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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 27th April 2016

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 Meccano Motor Set No 5. 5  
2 Meccano Hyperspace Construction Set. 5  
3 Meccano Hyperspace Construction Set, Meccano space 2501(2) 5  
4 Meccano Steel Construction Set No 1, Meccano Steel Construction Set No 3 and also Meccano Steel Construction Set number 4 (3) 5  
5 Meccano Set No 6, Meccano Set No 4 (2) 5  
5 A Dinky Supertoys No 918, Guy Van, Ever Ready, boxed, also other general diecast models £110  
6 Meccano construction set WWII Spitfire together with Meccano Construction Set in steel No 8 (2) £10  
7 Meccano Set No 6 together with Meccano Set No 4 (2) £12  
8 Meccano Outfit Set No 1, Meccano Junior Set No 1, Meccano Set No 6 (3) 5  
9 A wooden box containing Meccano parts including strips, plates etc £12  
10 Meccano accessory outfit in a wooden box including strips, plates, ball/roller bearings, circular parts etc. £15  
11 Collection of Meccano parts in wooden box including plates, strips, cylindrical parts etc. £10  
12 Mixed collection of Meccano parts including plates, strips, brackets etc. £10  
13 Meccano set B together with Meccano 200 parts plus reversible 4.5 volt motor with fixed ratio gear box set 3m (2) 8  
14 Mixed collection of Meccano parts including gears, brackets, springs and hooks etc. £10  
15 A collection of mixed Meccano parts including plates, strips, wheels, brackets etc. £15  
16 A large collection of Meccano wheels and tyres etc. 8  
17 A mixed collection of Meccano parts including strips, plates, tyres etc. £10  
18 A large collection of Meccano parts including plates, strips, brackets , cylindrical parts, tins etc. £15  
19 A mixed collection of Meccano parts including plates, strips, flat girders, circular parts and teeth gear etc. £15  
20 Mixed collection of Meccano parts including strips, plates, girders, wheels etc £18  
21 A large mixed collection of Meccano wheels, bolts, fixings, gears etc £18  
22 Mixed collection of Meccano parts including plates, strips, screws, gears, ratchets and palls etc. £15  
23 A mixed collection of Meccano parts including plates, wheels, etc. £12  
24 A mixed collection of Meccano parts including plates, mini screwdrivers, sprockets and chains etc. £10  
25 A large collection of mixed Meccano parts including plates, strips, girders, brackets, screws, bolts, nuts etc. £15  
26 A large mixed collection of Meccano parts including strips, plates, girders, etc. £18  
27 English long bow, 80 pound draw weight t/w one war arrow and Bobkins arrows £75  
28 A 20th century Japanese Yumi with quiver and arrows WWII and string holder £45  
29 Modern Mongolian bow with arrows, finger and wrist protectors, 70 pound draw weight. £35  
30 Post WWII issue Kukri knife (issue style) t/w WWII post mark 3 style Kukri. £80  
31 Two WWII Kukri knifes £95  
32 Elwell serial No 4789 grass cutter £10  
33 A WWI kukri knife £65  
34 A replica Spatha sword. £28  
35 An early 19th century Flankers cavalry sword with original gilt by Osborn (Waterloo period). £1100  
36 A Pattern 1796 light cavalry sabre officers sword by Durs Egg, pre 1801 coat of arms. 'Durs Egg is a Swiss gun maker in London, 1772 appointed gun maker to George III , The Prince Of Wales and the Duke of York. Durs Egg retailed officers swords as a favou £700  
37 Indian army cavalry sword. £110  
38 A light cavalry sabre, pattern 1796 style. £80  
39 Royal Crown Derby 2 paperweights, 2 wren birds (chipped 2 beaks) £10  
40 Corgi Limited Edition Heavy Haulage model 'Wynns', (18003) £32  
41 Corgi Limited Edition Heavy Haulage 'Econofreight heavy transport Ltd' (18001), Corgi Classic 'Wynns' (31009), (2) £48  
42 Corgi Limited Edition Heavy Haulage 'Pickfords' (18002) x 2, Corgi Limited edition Heavy Haulage 'Sunter Brothers', (31014),Corgi Limited Edition Heavy Haulage 'A.L.E.' (31013), (4) £95  
43 Corgi Classics Heavy Haulage 'Wynns' (31004),Corgi Classic Heavy Haulage 'Pickfords' (16601), Corgi Heavy Haulage 'Sunter Brothers' (17902), Corgi Heavy Haulage 'Scammell Contractor' (CC12302) etc. (9) £95  
44 Corgi Limited Edition 'Volvo F12 5 axel king trailer and load, Corgi Limited edition Volvo F89 3 axels low loader with industrial cable reel load together with Corgi limited edition Haig transport (3). £75  
45 Corgi Limited Edition Mercedes- Benz actros facelift flatbed and load, Corgi Limited edition Seddon Atkinson Strato 40, Corgi Limited edition Volvo F12 3 axels low loader etc. (7) £200  
46 Corgi Limited Edition Scania R (rear tag) moving floor trailer, Corgi Limited Edition Scania 141 tilt trailer, Corgi Limited Edition Daff XF moving floor trailer etc. (11) £260  
47 Corgi Limited Edition Truckfest Mercedes-Benz actros mega space, Corgi Limited edition Truckfest, CC13417 ERF ECT Ian Wright transport etc. (11) £180  
48 Corgi Limited Edition Gualt Haulage CC13428, Corgi Limited edition Southbar Transport CC12820, Corgi Limited edition Dyce carriers Ltd CC15201 etc., (13) £280  
49 Collection of WSI collectables mainly transport vehicles(7) £200  
50 Corgi Toys model 417 Land Rover Breakdown Truck (boxed) £55  
50 A large collection of Corgi Limited Edition Eddie Stobart vehicles.(12) £250  
51 A large collection of Eddie Stobart including Ford cargo box van 59601, Volvo tractor CC12405, AEC truck and trailer etc., (12) £290  
52 Corgi Limited Edition Edward Stobart 1954 to 2011 commemorative set CC99203 (2) £45  
53 A large collection of Eddie Stobart including Mercedes van 58401,transit van 58112, Ford Escort van 58304, Land Rover Defender CC07706 etc. £60  
54 A large collection of Eddie Stobart including Land Rover LR07402, Curtainside trailer 59502, Leyland Beaver platform lorry, Times trader drop side lorry 30202 etc. (16) £60  
55 Collection of Cararama vehicles also Cararama Argos delivery van (7) £38  
56 A collection of transport vehicles including Haig Transport DHL, Boyle Transport, Ewing Bros. and also Rawlings Transport collectors edition etc. (8) £130  
57 Mixed collection of transport vehicles including Corgi Limited edition Truckfest 25, Corgi Limited edition Long and Sons, Corgi Limited edition The Real McKay Ltd etc. (13) £160  
58 A collection of Corgi Classics including Scammell Highwayman tanker 97840, Bedford articulated truck Billy Smart's, Ferry Master 21301 etc. (13) £65  
59 Collection of Corgi Classics including Pickford's removers and storers (12) £130  
60 A mixed collection of Corgi including Volvo rigged truck and CC trailer TY86712, Volvo 4 wheeled rigid lorry and close coupled trailer, Corgi Golden Oldies Bedford 30303 also Vanguards Royal Mail etc (approx.15) £70  
61 A collection of old racing model cars including Mobil Mercedes-Benz W154, Mobil Benetton F1,(22) £45  
62 Collection of racing cars boxed including Onyx, Benetton Ford, Williams Renault, Corgi Limited edition Lotus F1 team etc (35 cars) £70  
63 Collection of racing cars including Burago (14) £40  
64 Collection of boxed racing cars including Burago McLaren Mercedes MP4 -26 Lewis Hamilton etc. (43) £130  
65 A large collection of mixed fire engines including Dinky toys DT fire tender, Matchbox Super Kings mobile crane, Corgi major toys aerial rescue truck, Matchbox king size racing car transporter etc. £42  
66 A large collection of Police, Ambulance, Paramedic vehicles etc. £20  
67 A scale model of JPS princess yacht, 1/12th scale, circa 1982-83, length 37inches. £80  
68 Two nursing medals awarded to J.C.BUTLER circa 1930 including silver and enamelled £75  
69 Three enamelled brooches including sterling silver peacock and silver Siam dragon ship £  
70 Collection of various Torquay pottery £  
71 Art Deco style vases, jug, bowl etc (5) £20  
72 Walnut sewing box with shield plaque £30  
73 Old carved wood boomerang 72cm, old Lotus steering wheel, barometer and carved wood spear £95  
74 A Chinese heavy metal planter, possibly bronze, signed to base, embossed decorated with birds, with key cut design border, height 21cm. £110  
75 Ten various 1970/80's wrist watches, in case. £100  
76 Ten various wrist watches including Bulova Accutron, in case. £100  
77 A large collection of Coins. £190  
78 A vaseline glass lamp shade. £65  
79 A collection of various china wares and ornaments. £48  
80 Pair of Imari vases, 30cm £15  
81 Five yellow Bohemian glass items £65  
82 Bohemian glass small decanter, pair of goblets, pair of scent bottles £35  
83 Five Bohemian glass items including decanter, goblet, beaker etc £75  
84 Bohemian glass flask with stopper, six small drinking glasses and three other pieces £28  
85 Pair Bohemian glass vases, 30cm £110  
86 Pair Bohemian glass lustres, 25cm £130  
87 A tall Bohemian glass vase decorated with deer, 44cm £100  
88 A Clifford Essex Paragon Concert Banjo No114 with case. Once owned by Arthur Thomas who played regularly in the West Country. £1200  
89 SIMON YEW watercolour, signed, also 'Supply Vessels Aberdeen Harbour' by GRAEME NAIRN 1980.(2) £12  
90 Spare Lot £  
91 A scale model of The Shamrock, Tamar Sailing Bard. The original is moored at National Trust Cotehele House, Cornwall. An accurate scale model, 58 inches from bowsprit to rudder. Made in plank on frame. Sold with 34 photos of the full size ship used in the £  
92 An old glass chandelier light fitting £32  
93 A Chinese bronze censor £250  
94 Reproduction clock garniture set, Imperial height 60cm with service receipt 2013 for 300 £150  
95 A small 19th century campana shaped glass vase with later silver rim and later wood box height 10.50cm £15  
96 A large 19th century black marble mantle clock 53cm mounted with a gilt figure (Lorenzo Medici) with eight day striking movement the dial inscribed Brown Kilmarnock further decorated with gilt columns and embossed brass panels depicting the nine muses the £  
97 A mahogany oval side table with scalloped edging. £15  
98 Six Edwardian dining chairs with upholstered seats and back rests. (some needing restoration) £  
99 An antique wing backed upholstered arm chair. £  
100 Indian carved wood an inlaid coffee table and another £70  
101 A reproduction mahogany Canterbury £20  
102 Mahogany basket jardinire, also a Bretby hammered effect planter (damaged) an Indian brass pot £30  
103 A pair of marble top and carved wood stands of Chinese design. £50  
104 58 various silver mounted pendants, set with hardstones, semi-precious stones and paste stones. £40  
105 36 various silver mounted necklaces, set with hardstones, semi-precious and paste stones. £45  
106 Large quantity of costume jewellery £12  
107 Modern decorative fold over chess board. £35  
108 A pair of Edwardian carved wood nursing chairs. £  
109 An Antique drop flap table with 18th Century oak base and later top £  
110 A carved oak monks bench. £220  
111 A good Elliott chiming bracket clock wit key, height 38cm, It has selectable dual chimes and it's chimes are silenced during the night. £380  
112 A Vienna style two train wall clock £70  
113 A map by Robert Morden 'The Smaller Islands in the British Ocean' 37cm x 42cm £65  
114 A large collection of Masons Mandalay dinner wares, approx. 60 pieces. £400  
115 A collection of modern Spode blue and white dinner wares also Port Merion wares and Danish blue and white plates etc. £48  
116 Indian carved wood and inlaid games table £65  
117 EDWARDS oil on board 'Sailing, St Michaels Mount, Cornwall' 49cm x 74cm £110  
118 EDWARDS two oil paintings harbour scenes 35cm x 43cm £130  
119 Various early Butlin's and other badges. £20  
120 Spare Lot £  
121 Rare Russian blue glass tea caddy with later metal mount, 10cm £  
122 A rare Royal Doulton colour way character jug 'Pied Piper' D403 £360  
123 An Ercol dining table and six chairs. £140  
124 A pair of Ercol armchairs. £70  
125 A collection of 13 porcelain figurines comprising Royal Worcester (3), Royal Doulton (5), Coalport (4) and another. £48  
126 Large collection of modern figures and ornaments £30  
127 An old push a long stuffed donkey £22  
128 Of Suffragette Interest. An Edwardian diary 1907, belonging to a Miss Hunt a full year's entries, within it is mention of her attending a suffragette meeting as well as meeting with Florence Nightingale, there is also a black and white photo of probably M £170  
129 A pair of U.S.A. Bausch & Lomb binoculars with inscription for heroic act 'From the President of the United States too Thomas Arnott second mate of the British Steam ship Pentwyn, in recognition of his heroic services in effecting the rescue at sea on Dec £55  
130 A collection of old whistles and handcuffs. £65  
131 A collection of pens including two Conway Stuart fountain pens with 14ct gold nibs, a Parker pen with 14ct gold nib etc. £180  
132 A mixed collection of watches £38  
133 Various general medals and medallions. £110  
134 A Northern Ireland Campaign Medal. 24259854 L/CPL D.C.SWAFIELD £  
135 A Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. CONST. EDWARD G.D. SYMES £  
136 A Territorial Efficiency Medal, 5434975 PTE A.R. GOODMAN D.C.L.I £100  
137 A New Zealand War Service Medal £  
138 An India Service Medal. £  
139 Spare Lot £  
140 A Geo VI, Naval General Service Medal, Malaya CH.X. 1426 S.F.SMITH MNE R.M. £90  
141 An Edw VII Coronation Medal and a Great War Red Cross Medal £22  
142 SPARE LOT £  
143 Interesting collection of autographs including Coronation Street, Tom Jones, Paul Daniels etc £70  
144 Collection of various autographs including Prince, James Bond actors and others mainly films and pop. £75  
145 An old Army cap with various badges including Russian £25  
146 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) 'Study of Mary' print, 204/350 £120  
147 GORDON KING signed print artist proof £  
148 A Ghurkha Kukri knife, in presentation case, £42  
149 A Ghurkha Kukri, with leather scabbard. £  
150 Collection of general coins £  
151 Collection of Torquay pottery £12  
152 Bangkok sterling silver cigarette box pewter tankard, miniature Doulton character jugs and Tunstall vase £42  
153 A carved ivory bangle, 10.50cm diameter and another (2) £40  
154 Collection of items including Victorian sewing box, silver coin box, bone sewing items, three watches etc £48  
155 A Burroughs & Watts snooker cue and case £30  
156 An enamel sign, Hudson's Soap, 41cm x 15.5cm £1350  
157 A mixed collection of general coins £25  
158 A mixed collection of general coins £85  
159 A mixed collection of general coins £42  
160 Small ivory puzzle ball stand, 15cm £52  
161 Brass carriage clock with platform escapement, height 16.50cm with handle up. £50  
162 A STANLEY No 51 chute board plane £250  
163 A Boots baby weighing scales £28  
164 A Susie Cooper coffee set £60  
165 A GWR wood jigsaw puzzle £  
166 Various items including ARP bell, Coalport figure, a 'Maori' Tapu paper knife and two boxes. £35  
167 A 1940's Hazzinth sextant, boxed. £100  
168 A Sextant, in later pine box £100  
169 A Great War pair medals awarded to MTD L.A. HUMPHREYS RN, also two sets of WWI miniatures and two WWII medals. £85  
170 An interesting collection of Historic Medallions, including Victorian silver awards and commemorative medals, a white metal propelling fountain pen. £230  
171 A good quality pair Opera Glasses, Albert Baker, cased, and another pair (2) £150  
172 A porcelain figure, a winged cherub putting a bird into a cage on a plinth with a French inscription, with blue cross swords mark, unglazed base. £200  
173 Three 19th century and later portrait miniature paintings. £95  
174 A 19th century porcelain portrait miniature. £90  
175 A Moorcroft vase, height 18cm. £42  
176 A Moorcroft Peacock Phoenix patterned vase. £160  
177 A pair of 20th century Phoenix Birds of Chinese design, height 32cm. £90  
178 Two black old telephones also some drawing instruments, viewers and photographic cards etc £35  
179 Small collection of Britain's farm yard animals £15  
180 Dinky Toys including Supertoys 502 Foden Truck boxed, 504 Foden Tanker boxed, 531 Lorry boxed, 561 Bulldozer boxed, some loose models and signals £180  
181 Two pocket watches including Admiralty Pattern 3169 £15  
182 Various tin plate, O gauge model railway Marklin, three rail tack. £70  
183 Collection of stamps and first day covers  
184 A German Blockade Runner Badge and pin. £110  
185 Ladies Tissot stylist wrist watch, boxed £10  
186 Various items Dehoy binoculars, AA badge, silver coin brooch and figure £10  
187 An old mandolin £30  
188 An old three piece cane fishing rod Tunbridge Wells Rods £10  
189 A mahogany shelf unit set with metal plaque, 61cm wide, and carved Indian coffee table £20  
190 Scratch built wood model outrigger boat 5  
191 Hornby O Gauge tinplate and clock work railway including GWR loco etc £65  
192 A Merkelbach and Wick c1890 tureen punch bowl and cover, 40cm £50  
193 An oak drop flap side table and another £  
194 A spelter figure of Sir Walter Raleigh, 50cm £55  
195 A French Art Deco marble clock garniture set, Feunteun, Breast £  
196 French Art Deco marble clock set with two dogs £  
197 Three piece French garniture clock set £  
198 Collection of various coins including proof sets etc £55  
199 Various WWI and WWII medals including boxed Great War pair too CPL P.J.GLOVER R.A.F.(D 4252824) £70  
200 Small collection of jewellery including gold signet ring, 9ct wedding band, 9ct gold watch bracelet etc £140  
201 A gents traditional wrist watch possibly rose gold £25  
202 Modern Turkish Ausar silk and cotton rug, 210cm x 112cm £30  
203 Three Batik paintings on fabric, banana leaf picture, two prints including D'Orsay £  
204 19th Century map, The Prospect of Oxford, 32cm x 46cm £48  
205 Collection of assorted Meccano 5  
206 Various model railway including Hornby loco Flying Scotsman £22  
207 A Bowman steam stationary engine with box £60  
208 Collection of various die cast models mainly Lledo and Oxford die cast, approx. 70 £25  
209 Various items including metal ware, pair trench art shell bases etc £22  
210 A German porcelain group of three maidens and a cow, with underglaze blue cross swords mark. £350  
211 A 20th century German porcelain group, winged cherubs. £45  
212 Two generations of family medals to include a set of six awarded to F.KING Royal Navy comprising Victoria China Medal 1900 with two clasps 'Relief of Pekin' and 'Taku Forts' (F.King Blksth's MTE HMS Aurora), G.V. with clasp 'Persian Gulf 1909-1914' (34189 £900  
213 A carriage clock, C.H.Cornish, Plymouth. £  
214 A Great War Victory medal awarded to J.J.G. Tregaskis, also two badges £38  
215 A suitcase with a collection of watch repair etc.. £50  
216 Various ivory and bone small carvings, a Sterling silver dish, two silver mustard spoons, two silver mounted miniature prayer books. £90  
217 A traditional Lynes Dolls House and furniture. £50  
218 An 1842 China War Medal mounted as a brooch, a WWI Mary Tin and bone carvings. £48  
219 A Victorian stained pine chest fitted with five drawers and glass knob handles. £140  
220 A Victorian rosewood whatnot. £70  
221 A captains elm and beech chair (for restoration). £32  
222 A pair of Robert Mouseman Thompson oak bookends, with carved mouse signature. 15 cm high. £210  
223 A Robert Mouseman Thompson oak book trough, with carved mouse signature. 15 cm high. £180  
224 Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' tea set. £20  
225 Mixed collection of cigarette cards and Black Cat trade cards £  
226 A three piece silver back dressing table set £25  
227 A Royal Doulton 'Robin Hood' character jug £  
228 A collection of boxed Plastic Meccano, and other items, Lil Playmate train set, including Thomas Tank etc. £38  
229 A collection of Lledo Days Gone diecast models (approx 40). £15  
230 Various Airfix OO scale model kits including Biggin Hill loco, Dinky model, Ply Mobil figures, ZX Spectrum. £42  
231 A silver back brush set and various car badges RAC, AA and Argyle Supporters. £22  
232 An interesting collection of 1950's film star photographs, collected in the 1950's from various fan clubs, several from 1953 with original post envelopes including Fan Mail Department J Arthur Rank, Ocean Cinema, Marble Arch, London, Paramount Pictures, H £50  
233 A group of four silver napkin rings. £22  
234 A 23 piece 'Delft' blue and white dinner service. £  
235 A 19th century oak coffer. £75  
236 A 19th century mahogany tripod table with rectangular top. £20  
237 A Victorian mahogany Cheval Mirror. £100  
238 A large and heavy ebonised elephant, surmounted with a figure, and another loose figure. £55  
239 A walnut veneered chest of drawers also a mahogany framed wall mirror. £15  
240 A 19th century toilet mirror and another oval framed mirror (2). £35  
241 A Victorian blue and white platter decorated with a landscape scene. £10  
242 Cameras including Zeiss, Yashica etc.. £22  
243 A Victorian 'trumpet' work table. £42  
244 A pair of Victorian oak hall chairs. £  
245 A Victorian marble top washstand  
246 An oak pedestal desk £130  
247 A camphorwood Campaign chest with brass mounts. £400  
248 A Victorian mahogany chest fitted with two short and three long drawers. £140  
249 An early Victorian armchair with rosewood frame. £50  
250 An old leather Gladstone bag and a green over painted tool chest (2) £38  
251 A Victorian toilet mirror, a Victorian Pembroke table and a Victorian mahogany framed and caned adjustable gout stool on brass castors. £30  
252 A Sylvia 'C' cylinder Phonograph in working condition with 4 cylindrical tubes £190  
253 A Radio controlled boat. £42  
254 A collection of diecast models including 11 Vanguard 1.43 scale models, 3 Days Gone, Eddie Stobart, and 4 various models. £55  
255 A collection of diecast model cars. £25  
256 A collection of diecast model cars. £10  
257 A collection of diecast model cars. £10  
258 A scale of ship 'The Ranger' in glazed cabinet. £  
259 A German Solingen dagger, a bayonet and another short dagger also a Japanese clock work and tinplate top (4) £180  
260 A set of six silver Coronation silver tea spoons, in original case. £30  
261 A 19th century Royal Crown Derby jug. £42  
262 A Doulton porcelain vase and a pair of 20th century fighting cockerels (3). £20  
263 A Merrythought Donkey, a Victorian crocodile cigar case and 4 teddy bear including Steiff, Hermann etc. £  
264 Two traditional oil lamps with coloured glass reservoirs. £20  
265 Three teddy bears including Deans. (3) £30  
266 A collection of diecast models cars including Dinky Toys (boxed) and a Minic Triang bus (boxed). £130  
267 Various boxes model train accessories (tree's). £10  
268 Various items including a heavy porthole, a copper bed warmer, old iron scales, wood ware etc. £60  
269 Various items including a storm lamp, a set of scales and weights, a child's wood toy boat and other items £70  
270 A Nikon camera with case. £10  
271 A pair of 19th century hall chairs, an oak bureau bookcase and a large mahogany curtain pole. £20  
272 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £60  
273 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £42  
274 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £55  
275 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series diecast models (23), and various other models (14), blue tray contents. £42  
276 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series repainted diecast models (26), blue tray contents £30  
277 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series repainted diecast models (27), blue tray contents £42  
278 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series repainted diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £42  
279 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series repainted diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £42  
280 A collection of Lesney Matchbox Series repainted diecast models (28), blue tray contents. £42  
281 A rare Dinky Collection model of a 1950 Mercedes Benz Omnibus D3500, (Reiseburo Ruoff Stuttgart) boxed. £40  
282 A box of 10 Dinky Military Models Matchbox Scammell Tractor (Laing), Matchbox Scammell Tractor, Pickfords (2) and Trailer. £35  
283 A collection of Dinky diecast models, also Matchbox and Corgi, play worn (16) £65  
284 A collection of Dinky diecast models, also Corgi, repaints (32) £70  
285 Model OO gauge railway including three boxed Springside Models, LNER loco etc. £22  
286 A collection of play worn diecast models including Corgi, Batmobile, Shado, also a Dinky Kit 1023. £75  
287 A Lima Train set with Triang Hornby Diesel engine, also a Hornby Western Messenger Train Set, both OO gauge and boxed (2). £20  
288 Six Burago diecast models, boxed (6). £22  
289 Fourteen boxed Dinky models and six boxed Corgi models (20) £45  
290 A mantle clock with French drum movement, in an inlaid and mahogany case, the dial inscribed 'Sussex Goldsmith , Brighton'. £75  
291 A collection of various pictures and prints £30  
292 A collection of various modern Chinese decorative pictures and scrolls. £160  
293 A Japanese 'Satsuma' style earthenware vase. £25  
294 An old wood shop till, an oak drop flap table with barely twist legs, a similar oak side table and a satin walnut bedside cupboard. £20  
295 Collection of models comprising Solido Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II 1961, 1910 Ford Model T Coupe, Lledo Austin Seven, 1931 Peepless Automobile, Aston Martin 1964 DB5 Coupe (Danbury Mint). £42  
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