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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 12th October 2016

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 Victorian parasol with 18ct gold hallmarked knop, with an amber style stem. £130  
2 Pirelli Calendars, 1988 to 1998, in cardboard sleeves (11 in total). £75  
3 A Victorian walnut writing slope. £40  
5 In the style of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson, a single carved wood bookend with mouse carving. £270  
7 W.H.Goss, a tea pot with Plymouth crest. £10  
8 David Seamen, a pair of Goalkeeper gloves. Provenance David Seaman gave these gloves to the owners family, who knew him well and were friends. They worked with him on the David James Foundation Charity. It is likely that James wore these gloves when he w £30  
10 A pair Chinese crackle glaze pottery vase. £60  
11 A collection of Murano Glass 'Sweets'. £10  
12 A RMS Lusitania propaganda medal coin, within the original box, a silver pendant and a Great War Souvenir. £28  
13 A Chinese white metal (silver?) umbrella and an ebony and silver mounted walking cane (2). £35  
15 A collection of artwork including Philip Dunn print, other prints, Joan Hixson etc. £22  
16 Various paintings and prints including 'replica in the style of Alfred Wallis a mixed media ship scene', K. Dermer sketch, Winnifred Brocklebank watercolour, William C. Cluett 'Frigate' watercolour. £42  
17 William C. Cluett, three small maritime watercolours, signed. £65  
18 A 19th century Sword Stick with engraved blue steel blade and six other general walking sticks and a large shell case. £440  
19 A collection of eight modern Chinese graduated dog models. £48  
20 John Hunt a signed copy 'The Ascent of Everest', a pair 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games binoculars, boxed, four old tiles, old jewel box and military badge, Long Service Medal, boxed, Nurses badge from St. James Hospital, Wandsworth 1920-3, etc. £100  
22 A pair of Satsuma vases. £10  
23 A pair of short twist oak candlesticks, various pottery, Studio jug with St.Ives seal, J.T.Jones porcelain model of a Cock Bird for Crown Staffordshire. £20  
24 A pair of Satsuma vases. £10  
25 A collection of general coins. £30  
26 A Chinese carved wood figure table lamp and an overpainted elephant model £45  
27 A pair of gilt spelter figures (2). £15  
29 Various cut glass, Mats Jonasson glassware etc. £15  
30 A large brass jam pan, a brass skillet, set of brass scales, weights and fire irons. £42  
31 George Horne, St. Ives, oil on board 'Bunkers Hill' signed. £32  
32 An old violin and two bows, cased. £140  
33 An eight string banjo/ mandolin cased. £45  
34 An Art Deco style bronze figure, signed E.McCartan with a seal 'Bronze, Paris, JB' £180  
35 A large bronze four face Buddha head and a similar miniature model (2). £70  
36 A contemporary bronze sculpture on black marble plinth. £100  
39 A traditional set of bow and arrows by Apollo, boxed. £25  
40 A 19th century brass door stop and a small wall mirror in an ornate brass frame. £32  
41 Robert Houston, limited edition pair of etchings also three 19th century fashion prints. £20  
42 A brass carriage clock, with gong strike, repeater and case. £250  
43 A Victorian 1886 Special Service medal, Great War medals to Miss V.A.D.Stickland also a military badge etc. £230  
44 Two 19th century shagreen spectacle cases, one with a pair of steel spectacles £120  
45 Two USSR panda figures, Beatrix Potter figures, scent bottle, scales, 19th century enamelled porcelain plaque in gilt frame. £55  
46 A group of pre war soft toys Lion family (4) also an oriental parasol £55  
47 A black Jasper ware teapot, blue Wedgwood Jasper items, etc £20  
48 Various items, brass embossed fire bellows, sheep trimmers, old hand tools, part boxed set weights, moulding planes, vintage levels and gauges etc. £160  
49 Henry Cooper signed photographic postcard. £22  
50 A Victoria India One Mohur gold coins, 1862, 12 gms £820  
51 A 19th/20th century gold coin, possibly Indian, 12 gms. £370  
52 Victoria, a gold Australia Sovereign, bun head, 1870. £200  
53 A Geo V gold, sovereign, 1914. £200  
54 A silver plated toast rack modelled as golf clubs and balls. £75  
55 A Scottish metal kilt brooch. £85  
56 A tin of general coins. £  
57 Two Great War medals and a WWII medal (3), £25  
58 A Victorian silver and enamelled Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution locket dated 1897, with gilt interior and hallmarked, marked Spencer, London also a Royal Masonic Institution for Girls enamelled badge 'AE' (2). £55  
59 A pair of large Falcon Ware vases. £20  
60 A collection of Royal Doulton and other miniature character jugs (approx 17) £90  
61 Six 20th century large Dutch Delft plates (6). £30  
62 A collection of Beswick Sheep and a Sheep Dog. £80  
63 A pair of porcelain gilt bowls, possibly Meissen with underglaze blue cross swords mark. £40  
64 Four Police commemorative medals including the Victoria Jubilee Year Medal awarded to 'P.C.F. Jones, V .Division , Met' and later family, also a naval plaque, various small Devon engraved prints, AA badge, some coins etc, also a Northumberland Ships plaqu £85  
65 A 1930/40's model cabin boat 'Titanium'. £85  
66 A large remote control model boat 'Sea Queen' with controls etc. £150  
67 A quantity of diecast model cars including Matchbox etc (the contents of two boxes) £28  
68 A tall tier mahogany plantstand. £12  
69 A Japanese parquetry table cabinet. £60  
70 Various boxes including treen, a 19th century lacquered snuff box, June Crowshaw watercolour etc. £350  
71 A Dr. R. Neuse 30cm diameter, Columbus desk top Terrestrial Globe on turned wood stand. £90  
72 A 19th century Spinet, lacks keyboard etc. £  
73 A Will IV rosewood Teapoy £85  
74 A small mahogany chest fitted with four drawers. £100  
75 A mahogany framed double end Chaise Longue. £300  
76 A 19th century mahogany 'D' end table. £12  
77 A 19th century burr wood and inlaid table top stationary box. £75  
78 A mahogany writing table with upper stationary compartment. £70  
79 A 19th century mahogany secretaire chest of drawers. £85  
80 An oak Globe Wernicke style bookcase, height 120cm, width 86cm £170  
81 Mahogany two drawer and two door cabinet, height 85cm, width 94cm £20  
82 A reproduction mahogany drop flap dining table. £  
83 An Ercol style modern side cupboard £10  
84 A miniature reproduction oak 'coffer' chest. £50  
85 A ships pedestal table with patterned iron and overpainted base and circular hardwood top. £20  
86 A Victorian mahogany five drawer chest, a/f. £30  
87 A carved oak candle box. £48  
88 A 19th century mahogany chest with five drawers. £60  
89 A Chinese carved hardwood stand with marble insert. £85  
92 A reproduction mahogany hall table fitted with two drawers on sabre legs. £20  
93 A Victorian mahogany hall chair. £10  
94 An antique English oak coffer. £110  
95 Gordon Russell, a nest of three tables. £30  
96 A Boley Leinen watch makers lathe boxed, a Boley Leinen Staking Tool kit, boxed, and a quantity of old watch making tools, cleaning machines and lots of spare parts etc, £310  
97 An Arts & Crafts style coal box. £20  
98 A modern wall hanging pine unit £  
99 A Vienna style wall clock with two train movement. £80  
100 Collection of vinyl records (albums).Collection includes Status Quo' From the makers of this item is in a blue tin container. Roger Taylor 'Strange frontier', Dave Clarks 'Time', the musical, also books and photos. £70  
101 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by Wings, including Wings over America, Wings Venus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of Sound. £30  
102 Collection of vinyl records(albums) including Mick Jagger 'She's the boss', Ronnie Wood 'Now look' and Mick Jagger 'Primitive cool'. £85  
103 Collection of vinyl records (albums) including John Lennon 'Heart play' unfinished ,Ringo Starr 'Stop and smell the roses 'and 'The McCartney Interview' £48  
104 Collection of vinyl records (albums) including George Harrison 'Dark Horse, 'Imagine' John Lennon and Ringo Starr 'Goodnight Vienna'. £160  
105 Collection of vinyl records (albums) including The Beatles 'Revolver', The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' and The Beatles 'Rubber Soul'. £210  
106 Collection of vinyl records (albums) including 'The Beatles1962-1966', 'Beatles for Sale' and 'The Beatles Love Songs' £180  
107 Collection of vinyl records (albums) including The Beatles 'Help!', ' Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band' and The Beatles' Abbey Road'. £290  
108 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by the Rolling Stones including 'Sympathy for the Devil remix', 'Tattoo You' and ' Sticky Fingers. £170  
109 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by the Rolling Stones including 'Almost hear you sigh', 'Rolled gold' and 'Still Life'. £140  
110 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by The Rolling Stones including 'Ruby Tuesday', 'From the Vault', 'Sweet Summer Sun, Hyde Park Live'. £180  
111 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by Queen including 'The Show must go on', 'Return of the Champions' by Queen and Paul Rodgers and 'The Cosmo Rocks' by Queen and Paul Rodgers. £170  
112 Collection of vinyl records (albums) by Queen, including The original sound track for Flash Gordon, 'Queen Greatest Hits' and 'Made in Heaven'. £300  
113 Large collection of books , The Beatles and their work. £28  
114 Large collection of books, The Beatles and John Lennon. £42  
115 A large collection of books, The Beatles and George Harrison. £150  
116 Collection of CD's by The Beatles and John Lennon. £280  
117 A collection of Beatles CDs and albums (vinyl). £290  
118 A collection of Rolling Stones books and CDs. £130  
119 A collection of Queen CDs and books. £460  
120 Metallica CDs boxed (2). £220  
121 Collection of Elvis singles (10 inch vinyl). £35  
122 A collection of CDs including The Beatles, Queen and The Rolling Stones. £230  
123 A collection of Beatles related items including books, tapes, badges and cars. £32  
124 A collection of singles by The Beatles and Rolling Stones, pictorial. £200  
125 Large collection of singles in a metal case. £250  
126 Large selection of 45's in metal case £460  
127 The Beatles At Hollywood Bowl, a glass bowl, £  
128 Large Chinese Print on silk, fish. £70  
129 A carved dark oak spinning chair, small table, drop flap side table, £20  
130 A Poole Pottery dinner service. £  
131 A 19th century mahogany tea caddy, various wood cutlery boxes, porcelain table lamp, set kitchen scales etc. £30  
132 A vintage Masthead ships lamp. £60  
133 Sponges slicer and grater boxed No 630 £10  
134 Dinky Toys racing cars, other Dinky's and other diecast models. £42  
135 A Rolls Royce (RR) radiator cap and an AA badge (2). £18  
136 Three old red painted Fire Buckets (3). £36  
137 An large carved wood 'Tibetan Devils Mask' (in three parts) £45  
138 A 19th century bayonet, and various vintage branding tools etc. £45  
140 A collection of various silver and other crowns including 1951, commemorative etc, also some shillings and coins collectors box. £65  
142 A Doulton figure 'Embrace', a modern 'cameo' etched glass vase and a pottery vase. £55  
143 Two 'County Police' enamel signs. £180  
144 A brass microscope, other objects, prayer books, Eric Wilson book, open face pocket watch etc. £75  
145 A cased set of cufflinks and tie clips in white metal and black onyx also a cased Royal Artillery badge. £95  
146 A silver plated gallery tray and various objects including Geo V 1951 crown, EP vesta, Wills cigarette cards, photographs etc. £42  
147 Donald Crawford, two dry point etchings including 'Canterbury', Frank Smart 1950, two etchings, Dorothy Sweet two etchings including 'Windsor Castle' and 'The Tower of London'. £20  
148 A Mah-jong Game in leather case with instructions etc also a carriage clock and travel case £250  
149 A traditional game of bar table skittles £20  
150 Two Eastern rugs (2). £40  
151 A carved hardwood commode and a carved oak drop flap table (2). £60  
152 An Edwardian bedroom chair with inlaid decoration. £  
153 A small mahogany table cabinet. £10  
154 Vintage dresses, gowns, textiles etc. £60  
155 A reproduction pedestal desk (in three sections). £40  
156 A 19th century French boulle and ormolu Bracket Clock £200  
158 A narrow decorative long wall mirror . £35  
159 A pair of Victorian mahogany framed chairs with drop in seats. £10  
160 An Edwardian mahogany inlaid elbow chair. £40  
161 Four reproduction Victorian dining chairs. £20  
162 An interesting collection of antique keys. £15  
164 A collection of diecast models, approx 74 boxed and 10 loose including 'Original Omnibus' models, 'Corgi' etc. £250  
165 Steiff classic 32 gruff box bear, code 001529. £38  
167 Steiff classic bear with gruff box, code 000737. £42  
168 Steiff Glucksbringer bear, code 028120. £22  
169 Steiff Rosa classic bear, code 00782. £  
170 Steiff classic black bear, code 000584. £45  
171 Steiff limited edition Petsy with gruff box. £55  
173 Steiff lion (molly leo) code 103452. £25  
176 Steiff large classic bear with gruff box. £70  
177 Steiff pig and hedgehog. £30  
178 4 large Paddington bears. £55  
179 Wade 32 Disney figures. £65  
180 Wade figures, 150 plus. £70  
181 Wade 33 large nursery rhyme characters, 1950's. £55  
182 Wade 17 tortoises, pipe stands & pin dishes. £55  
183 Wade Disney blow ups x4. £90  
184 Wade collection of collectors club pieces plus others, 16 in total. £42  
185 Wade mixed lot to include pixies and Irish Wade. £28  
186 Wade mixed collection of tea pots & dishes, 27 in total. £40  
187 Hardy , a Graphite Fishing Rod, two piece, with cloth bag. £  
188 Wade Nat West Pigs, full set. £42  
189 Wade mixed lot including Tom & Jerry, old woman who lived in a shoe, etc. £50  
190 Wade full set of Nat West pigs, a/f. £22  
191 Wade full set of Nat West pigs. £38  
192 Pocket watches including one signed E.Doble, Hastings, a silver and glass stamp lick, cased tie pin, Lorus and other wrist watches, etc £75  
193 Various traditional puzzles and games. £10  
194 Two Giuseppe Armani figures £70  
195 Two Giuseppe Armani figures £60  
196 A Great War trio of medals to 277691 F.Bartlett STO RN, also Great war medals and death plaque to 118647 PTE Frederick Baber MGC, also a photograph, and a General Service Medal to 22699454 K.J.Foster RAF , with Palestine Bar 1945, and letter from records £230  
197 Bottle of Ice Wine Vogelsang, Chateau Tassin 1999, 1965 Chateau Meursault, 1974 Chateau Gazin (four bottles). £120  
198 A Nebuchadnezzar of Moet & Chandon 'Brut Imperial' Champagne (15 litres - 20 bottles), contained in Moet & Chandon wooden crate, late 1990's with crate (unopened and laid down since purchase). £580  
201 Two Hummell figures, 1977 Burleigh jug, Art pottery jug with St.Ives seal and a large gilt 'butterfly' decorated vase. £55  
202 A silver top swagger stick and a silver mounted riding crop (2). £55  
203 A table top stationary box in mahogany and inlaid. £38  
204 Dunhill and other lighters also a pair of spurs. £50  
205 An RAC enamelled car badge, a BHS 'Horse' car badge and a Civil Service Motoring Association badge (3). £40  
206 A pair of carved mahogany side chairs of Georgian design and another (3) £20  
207 L.S.Lowry a modern reproduction print, limited edition 'Guttelette', 'Coming from the Mill' with certificate. £110  
208 L.S.Lowry a modern reproduction print, limited edition 'Guttelette', 'Man Lying on a Wall' with certificate. £160  
209 L.S.Lowry a modern reproduction print, limited edition 'Guttelette', 'A Fight' with certificate. £120  
210 Salvador Dali, 'Sleep' a modern reproduction 'Guttelette' print with certificate. £160  
211 Marc Bolan, signature, set within a montage of a print and a record, with certificate. £300  
213 Colin Blunstone, The Zombies, Alan Parsons Project, a collection of 1960's and later vinyl records and gig posters some signed, (in three record boxes). £85  
217 B.B.King, 'King of the Blues' limited edition signed print with certificate, unframed, £20  
218 GERED MANKOWITZ, Rolling Stones, 'Red Caged' signed silkscreen print, in gilt frame, No 27/200 £130  
219 GERED MANKOWITZ, Rolling Stones, 'Red Caged' signed silkscreen print, framed, 26/200. £210  
220 An RAF Irving type Flying Jacket £60  
224 A Hezzanith marine Clinometer. £30  
225 A part of an aeroplane! £20  
226 Royal Doulton 'Suzette' HN 2026 and a collection of figurines including Doulton and miniatures £60  
227 Royal Doulton character jug, Field Marshal the Rt Hon J.C. Smuts, Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, 17.5cm high. £260  
228 A fine 1907 Royal Worcester urn, painted and signed by John Stinton, decorated with highland cattle, standing on a square base, approx 37cm tall with lid, No 955. (the lid has been broken and repaired). £1100  
229 A collection of Matchbox and other diecast boxed models (approx 45). £32  
230 A mid 20th century stick barometer in an oak case. £18  
232 A brass rising standard lamp £10  
235 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany elbow chair. £38  
236 Various Bitains and Dinky Toys military items, including shells plus 'Empire Made' plastic soldiers. £65  
237 Matchbox collectors case including 48 Lesney Matchbox models 5  
239 23 play worn Corgi, Dinky Toys and others. £20  
240 Various group of toys including Lesney, Matchbox, early Corgi Classics, racing cars and some bus models. £10  
241 Various chinaware's, Lilliput Lane, Carlton Wares etc. £25  
242 A collection of games etc including Subbuteo. £10  
243 A collection of 8 Shire horse. £  
244 A mixed collection of Wade, figurines and collectables, £30  
246 Collection of Historic coins gilt nickel limited edition including 2013 vatican coin £35  
247 Blue and White plater, 42.5cm £350  
248 Silver photo frame £55  
249 Doulton crackle glaze Polar Bear set including Teapot (chip to spout), Trivet, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl with Lid.(4). £30  
250 A hardstone or jade carving, in form of a dog and a dragon, on carved hardwood stand. £350  
251 Two modern carved jade carvings. £110  
252 Mickey Mouse, various collectables and memorabilia also Swarovski Crystal Memories. £45  
253 A collection of Carlton Ware including Apple condiments set. £20  
254 Parker fountain pens and other items. £18  
256 A collection of various Carlton Ware and other ceramics, £20  
257 Three paperweights including Australian Crystal (3). £10  
258 Various 1920/30's chinaware's, Carlton Ware, Suzie Cooper, Poole and Midwinter. £10  
259 A collection of Carlton Ware novelty mushroom condiments. £20  
260 A 19th/20th century Japanese porcelain pink set, decorated on a pink ground. £  
261 A collection of various crested wares and two Victorian German fairings. £35  
262 Eleven 'saucy' Postcards, assembled in one frame. £40  
263 A fine 1930's architects drawing and watercolour wash painting of 'Hooper's, Torquay', formerly called 'J.F.Rockhey Ltd', signed S.B.Higgott LRIBA, Newton Abbot, also with indistinct signature probably by the watercolourist, 61cm x 102cm, (John Fry Rockhe £80  
265 A.Watts (probably Arthur G. Watts 1883 - 1935), signed watercolour, 'Temple Street, Bristol', titled on the gilt mount, dated 1912, 31cm x 50cm. £65  
267 A collection of Wade including boxed Typhoo Tea, boxed Wade Whimsies etc. £48  
271 John Seery Lester 'Bitter Root Hope', signed limited edition print no 64/750, 54cm x 80cm. £10  
272 Andy Rouse 'Wildlife Photographer', signed limited edition photo no 16/95, 38cm x 48cm. £10  
273 Andy Rouse 'Wildlife Photo', signed limited edition no 126/250, 39cm x 50cm. £10  
276 A collection of traditional barometers (two boxes) £48  
277 A lab microscope, circa 1950's, and travel box. £32  
278 An old Miners Pick Axe 5  
279 A large modern table globe. £45  
282 Collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses £95  
283 An original boxed set of Wade circus animals (8) £20  
284 Two Limoges bowls £  
285 Oil on canvas of Chihuahua £28  
286 Sam Toft print 'Along the Prom' t/w print of lady reclining on bed £55  
287 Hardy, a cane spinning rod, two piece, canvas bag, No 2 The LRH. 2. £60  
288 Cortland, fly rod, graphite, with holder. £  
289 A silk rug. £320  
290 World Cup Final collection, signed Gordon Banks , all framed £20  
291 Boxing, A Muhamed Ali, photo print, framed. £10  
292 A Shorter Ware fish service £25  
293 A cased fish set. £10  
294 A Lladro plaque, Nao figure and Lladro bowl £10  
295 A Dickens Ware bowl and plates and other chinawares 5  
297 Two old leather suitcases £  
298 A Victorion Burslem jug and basin set. £30  
299 An Edwardian satin walnut marble top wshstand. £40  
300 Copper bed warmer, iron candle stand, low wheel back chair £15  
322 Various items including Carlton Ware Deco box and cover, silver plated tea set, part Doulton 'Arabesque' service, Beswick animals and flat ware £30  
350 A fine diamond solitaire ring, the single stone weighing approx 0.67 carats, with GIA certificate indicating an Internally Flawless (IF) stone, D Colour, set in 18ct gold, finger size M. £2000  
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