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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 28th September 2016

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 T.Weston, signed gouache 'St.Micheals Mount', 24cm x 36cm. £32  
2 Michael Praed (b.1941), signed oil on board 'Boats', 43cm x 23cm. £60  
3 D.Mera, signed oil on canvas 2009, 'Lady and Cat',22cm x 30cm. £40  
4 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) watercolour 'Nude Study' with annotation, 1994' 29cm x 40cm. £440  
5 Contemporary signed abstract giclee, No 4/295, 56cm x 55cm. £10  
6 Martin Bush (Plymouth artist) mixed media abstract painting on canvas, 30cm x 40cm. £30  
7 Sybil Mullen Glover (1908-1995), signed watercolour, 30cm x 55cm. £35  
8 Beryl Cook (1926-2008) signed print 'Bus Stop', unframed, 50cm x 39cm. £40  
9 Penn Carwardine, signed acrylic 'Between the Houses, St. Ives', 50cm x 40cm. £60  
10 Winnifred Brocklebank, signed watercolour, 'Poppies', 53cm x 38cm. £35  
11 Sir Terry Frost (1915-2003), signed limited edition artists proof, 'Abstract' 77cm x 58cm. £430  
12 Harry Keir (Scottish 1902 - 1977), signed watercolour 1949, 'Figures in a Tent', 24cm x 34cm. £28  
13 Collection of seven pencil drawings, Athletic Male Portraits, the largest 69cm x 43cm (7) £210  
14 In the manner of Stanhope Alexander Forbes, oil signed 'S.A.Forbes 1875', 'Portrait of a Bearded Fisherman' with artist title label to the frame, 50cm x 41cm. £330  
15 Alexander Williams (Irish School, 1884-1930), signed Victorian watercolour, dated 1890, 'Sailboats by a Harbour' 35cm x 60cm. £270  
18 P. Louris, signed oil on canvas, 'Ducks', signed, 50cm x 60cm.(Lynton Art Gallery 1991). £110  
19 A pair of large modern decorative oils Flowers, 88cm x 88cm. £20  
21 David Shepherd, signed limited edition print 'The Masai' No 68/850, 30cm x 60cm. £30  
22 David Shepherd, signed limited edition print 'Burning Bright' No 202/2000, 43cm x 73cm. £30  
23 David Shepherd, signed limited edition print 'Jungle Gentleman' No 1214/2000, 43cm x 73cm. £30  
24 David Beer (St.Ives) pastel/acrylic 'Fast Asleep' 21cm x 21cm. £30  
25 Derek Harris (Photographer) an original photograph of painter Robert Lenkiewicz, 25cm x 22cm. £38  
26 Michael Hill (Plymouth Artist), signed watercolour 'Southside Street, Barbican, Plymouth' 30cm x 24cm. £100  
27 Jean May Parsons, signed canvas 'Padstow in the Autumn' 50cm x 50cm. £100  
30 David Shepherd, signed limited edition print 'Elephants and Egrets' No 402/1300, 43cm x 75cm. £30  
31 Ana Maria Pacheco, (Brazilian b.1943- ) signed etching, 'The Face of the Hero No IV', 14cm x 14cm. £60  
33 Lucy Dawson (fl. 1936-1958), signed pastel 'Roderick Dhu, July 1921', 47cm x 50cm. £260  
35 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) signed print 363/450, 'Self Portrait' unframed or mounted, 38cm x 38cm. £100  
36 Brian Pollard, signed acrylic on board 'Island House and Fish Quay, 1986' 34cm x 24cm. £340  
37 A modern photographic print, 'Yacht Deck', 38cm x 38cm. £30  
38 Attributed Reginald Daniel Sherrin (1891 - 1971) 'Dartmoor' watercolour, 34cm x 64cm. £55  
39 C.W.Bampfylde, a 19th century engraving 'View of Mount Edgcumbe' 32cm x 55cm. £42  
40 Ronald Mann watercolour 'Red Tarn, Lake District' signed, with exhibition label verso, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour 1984, 37cm x 56cm. £120  
41 Ben Graham, early 20th century signed watercolour, 'Cornwood, Dartmoor', 27cm x 76cm. £40  
42 Gordon King, signed limited edition Artist Proof, 'Girl with Straw Hat' print, 45cm x 35cm. £30  
44 Karen Ciambriello, signed print 'Robert Lenkiewicz and a Game of Badminton at Devils Point' No 7/250, 42cm x 40cm. £50  
45 Terence Cuneo, signed print 'Simplon Orient Express' No 376/850, 43cm x 57cm. £50  
46 Diane Nevitt, signed print 'Empress Garden' No 10/75, 52cm x 56cm. £40  
47 William Widgery (1822-1883), signed watercolour 'Dartmoor', 22cm x 72cm. £140  
49 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) a set of four etchings, 'Self Portrait with Tree', 'SP with Books', 'The Painters Garden', 'Swallowing Time', on uncut paper, size 57cm x 38cm, each titled and signed and numbered, image size,18cm x 18cm. £240  
51 Jose Royo 'Maternidad', signed limited edition SERIGRAPH no 89/95, 72cm x 59cm. £42  
52 Goyo Dominguez 'Solista', signed limited edition print no 13/45 AP, 99cm x 40cm. £28  
53 Jose Royo 'Entre Azules', signed limited edition SERIGRAPH no 121/275, 72cm x 59cm. £30  
54 Jose Royo 'Sol De Las Isla', signed limited edition SERIGRAPH no 44/275, 72cm x 60cm. £30  
55 Alan Hunt 'What Nest', signed limited edition print no 351/750. 54cm x 75cm. £50  
57 Janet Treby 'Muser', signed limited edition print no 107/385, 55cm x 41cm. £25  
58 Jose Royo 'La Mandolina', signed limited edition SERIGRAPH no 232/250, 46cm x 54cm. £30  
59 Alan Hunt 'Ever Alert', signed limited edition print no 733/950, 40cm x 60cm. £30  
60 Gered Mankowitz 'Red Masons Yard', signed limited edition print no 31/200, 72cm x 94cm £50  
61 Alan Hunt 'Okavanga Apparition', signed limited edition print no 4/250, 55cm x 90cm. £42  
62 Alan Hunt 'King', signed limited edition print no 238/600, 43cm x 79cm. £30  
63 John Seery Lester 'Evening Fall' signed limited edition print no 213/750, 20cm x 27cm. £20  
64 Jose Royo, a set of four prints 'All The Lights Of The Day', signed limited edition prints no 62/295, 35cm x 35cm. £55  
65 Alan Hunt 'Beauty And The Beast', signed limited edition on canvas no 79/195, 48cm x 74cm. £45  
66 Andy Rouse 'Four signed limited edition Photos by Wildlife Photographer', 38cm x 48cm. £40  
67 Kenneth Riley 'As One', singed limited edition on canvas no 527/550, 33cm x 36cm. £32  
68 'Contemporary Art Glass', 47cm x 47cm. £48  
69 John Mould 'Noon Siesta', signed limited edition print no 240/600, 40cm x 50cm. £20  
70 'Zebra', signed limited edition print no 41/350, 37cm x 45cm. £28  
71 Jose Royo 'The Shawl Suite', SERIGRAPH no 142/175 (two pictures), 46cm x 27cm. £25  
72 Alan Hunt 'Little Princes', signed limited edition print no 146/450, 40cm x 55cm. £40  
73 'B.B.King' Signed by BB King, limited edition print no 361/685, 59cm x 40cm. £30  
74 Gered Mankowitz 'The Rolling Stones', signed limited edition print 122/1000, 49cm x 77cm. £50  
75 J. Seery Lester 'India Dawn', signed limited edition print no 401/550, 37cm x 80cm. £20  
76 Jose Royo 'Prima Viera', signed limited edition SERIGRAPH no 85/225, 65cm x 45cm. £20  
77 Linda Charles 'Original Oil on Paper', 30cm x 42cm. £30  
79 Kieran 'Spud' Murphy 'John Lennon', signed limited edition print no 364/750, 38cm x 27cm. £75  
80 Oleg Zhivetin 'Renaissance Lovers', hand embellished signed limited edition no 86/95, 75cm x 75cm. £100  
84 Jose Royo 'Armonia', signed limited edition mounted print no 56/225, 44cm x 59cm. £20  
86 Greg Singley 'Glorious Path', signed limited edition giclee on canvas no 72/95, 88cm x 66cm. £48  
87 Pino Daeni 'Tender Love', signed limited edition giclee on canvas no 104/395, 97cm x 58cm. £20  
88 Isabelle Weil (St. Germans Artist) charcoal, paste and acrylic 'Morenwyn'' 51cm x 115cm, Provenance Port Eliot Charity Auction. £20  
89 T.S. Paterson, set of fifteen humorous prints, 25cm x 20cm. £48  
90 Alan Hunt 'Future Kings', signed limited edition print mounted no 72/950, 36cm x 82cm. £42  
91 John Gillo pair original watercolours, 15cm x 11cm, John Hunter 'Hayfield', 13cm x 18cm. £30  
92 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) a fine early pencil drawing 'Mouse', 40cm x 34cm. £800  
93 Grant Hacking 'Before the Rain', signed limited edition print no 81/550, 25cm x 12cm. £10  
94 Poster for BP Portrait 1994 Award at National Gallery of a self portrait by Lisa Stokes, a pupil of Robert.O. Lenkiewicz, 75cm x 50cm. £20  
95 Two posters signed by David Shepherd, 60cm x 42cm. £10  
96 Howard Terpning 'The Holy Man of the BlackFoot', unframed signed limited edition on canvas no 188/975, 82cm x 62cm. £20  
98 Maurice Canning Wilks (Irish, 1911-1984), signed oil on canvas, 'Interior, Connemara, County Galway', 56cm x 70cm. £5200  
99 Lee Gell? Signed oil on canvas 'Abstract Zebra', 100cm x 100cm. £190  
100 Terence Cuneo, signed limited edition print 'The Grand Brie' No 65/750, 50cm x 77cm. £30  
101 David Shepherd, signed limited edition print 'Willesden Sheds' unframed as new, No 552/850, 70cm x 76cm, together with David Shepherd book. £30  
103 Joan Gillchrest (1918-2008) signed oil, 'Newlyn' 73cm x 43cm. Provenance; this fine early painting is being sold on behalf of the granddaughter of the artist, it has never been on the open market and always kept within the Gillchrest family. £6500  
104 Kurt Jackson. mixed media 2010, 'Scilly Tamarisk, Tresco to Bryher'. 57cm x 59cm £3200  
111 Simeon Stafford (b1956), a large and impressive oil on canvas 'Fishing Fleet, St.Ives', 120cm x 150cm, Provenance; Sotheby's, 8th October 2008. £4000  
114 Nuni Ryder A pair modern 1990's limited edition prints 'Gold and Silver' £65  
116 Howard Leigh (1896-1934) Engravings of various planes including Sopwith camel, Sopwith snipe and Albatross D.V, signed by artist. (11) Approx 22.5cm x 17.5cm. £80  
117 Howard Leigh (1896-1934) Engravings of various planes including Vickers gun bus and Nieuport two-seater. (11) £70  
118 Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) signed watercolour 'Hounds, Moorland', £65  
119 An original photograph of Robert Lenkiewicz in his library. £20  
120 W.E.Rowland, 20th century signed oil on board, 'Thatched Cottage by a River' £35  
121 R,.D.Ching 1917 pair Eastern mixed media paintings signed in original gilt frames, £30  
122 Brian Pollard, signed acrylic 'Plymouth Hoe'. 40 x 31cm, Provenance; direct from the artists studio. This painting is being sold to raise funds for the Tulgey Woods Project in Plymouth, visit for further details. £580  
123 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) early oil on canvas, 'Albert', this is possibly a portrait of vagrant Albert Fisher, known as 'The Bishop', from Vagrancy Project 1, circa 1970, 40cm x 31cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £980  
124 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) early oil on canvas, 'Mary with Birds'. 75cm x 39cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £1400  
125 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) A rare Triptych, Jealousy Project 8, (Section 8 of the Relationship Series, circa 1977), 'Lovers in Stocks'. Main panel 35cm x 52cm, small panels 35cm x 22.5cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £800  
126 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) an early work in oil, 'Burial Monica and Belinda'. Detailed title verso, 41cm x 52cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £800  
128 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) watercolour 'Reuben' (son of the artist), 38cm x 18cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £260  
129 Brian Pollard, signed acrylic 'Tram and Viaduct'.21cm x 14.5cm, Provenance; from the studio of the artist. £240  
130 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) watercolour, Project 12, Suicide, 'Atlas' 38cm x 20cm, Provenance; from the Dr.Brian Pollard Collection. £370  
131 Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887-1976) Coloured lithograph 'View of a Town', signed in pencil and with Fine Arts Trade Guild stamp (of edition of 850) framed and glazed. £2800  
132 Liz Jones (Plymouth Artist), signed acrylic painting 'The Elburton Cross', £100  
133 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) signed print 'Self Portrait at Easel'. £150  
134 Sheila Gill, signed print 'Colours of the Race', 66cm x 24cm t/w three others £50  
136 Terence Cuneo 'Bentley v Blue Train'' a colour print with remarques, published in 1970 by Colourviews Ltd of Birmingham. £30  
137 A modern print of 'French Dancers', unknown artist. £25  
138 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) four Exhibition Posters, unframed. £20  
140 Beryl Cook (1926 - 2008) signed print 'Anyone for a Whipping', number 27/650, 62cm x 33cm. £80  
141 Beryl Cook (1926 - 2008) signed print 'The Last Gasp', number 118/650, with certificate of authenticity, 52cm x 23cm. £95  
144 RICHARD LANNOWE HALL (St Ives) signed artist proof print, 'Looking to Helford', 24cm x 33cm. £40  
146 RICHARD LANNOWE HALL (St Ives) mixed media painting, 'The Block House, Scilly Isles', 2014, 18cm x 24cm. £40  
147 RICHARD LANNOWE HALL (St Ives) mixed media 'Kerry From The Sea', 2005, 24cm x 48cm. £55  
149 George Deakin, signed oil on board 'Marine Scene' £35  
152 Brian Pollard, signed limited edition poster 'The Royal Citadel', No 28/750. £60  
153 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), an exhibition poster 'Project 18'. £10  
154 Beryl Cook (1926-2008), print 'Nude on a Leopard Skin' rare edition PP 1/10 from the Cook families personal collection of Beryl's rare prints. 60cm x 40cm. £1200  
155 J.J. Adams 'The Queens Coronation', Royal family tattoo series print 2016, 29/90, sold out completely by galleries and publishers, original frame, 50cm x 75cm, (JJ Adams is a new media and mixed media artist from Plymouth and Cape Town, South Africa curre £500  
156 J.J. Adams print 'Dirty Disney 2' featuring Tinkerbell, Jessica J Rabbit and Maleficent. 84/195 framed by publishers. 100cm x 150cm. £550  
157 John Noble Barlow RBA ROI (1861-1917), signed oil on canvas, 'Night Scene, St.Ives Harbour', 38cm x 51cm £1200  
158 Louis Auguste Sargent (1881-1965), signed oil on canvas, 'View of Rock with Figures, St.Ives', 30cm x 40cm £130  
159 Arthur White (1865-1953), signed oil on board, 'St.Ives Harbour Towards Church', 26cm x 17cm. £280  
160 Unsigned, (Traditional Cornish School) oil on canvas 'Sloop Inn, St.Ives, Boats and Figures' 43cm x 28cm. £140  
161 Unsigned, (Traditional Cornish School) oil 'Houses Behind Sloop Inn, St.Ives', 30cm x 25cm. £42  
162 Unsigned, (Traditional Cornish School), oil on canvas 'The Mounts, St.Ives' also seascape verso, 38cm x 30cm £48  
163 H.B.? (Traditional Cornish School) , oil, 'Copper Kettle, St.Ives', 30cm x 25cm. £42  
164 Hugh E. Ridge, signed oil on board 'Fishing Boats, Winter Maintenance, Lelant', 58cm x 50cm £170  
165 Anne Allen, signed oil on canvas 'Sloop Inn, St.Ives, 1970', 49cm x 38cm. £45  
166 Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887 - 1976), 'Sailing Boats' print, signed in pencil and bearing The Fine Art Trade Guild Stamp, 32cm x 35.5cm. £3500  
167 Lee Woods, signed acrylic on canvas 'Houses', 100cm x 100cm. £520  
168 Lee Woods, signed acrylic on canvas 'Houses', 80cm x 80cm. £450  
169 Lee Woods, signed acrylic on board 'Crossing', 60cm x 60cm £230  
170 Lee Woods, signed acrylic on canvas, 'Boats', 60cm x 60cm. £520  
171 Signed 20th century oil on canvas painting 'Orchids', 80cm x 101cm. £10  
174 Th.Mauve, oil on canvas 'Stone Circle', 70cm x 100cm. £48  
175 Two Royal Navy prints 'The Royal Naval Pageant in the Thames, July 1909', 54cm x 83cm. £30  
177 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) signed print 427/750 with Certificate of Authenticity 'Study of Anna' framed and mounted, 37cm x 37cm £230  
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