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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 14th September 2016

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 An Edwardian four piece silver tea service, approx 60oz (a set of three plus one). £600  
2 An Edwardian silver six division toast rack, approx 6.89oz. £85  
3 A Georgian six division toast rack, 'RE & EB', approx 7.80oz. £100  
4 A pair silver candlesticks, height 27cm. £130  
5 A pair Geo V silver spill vases, height 20cm and another (3) £100  
6 A Victorian silver sugar bowl with swing handle, approx 5.39oz. £70  
7 A set of four silver table salts each with blue glass liner, on paw feet with original mustard spoons, cased, also a pair of silver pepper pots, weighing approx 2.61oz. £100  
8 Three piece silver condiment set, cased. £55  
9 Various items including silver ring stand, two ornate silver napkin rings and three others (4oz), sugar tongs, white metal caddy spoon with scallop bowl, small silver photo frame, set of six silver tea spoons, cased, a set of Elkington fish eaters. £260  
10 A late Victorian silver mounted dressing table mirror, the rectangular easel back frame with silver repousse mount, with bevelled plate, overall size 50cm x 30cm. £240  
11 A Geo V three piece silver tea service, approx 21.60oz. £220  
12 A pair of white metal candlesticks, height 27cm. £60  
13 A silver embossed tray, 24cm x 19cm, a four piece silver back dressing table set, silver cream jug, silver mustard pot and pepper, small spill and match case (10 items). £200  
14 Three silver photo frames, pair silver desk candlesticks, silver top scent bottle, silver table salt, two silver top jars and an Art Deco silver and enamelled eight day clock (a/f), silver dressing table mirror, pair of white metal salvers, diameter 19cm £210  
15 Four piece silver and tortoiseshell dressing table set, an oval silver photo frame, six silver napkin rings (80gms), three cased sets including two silver tea spoon sets. £230  
16 Asprey & Co, a pair Geo V glass and silver whisky tots, height 10cm. £190  
17 A Georgian silver artists pallet presentation piece inscribed 'To Miss Aymscom, Christmas 1810' cased. £230  
18 A pair silver knife rests, approx 3.18oz. £42  
19 A silver collection of various silver including a powder box 'WH & S', a comb, six Geo V tea spoons, pair Victorian scallop bowl salt spoons, a modern hard stone pill box also a white metal large caddy spoon, (approx 16 items). £130  
20 A silver match case inlaid with green hard stone and similar silver and glass box (S & SN). £42  
21 A Scottish white metal kilt brooch 'EX BELLO QUIES' and a small seal (2). £10  
22 A three piece silver back dressing table set, pair silver napkin rings, general coins, cufflinks, gents Seiko Quartz Sports 150 chrono wrist watch, ladies Seiko & Sekonda wrist watches etc. £40  
23 A collection of Georgian and Victorian, London silver flatware, approx 53oz £600  
24 Two silver tea spoons, modelled in the form of golf clubs, 20gms £10  
25 Six Geo III silver tea spoons, approx 6.88oz. £60  
26 Spare Lot £  
27 A four piece silver back gentleman's brush set, cased. £20  
28 A set Sterling silver sandwich markers, in the form of flags with a variety of imitation ivory name tags, in a fitted case. £190  
29 A silver sovereign case. £70  
30 A double decanter set, comprising a pair of coloured glass Rum and Brandy decanters set within a silver plated stand and tray. £270  
31 A mid Victorian silver baluster shaped tankard, with embossed decoration of grape vines, with a cartouche, a scroll handle decorated with an acanthus leaf, AGP London, possibly Augustus George Piesse, 9.70oz. £210  
32 An Edwardian Sheffield silver 12 setting dessert set in fitted case oak case, 'HH'. £210  
33 A set 6 silver teaspoons, cased and four other loose silver spoons, approx 4.67oz. £48  
34 A collection of various Georgian and later silver flatware approx 60oz, including a pair of Georgian silver berry spoons, also various silver A1 plated Rogers flatware, and a cabinet fitted with 8 graduated drawers. £850  
60 A tanzanite single stone ring, set in yellow gold, finger size L. £190  
61 An 18ct diamond solitaire ring, approx 0.75 carat, finger size M. £550  
62 A 9ct small diamond set two stone cross over ring set and another similar ring (2), finger sizes M & O. £100  
63 Garrard, London, a pretty pair of diamond set dress clips. £1100  
64 An 18ct gold wedding band (approx 3.60gms) also a 9ct gold ring set with single diamond (2). £90  
65 A diamond set 18ct gold and platinum ring, an antique seed pearl and emerald set ring, an enamelled locket and two small silver bangles (5) £220  
66 A pair 9ct gold faux bamboo earrings and another similar smaller pair, approx 5gms. £48  
67 Six 9ct gold bangles, approx 58.50gms. £600  
68 A mixed collection of 9ct gold earrings , approx 15gms. £130  
69 An 18ct gold rope necklace set with pearls, approx 6.30gms. £160  
70 A string of Lotus cultured pearls. £60  
71 A pair 9ct gold cufflinks, other gold items, approx 22gms. £220  
72 A 9ct gold tie chain, other gold chains, pendant and locks, approx 36gms. £340  
73 A Geo. V 1913 gold sovereign mounted as a pendant on 9ct gold chain. £290  
74 A 9ct gold wedding band, a gold wedding band, marcasite brooches etc.. £95  
75 A 9ct gold pearl set bar brooch, 9ct gold 1920's ladies wrist watch (with inscription) also a Mentor pocket watch and a silver cased John Bennet keyless pocket watch (4). £60  
76 A pair 9ct gold cufflinks, modelled as a set of bridge cards set with a diamond, approx 6.90gms. £120  
77 An 18ct gents ring set with single old cut diamond. £420  
78 An 18ct gents ring set with three diamonds. £  
79 A pair 14ct emerald and diamond set earrings, also a pendant and a five stone ring and another. £260  
80 A pair of diamond stud earrings set in yellow gold, approx .50 carats total. £390  
81 A collection of eight mainly 9ct gold dress rings, weight approx 22gms, also a pendant. £280  
82 Two modern silver charm bracelets (2). £20  
83 A 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond pendant, length 25mm. £65  
84 A sapphire and diamond ring, stamped 585, finger size Q. £60  
85 A pair 18ct pink sapphire and diamond earrings, approx 9mm x 6mm. £320  
86 An 18ct small diamond three stone ring, finger size M. £100  
87 An 18ct diamond set three stone ring, finger size N. £250  
88 A mixed collection of 9ct gold jewellery, approx 31gms. £270  
89 A pair of diamond ear studs and a 9ct gold ring £95  
90 An 18ct diamond and sapphire ring, finger size O £  
91 A Victoria full sovereign, 1887, young head, Sydney Mint. £230  
92 A string of cultured pearls with 9ct gold clasp. £30  
93 A mixed lot of gold jewellery including drop earrings, etc, approx 10gms. £95  
94 A silver and enamelled pendant also a silver and Amber type necklace. £110  
95 A diamond five stone half hoop ring, diamond weight approx 1.70 carats. £1200  
96 A Victorian 9ct memorium brooch, a 9ct tie pin and a 9ct bar broch, approx 6.30gms £60  
97 A diamond cluster and pearl set ring, set with old cut diamonds, finger size Q £380  
98 A 9ct opal and diamond ring, finger size K £75  
99 A small diamond set ring, white metal, approx .25 carats, finger size N. £45  
100 A large and impressive 18ct diamond cross over band ring, finger size S. £1100  
101 A 9ct gold three colour bangle, pair white gold modern earrings, gold locket, pair drop earrings, wedding band etc. £150  
102 Three modern Sterling silver bracelets. £32  
103 A quantity of modern costume jewellery and fashion watches including D & G, Gianni Vecci necklace set, Jersey pearls etc.. £100  
104 A collection of modern dress jewellery, several earrings, pendants, chain etc. £310  
105 A pair diamond stud earrings set in white gold, stamped 750, approx 0.30ct. £  
106 An 18ct diamond set ring, approx 0.50 carat, finger size Q, weight 5.50gms. £330  
107 Two diamond set yellow gold rings, finger size N, 8.30gms. £170  
108 An 18ct diamond cluster ring, finger size N. £  
109 A small 9ct gold ladies fob watch, a Mondia watch, other items including a gold watch case, gold case fob etc. £270  
110 A fancy diamond and sapphire flower ring, finger size N. £850  
111 A collection of 9ct gold jewellery, approx 73gms. £680  
112 A collection of 9ct gold jewellery, approx 78gms. £750  
113 A modern three stone diamond set ring, approx 0.75 carats, finger size M, (with original receipt). £  
114 A platinum and sapphire bar brooch £90  
115 An 18ct diamond and topaz cluster ring, approx 16mm x 12mm, finger size M. £  
116 A 14ct yellow and white gold bracelet, approx 20gms. £310  
117 A 9ct amethyst and diamond set ring, finger size M. £90  
118 A Leopard brooch set with approx 52 diamonds, weight approx 078. carats, and 52 rubies. £  
119 An 18ct tanzanite and diamond cluster rings, approx 1.30 carats, finger size N. £310  
120 A fine five stone diamond ring set in white gold, total diamond weight approx 2.20ct, finger size Q £1750  
121 A 9ct amethyst and diamond set ring, finger size M. £48  
122 A 9ct diamond and ruby style dress ring. £42  
123 A 9ct sapphire and diamond 3 stone ring. £55  
124 Three 9ct gold dress rings. £80  
125 A diamond half band eternity ring, diamond weight approx 0.57 carats. £280  
126 A antique cornelian intaglio ring in yellow metal. £5700  
127 A pair 18ct gold folding spectacles, stamped 'Carpenter & Wesley, 24 Regent Street, London', approx 19.50gms. £380  
128 Carved bone necklace, various brooches, tie pin, gilt buttons and other items. £30  
129 A pair of emerald and diamond cluster earrings set in white gold. £430  
130 An emerald and diamond cluster ring, ring size N. £  
131 A collection of various Victorian and later turquoise set, yellow metal and other jewellery etc. £220  
132 A collection of various earrings including cameo earrings, coral and others. £140  
133 A pair of pietra dura style earrings in yellow metal, a y/m enamel and diamond set brooch, a floral hand painted brooch. £65  
134 An 18ct white gold diamond ring, of square form set with an arrangement of round and baguette cut diamonds, finger size L. £  
135 A pair of 9ct diamond set earrings and matching pendant on fine gold chain. £210  
136 A 9ct antique gold and seed pearl bar brooch, a seed pearl and coral set brooch, loose stones, carved coral necklace etc. £300  
137 A pretty 15ct gold half pearl heart necklace. £400  
138 A diamond, sapphire and ruby band ring, ringer size O. £300  
139 An 18ct gold and platinum ruby and diamond ring, having four central rubies within a border of round cut diamonds and further diamonds in the shoulders, finger size J. £380  
140 A rare Georgian yellow metal double loop hand ring (no markings), ring size N. £300  
141 An 18ct Georgian emerald and diamond set ring, with a diamond set bow above, finger size Q. £580  
142 An amber style necklace, 87.20gms. £350  
143 A large diamond solitaire ring, weighing approx 3.09 carats, set in platinum, finger size P. £  
144 An 18ct emerald and diamond cluster ring. £300  
145 Antique 9ct Amethyst and pearl ornate pendant/ brooch. £230  
146 An 18ct diamond solitaire ring, with a Tiffany setting, approx 2.20 carats, finger size O. £  
147 A cherry amber/Bakelite string of faceted beads. £  
148 A fine diamond solitaire ring, the single stone weighing approx 0.67 carats, with GIA certificate indicating an Internally Flawless (IF) stone, D Colour, set in 18ct gold, finger size M. £  
200 Breitling, a gents stainless steel Colt Chronometer wristwatch, No73350. £520  
201 Omega, a ladies gold pated Omega de Ville wristwatch. £42  
202 Genve Quartz, a gents gold plated date wristwatch. £40  
203 Omega, a ladies 9ct gold wristwatch with 9ct gold bracelet stamped '375', approx 15gms. £120  
204 Longines, a ladies wristwatch, La Grande Classique, No36662041. £110  
205 Longines, a gents 9ct gold traditional wristwatch with sub second dial. £360  
206 Rolex, a silver wristwatch, in poor condition, case diameter approx 35mm. £220  
207 Omega De Ville, a Ladies wristwatch, model 515008, with original box. £85  
208 Tudor Rolex, a Ladies traditional wristwatch with 9ct gold case, the dial marked 'Tudor' with sub second dial. £160  
209 IWC (International Watch Company), a Gents Schaffhausen automatic wristwatch with date. £580  
210 Rolex, a gents 18ct gold Oyster Automatic Chronometer wristwatch with croco strap. £  
211 Bueche Girod, a ladies white gold diamond and emerald set Swiss cocktail wristwatch. £780  
212 Bennett, London a silver quarter repeating pocket watch. £  
213 Dunhill, a gents DM7 stainless steel Analog/Digital wristwatch, with original box. £250  
214 Dunhill, a ladies wristwatch and three others. £42  
215 Rolex, a ladies 18ct gold traditional wristwatch with 9ct gold bracelet. £  
216 Le Coultre, a ladies steel wristwatch, back plate No15910, with black dial. £  
217 A traditional ladies 9ct gold wrist watch with a yellow metal gate bracelet £150  
218 Fresard Lucerne, a Swiss Sterling silver and enamelled folding travel clock. £80  
219 A Victorian 9ct gold ladies open fob watch. £55  
220 Tag Heur, a Gents Professional 200m Formula 1 Chronometer wristwatch. £490  
221 Omega, a Gents Seamaster Automatic date wristwatch with box. £  
222 Oyster, a vintage Gents stainless steel hexagonal shaped wristwatch manual wind, the dial marked 'Nicorn, Swiss'. £340  
223 Longines, a Gents vintage wristwatch and a Leonidas wristwatch (2). £180  
224 Rolex Oyster, Imperial Chronometer a 9ct gold Gents wristwatch, screw back plate numbered 42874 3116. £750  
225 Pierce, a Gents stainless steel chronometer wristwatch, back plate No96687. £  
226 Movado, a Gents stainless steel wristwatch with quartz movement. £140  
227 Rolex, a Gents stainless steel GMT Master II, Chronometer, Oyster Date wristwatch, with 'Pepsi' bezel. £4400  
228 Rolex, a rare Gents stainless steel Submariner wristwatch, Oyster Date, 1000ft. £  
229 Longines, a Gents 'Golden Wing' wristwatch, in excellent condition with box. £170  
230 Rado, a gents 'Manhattan' TV type watch, Manhattan, with date window. £110  
231 Rolex, a Gents Oyster Date Just stainless steel and gold wristwatch, with box and papers, service card dated 2011, guarantee dated 1991, L981513 £2600  
232 Longines, a Gents stainless steel and rose gold Automatic wristwatch, with window to show the movement in the back, number L619.2, with luxury box and outer box. £1150  
233 Heuer, a Gents stainless steel, Skipper, wristwatch, some papers, £2900  
234 Cartier, a well kept Ladies stainless steel wristwatch, tank case, sapphire crown, quartz, with box, booklets and outer box. £780  
235 Rolex, a Ladies stainless steel and gold Date Just wristwatch. £  
236 A gents 9ct gold Benson Audax wrist watch £310  
237 Benson wrist watch with leather strap £  
238 Cartier, a gents stainless steel Roadster Automatic wristwatch, 100m, case No 400267cd 2510. £  
241 Breitling, a gents stainless steel chronometer wristwatch, case No A13050.1 141315. £  
245 Porsche Design Automatic, a fine gents wristwatch in white gold, with movement window in the back, case No 6612.6712 188.825. £  
250 Rolex, a fine gents steel and gold GMT Master II wristwatch with original box, papers warranty dated 2002, serial No P923700 in good condition. £4300  
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