctly signed, river scene with bridge, herders and fisherman 49cm x 39cm. £50  
305 NICOLAS KRYCEVSKY signed oil on board, canal scene with barges, dated 1948, 17.50cm x 22cm. £110  
306 ANDREW KING signed oil on board, rural cottages, 25cm x 35cm. £30  
307 4 pictures including SALME UTSAL - Canadian artist, oil on board, 'Weeping Willow', circa 1960s, 50cm x 40cm. A map of Plymouth and Devonport. G BESTARD country scene, 25x30cm. Also RAY GAMBLE, acrylic, 'Canada', 23x27cm. (4) £20  
308 ROGER STEPPENS (b1956-) oil on board, 'Garden Crescent, West Hoe, Plymouth' signed and dated 1989, 69cm x 102cm. £200  
309 ROGER STEPPENS (b1956-) oil on board 'Mount Edgecumbe House, Cornwall', signed 52cm x 60cm. £100  
310 ROGER STEPPENS (b1956-) oil on board, 'Sutton Harbour, The Barbican', signed, 42cm x 46cm. £170  
314 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) watercolour, signed and titled to image 'Anna Watching Television At The House', 39cm x 28cm. £1250  
315 M.E.JACKSON, (early 20th century) oil on canvas, 'Spring Flowers Still Life', signed, 46cm x 35cm. £32  
317 OZHALVETIN? A large signed mixed media painting 'Moon Rose', overall size including frame approx. 156cm x 128cm. £500  
318 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) watercolour titled and signed to the base of the painting 'Study of Megan, Mother of Isaac, Son of Robert Lenkiewicz', 33cm x 26cm, overall size with frame 68cm x 57cm. £680  
319 WILLIAM L TURNER oil on canvas, 'River and Mountain Landscape', signed verso, 25cm x 16cm, in gilt frame (in need of restoration). £85  
320 DIANE NEVITT oil on canvas 'Ebb Tide' signed and titled verso 1997, 73cm x 86cm. £50  
321 TIM THOMPSON signed limited edition print 'Britannia' no 118/300, 50cm x 62cm. £25  
322 D.ANDERSON watercolour, traditional English country scene, signed, 18cm x 25cm. £30  
325 TIM THOMPSON (British Marine Artist) oil on board, 'Der Liefde', oil on board, signed, 22cm x 20cm. The Liefde was a Dutch East Indian ship that sunk off the Shetland Isles with all the mint coins of the year 1711 on-board. The painting is being sold wit £890  
329 RICHARD LANNOWE HALL (St Ives) mixed media, two figures, series 2, 2011, 40cm x 40cm. £70  
331 RICHARD LANNOWE HALL (St Ives) gouache on board, 'The Mount', unframed, 25cm x 34cm £25  
332 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Girl with Coat in the Studio', oil on canvas, signed twice verso and titled, glazed in a heavy black frame, 49cm x 23cm. £1000  
333 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Self Portrait (Holding Rose)' limited edition signed print no 349/500, 47cm x 47cm, with certificate, unframed. £210  
334 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Karen with Bronze Shawl' limited edition signed print no 461/500, 45cm x 43cm, unframed. £290  
335 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) 'Getting Ready' a rare lithograph signed print published by Alexander Gallery circa 1990, mounted, unframed, 48cm x 39cm. £300  
341 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-1942) oil on canvas, 'Study of Karen Ciambriello', signed across the middle of the painting, titled and dated verso 1985, in a heavy black frame, 121cm x 56cm, overall size with frame 142cm x 87cm. £5000  
343 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Esther (Spotted Dress)' limited edition signed print no 181/475, unframed. £280  
344 After JOHN CURTIS etchings of insects, 24cm x 15cm.(4). £22  
346 RICHARD CLARK oil on canvas, 73cm x 59cm. £25  
349 In a manner of HOMER WINSLOW (Canadian Artist), an oil on canvas, 'Fog Warning' by Plymouth Artist PAUL RUSSELL, painted in 2015, signed, 60cm x 80cm. £380  
351 OF TITANIC INTEREST 'La Circassienne au Bain', John Parker (b.1964) after Merry-Joseph Blondel (1781-1853). Original first exhibited Louvre, Paris, November 1814. Replica first exhibited Palais Ducal, Nevers, November 2014. Oil on canvas 200cm x 140cm, u £2700  
352 A LEGGE signed early 20th century water colour signed and dated 1914. 16cm x 30cm together with MARCHELLINI? watercolour Cairo indistinctly signed 21cm x 30cm, circa 1900 (2). £30  
353 SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT (1880-1969) a pair of Limited Edition Print No 706/850 with blind art stamp 31cm x 20cm. £40  
354 SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT (1880-1969) a limited edition print No 274/850 with blind art stamp, 28cm x 38cm. £  
355 SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT (1880-1969) four various open prints including the 'Great Lavoir' 16cm x 20cm (4) £30  
356 JOHN BORDEAUX (Scilly Isles) mixed media collage, 'Yachts', 39cm x 49cm. £70  
357 BRIAN POLLARD signed limited edition print, 'The Yard Arm', 81/850, 46cm x 55cm. £32  
362 A collection of various ROBERT LENKIEWICZ memorabilia £30  
363 ROBERT HEINDAL a pair of signed Limited Edition prints 'Belonging I and II'. No 211/500, 49cm x 29cm. £230  
364 BRIAN POLLARD signed Limited Edition print no 29/250, 'The Cat and The Dolphin', 34cm x 24cm. £35  
365 BRIAN POLLARD a signed Limited Edition print, 'St Andrews Church', no 260/750, 34cm x 24cm. £60  
367 JACK VETTRIANO, signed limited edition print from an edition of 75, 'Marked Heart', 24cm x 19cm. £130  
369 JOHN DYER a pair naive beach prints, 22cm x 33cm. £32  
371 DAVID SHEPPARD signed print 'Study for Oil, Muck and Sunlight', together with another print 'No 9 Elms The Last Hours' also Alan Ward limited edition print 'Returning Steam to the Avon Valley' 55/850 (3) £40  
372 D.MACLOAD signed Limited Edition print 'Atlantic Pioneers' no 16/500 together with a modern print Roman Baths 40cm x 50cm (2) £20  
376 F.VITALI (Italian School) a signed pair of portrait's of an elderly man and women, oil on canvas, 38cm x 26cm. £40  
378 Three Victorian paintings, in gilt frames. £35  
379 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) signed oil on canvas 'Portrait of Val Savage', 59cm x 49cm, overall size with frame 79cm x 69cm. £260  
381 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) a signed pencil drawing 'Portrait of Ken Savage', 37cm x 26cm, Ken Savage was a local magician and new the artist well. £210  
382 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) oil on canvas 'Study of Esther' signed twice and titled verso, also inscribed three times 'Colour', 33cm x 26cm, overall size in frame 68cm x 57cm. £3500  
384 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) signed limited edition print 'Roxanne', number 122/375, from Project 18, Daemon Series. £280  
385 After PABLO PICASSO a poster, overall size 68cm x 66cm. £20  
386 JOAN MIRO a signed 2009 poster, limited edition and two other exhibition posters, the largest size, 86cm x 65cm. £30  
387 LEE WOODS (b1964) a pair of early abstract paintings, signed verso 'WDZ', oil on heavy board, each 93cm x 93cm. £50  
388 JOAN MIRO a pair of multi image collage prints, overall size 47cm x 46cm. £20  
392 A pair of Dartmoor watercolours, indistinctly signed, in oval mounts and frames, approx. 30cm x 39cm. £10  
393 ARTHUR FULLER? signed oil on canvas '18th/19th century dining room interior', 60cm x 74cm. £30  
394 G.MORRIS, LIVERPOOL signed circular oil on board 'Portrait of a Hound' together with a group of various Blood Hound and other framed prints. £130  
396 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) signed Exhibition Poster, NEC Birmingham 1994. £30  
397 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) Exhibition Poster, NEC Birmingham 1994. £18  
399 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) oil on canvas, 'A Portrait of Two Plymouth Brothers, circa 1970's, 52cm x 77cm, Provenance; direct from the artist, commissioned by the family in 1970's, hand written 'receipt' for 22. £400  
403 J.J.ADAMS The Tattoo Series by JJ Adams, Kate Middleton, Number 55 from a Limited Edition Print of 95 on Hahnemuhle Paper, framed. (JJ Adams is a new media and mixed media artist from Plymouth and Cape Town, South Africa currently living and working in £490  
406 ALFRED LEYMAN (1856-1933) a pair signed watercolours 'Clovelly', 46cm x 37cm. £310  
407 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) a limited edition print 'Peaceable Kingdom', no 24/650, mounted with certificate of authenticity, published by Alexander Gallery, 70xm x 66cm including mount.. £75  
408 BERYL COOK 'Chartiers' signed limited edition Artist Proof screen print, No 4/60, 119cm x 90cm £260  
409 JO LANYON (born 1957-) gouache 'Bantham Kite Flying', August 1998, S.D.T. verso, 58cm x 56cm, Jo (Johnathan) Lanyon is the son of Cornish Painter Peter Lanyon. £250  
410 JO LANYON (born 1957-) gouache collage 'Preludio XIII 2011', S.D.T. verso, 58cm x 56cm, Jo (Johnathan) Lanyon is the son of Cornish Painter Peter Lanyon. £150  
411 JO LANYON (born 1957-) gouache collage 'Dance, Grazioso 2011', S.D.T. verso, 44cm x 33cm, Jo (Johnathan) Lanyon is the son of Cornish Painter Peter Lanyon. £100  
413 JOAN GILCHREST (1918-2008) oil on board 'Melons/Mousehole', monogrammed , 36cm x 29cm £700  
414 BIDDY PICARD (Cornish School) acrylic abstract, 51cm x 33cm £430  
415 CHARLES WATTS charcoal 'The Approach', 134cm x 100cm. £  
416 SUSIE RAY canvas print, 'Padstow Nets' limited edition number 260/300, 100cm x 100cm £20  
418 JOHN BOYCE Brixham Harbour, oil on board. 26 cm x 20 cm, framed (53 cm x 49 cm). £110  
419 JOHN BOYCE Brixham Harbour, oil on board. 26 cm x 20 cm, framed (53 cm x 49 cm). £140  
420 JOHN BOYCE Brixham Harbour, oil on board. 26 cm x 20 cm, framed (53 cm x 49 cm). £100  
422 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) a signed lithograph 'Sultry Afternoon', No 250/300. £100  
423 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) a signed silkscreen 'The Manipulators', No 182/300. £140  
424 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) a signed silkscreen 'Ladies Night', No 230/300. £380  
425 PATRICK LEWIS FORBES (b1860 Calcutta) watercolour 'The Flock Returning Home, Hampstead Heath' £100  
427 Victorian large coastal water colour, signed, probably Cornwall, in original gilt frame, 100cm x 120cm overall size £100  
429 A Victorian oil painting, Girl with a White Rabbit, 33cm x 28cm. £460  
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