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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 11th April 2018

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 Beswick, an art pottery vase, height 30cm together with a English single vase of oriental design (2). £20  
2 A single art pottery vase with impress marks, height 35cm. £10  
3 Lladro, two figures, height 26cm. £190  
4 Clarice Cliff, a Fantasque jug, height 15cm (small chip to rim), together with a similar patterned octagonal plate (2). £210  
5 Doulton HN564 'The Parsons Daughter', height 26cm. £38  
6 Beswick, three small horses and four various birds including Green Finch 2105 (7). £38  
7 Brannam Barum, pottery art nouveau fish gourd vase, signed and dated 1902, height 28cm. £100  
8 A collection of porcelain figurines, mainly German of antique style also a small carved black forest style bear, height 11cm, an AA plaque and royalty dish (11). £60  
9 Four pub jugs including Dewars Scotch Whiskey. £10  
11 A collection of four Beswick birds and another, Jay 1219, Kingfisher, Cockatoo 1180, Bald Eagle 1018 and 749. £95  
12 Troika style vase, height 28cm. £32  
13 Two pairs of Japanese earthenware vases £28  
14 A 20th Century oriental figure of a lady on carved wood stand (head refixed), height 40cm, together with a German bisque figure, height 38cm and a Losol vase (3). £20  
15 German glass, Heleikristall, large blue and clear glass centre bowl, height 23cm, diameter 30cm. £40  
16 A Chinese bronze censer and stand, height excluding stand 10cm, diameter 14cm, height with stand 13cm. £1050  
17 A Chinese bronze vase, faded character marks down the side and on base, height 38cm. £1400  
18 A Skeleton clock with key pendulum mounted on a wood base, height 31cm. £150  
19 A single cylinder reciprocating stationary engine model, 22cm x 9cm. £40  
20 A ships clock, the dial marked 'Chatteau Freres, Collin Wagner, Paris', diameter 18cm mounted on a wood block. £140  
21 A brass cased Naval Ship's compass marked 6B/1671. £50  
22 A silver napkin ring, silver back clothes brush, a four piece silver back dressing table set, cased, EP tea pot, bangle and silver locket. £70  
23 Two antique silver plated wine bottle coasters, reproduction carved net ski and a pair of foreign silver pepper pots also a small pierced dish (6). £22  
24 A collection of Old English coins including proof coins, decimal sets, also a Mahjong set in original case. £38  
25 A pair of oriental bronze candlesticks richly decorated with dragons, height 22cm. £70  
26 A modern mah-jong set and a travel roulette set (2). £45  
27 LNER, commemorative locomotive plaque, 191/250, 42cm x 36cm with original box. £38  
28 Victorian stained wood mantel clock with eight day chiming movement, height 48cm. £45  
29 An early 20th Century carved oak smokers cabinet, height 28cm, width 20cm, fitted with a single drawer also jar and pipes. £28  
32 A collection of various objects including French enamelled style zebra brooch. £120  
33 A collection of costume jewellery, sundry coins, watches, spoons (including Rolex teaspoon), cufflinks etc. £38  
34 A pair of silver four division toast racks together with a quantity of silver plated wares. £95  
35 Silver plated wares, a ruby glass and plated jam dish, an unusual wax candle stand, a muffin warmer etc. £45  
36 A collection of various modern and vintage costume jewellery. £30  
37 A collection of various modern and vintage costume jewellery. £22  
38 A collection of general pocket and wristwatches. £32  
39 A collection of various general wristwatches including gents Vanex, Medena, a lighter, Rotary wristwatch, a dress ring and sundry costume jewellery. £20  
40 A collection of fountain and other pens also some general silverwares including a Dickinson fountain pen with 14ct gold nib also a box of various modern gilt nibs. £80  
41 A modern silver and amber contemporary brooch. £28  
42 Various items including silver plated ornate belt, Wedgwood thimble, case of various costume jewellery including some silver, 9ct gold citrine ring, 9ct gold bangle, also a yellow metal bracelet and a 1986 commemorative coin cover. £50  
43 St Helena 1973 commemorative coin, East India Company, cased. £10  
44 Various medals including German Mothers Cross, Iron Cross, other German badges and cap badges (9). £140  
45 A Great War pair of medals awarded to J54178W.Rickerby.Ord.R.N also some photographs, silver pendants, two seals and a silver full hunter keyless pocket watch (faults). £70  
46 A Geo III cartwheel two pence 1797. £10  
47 A collection of various snuff boxes including Georgian tortoise shell and silver? inlaid snuff box (75mm x 45mm) etc (9). £100  
48 A silver gilt bangle, evening purse, silver bangle, sundry spoons and vesta. £48  
49 A German metal plaque inscribed Reichsbakn (probably off a train), 15cm x 7cm. £20  
50 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), early biro drawing 'Park Scene' with embossed Studio Sale seal, a collection of Robert Lenkiewicz memorabilia including exhibition posters 'Vagrancy' and 'Landscapes'. £55  
51 of Alice in Wonderland Interest, for Lewis Carroll, Malcolm Ashman RBA ROI signed watercolour, 'Tickets Please' ', the painting is illustrated on page 33 of 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' together with a signed copy of the book dated 'May 1989' 42cm x £65  
54 Albert Bardsley (1912- 1990) watercolour 'Cottages', 38cm x 56cm £25  
57 Cecil Aldin, 'To Market Harboro' print, 38cm x 100cm. £22  
58 Mark Salwowski (1953) original painting, 'Nude' signed and dated 1998, 83cm x 59cm, Mark is a British Illustrator specialising in fantasy and science-fiction book covers. £290  
61 Thomas Kinkade (American 1958-2012), 'Bambi's First Year', print, 48cm x 70cm. £32  
63 A modern painting on slate 'Cutty Sark 1875', signed and dated 1974, approx 58cm x 58cm, together with Royal Doulton plate D6278 'The Admiral' and a pair of military French binoculars in leather case (3). £30  
64 Various general pictures and prints including tapestry's, modern posters, continental scenes etc, approx 14. £30  
65 J.H.Mole, Victorian print 'Bringing Fish to the Cottage', 38cm x 59cm. £20  
66 A pair of Chinese porcelain jars decorated with text script and figures, height 10cm. £1400  
67 £A pair of Chinese porcelain bowls, decorated with stylised branches and flowers, diameter 16cm  
68 Pair of Chinese heavy porcelain 'Foo Dog length 23cm, height including stand 16cm. £780  
69 Hermes, silk scarf 'Les Becanes', 89cm x 89cm. £70  
70 Hermes Paris, silk scarf, 'Clic Cloic', 89cm x 89cm. £60  
71 A collection of five fashion silk scarves, the largest 84cm x 84cm. £32  
72 Terence Cuneo, reproduction print, no.228/850, signed, 'Simplon Orient Express' with certificate, 53cm x 60cm. £40  
73 Terence Cuneo, reproduction print, no.667/850, signed 'The Elizabethan' with certificate, also countersigned by John Cameron, 50cm x 65cm. £30  
74 A pair of golfing prints 'Cecil Leitch' and 'Bobby Jones' after J.J Hopbirds, approx 42cm x 35cm. £20  
75 Moorcroft, a baluster shaped vase, 'Anna Lily' No.226/7 circa 1998, height 20cm, boxed. £85  
76 Moorcroft, a small dish, 'Tailwind', No.780/4, circa 2014, diameter 12cm, boxed. £30  
77 A modern wood model of HMS Victory by Mark Pemrose, Cornwall, handmade in teak mahogany oak and ash, height 74cm, length 110cm. £250  
78 A pair of late 19th Century bisque figure candle holders, height 47cm, together with a pair of 20th Century oriental wall plates (4). £35  
79 An early 20th Century postcard album, various family naval documents W.J Tooley, Stoker, Devonport 1920's, memorabilia, photographic card 'Missionary Mutilated by Boxers at Pekin'. £70  
80 A collection of thirteen Babycham glasses. £25  
81 Steiff model classic 1935 Fellow Terrier 035012, mohair, with labels and bag. £48  
82 A pair of large Victorian figurines height 50cm (faults), majolica jardinire, Devon ware egg cups and Sowerby style black glass (10). £25  
83 Clarice Cliff Celtic, harvest jug, height 26cm also Radford pottery jug and Sylvac 1959 rabbit jug (3). £28  
84 HMV, table top gramophone with green casing with three needle tins model 97 with original instructions. £150  
85 A silver scallop salt dish, set of six coffee bean spoons, cased, loose silver spoons and a pair of coloured glass and EP vases. £65  
86 A three pull marine brass telescope. £32  
87 Coalport, bone china, a porcelain vase and cover, commemorating 350th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower, boxed. £70  
88 Signed Opie?, original charcoal picture of a dog, 30cm x 40cm £40  
89 A collection of five various dress rings including 9ct gold. £95  
90 A 18k white gold diamond solitaire ring. £60  
92 A modern sculpture Lord of the Serengeti by Richard Sefton with certificate, sundry ornaments and cutlery. £20  
93 Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' dinner service collection approx 60 pieces. £190  
94 Cloisonn circular box and cover, ornamental animals, porcelain figurines and Minton, a pair of Haddon Hall dishes. £110  
95 Five fashion belt clips including Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Dunhill and Hermes (5). £48  
96 Worcester, Grainger Royal China, posy vase no.161 and two other Worcester posy vases including roses and fruit, one signed (3), height 7cm. £95  
97 Royal Worcester posy vase G161 decorated with pheasants, signed Jas Stinton and another decorated with birds and spider webb (2), height 7cm. £65  
98 Worcester, a small porcelain cherub, height 7cm. £35  
100 Royal Worcester porcelain jug, model 1028, height 32cm. £90  
101 Worcester, Royal China Works, blush ivory porcelain jug with gilt decoration, height 20cm. £38  
102 Royal Worcester, ivory porcelain jug decorated with gilt wild flowers, flat back, model 1094, height 19cm. £65  
103 Three porcelain cabinet plates including Royal Worcester bone china gilt plate, Vienna decorated plate 'Gottern' (faults), diameter 32cm and Worcester fruit and gilt cabinet plate (3). £60  
104 A 19th Century porcelain turquoise and gilt comport, height 13cm. £40  
105 Worcester, Royal China Works, small porcelain basket vase, a pair of reproduction bird plates also a pair of German porcelain figures, height 20cm (5). £20  
106 Victorian, cranberry glass vase, a moulded sculpture, Gouda Dutch planter and other glassware and brass ducks, £20  
107 A table soccer game and a collection of various boxed diecast promo models including Matchbox. £10  
109 A general collection of English coins mainly farthings, shillings, florins etc (an album). £25  
110 A collection of world stamps in several albums (approx 10). £15  
111 A three bottle glass Tantalus with silver sherry, whisky and gin labels (no key), together with a silver napkin ring and two silver spoons. £120  
112 Two oak cased wall clocks including Fears Ltd, Bristol Bridge (2). £20  
113 Three 20th Century cuckoo clocks, Acctim modern wall clock and Hermle iron framed wall clock (5). £15  
114 Two American mantel clocks, a Bentima eight day mantel clock, a Victorian iron black mantel clock and a miniature long cased clock (5). £20  
117 A scale model of a sailing ketch, length 62cm, height 52cm. £30  
118 Scale model of HMS Pandora fully rigged over detailed deck and open gun ports, length 80cm, height 60cm. £95  
119 A 20th Century Benin bronze sculpture of a man with pipe, height 32cm, an onyx buffalo carving, a carved wood African multi figure group and a polished onyx figure, A Middle Eastern Jambiya, length including scabbard, approx 38cm. (5). £55  
121 A early 20th Century bracket clock with striking and chiming movement on gongs with presentation plaque to front, height 33cm. £40  
122 De La Ru, Onoto, fountain pen, with 14ct gold nib, boxed together with a Parker 51 pen (2). £65  
123 Concorde, various memorabilia including golf set, coasters, hip flask and opera glasses (4). £65  
124 Concorde, a pair of small silver rectangular photo frames 11cm x 8cm. £50  
125 Concorde, a pair of small silver oval photo frames 11cm x 8.5cm. £60  
126 Worcester, set of figures, the 1920's Vogue Collection, nine figures with certificates together with some general ornaments, Staffordshire dogs and Italian figure group etc. £80  
127 Of Masonic interest, an apron, gloves, booklet and also a silver caddy spoon. £20  
128 A 20th century French style mirror. £20  
130 A pair of modern three section bookcases (2) £110  
132 A large Georgian oak Lancashire dresser base fitted with an arrangement of eight drawers and a pair of arch panelled cupboards, length 217cm, height 89cm, depth 53cm. £400  
133 An antique English joined oak cupboard on stand with single moulded panel door, enclosing two shaped shelves with wide backboards, width 87cm, height 163cm. £130  
135 After David Sheppard, two prints signed in pencil to the mount, approx 15cm x 22cm (2). £20  
137 Sporting Memorabilia, signed Boxing Glove with nine signatures, with plaque 'Signatures by Muhammed Ali, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman etc', overall size in frame 56cm x 70cm, certificate verso. £340  
138 Sporting Memorabilia, signed Boxing Glove, with plaque 'Original Signature of Muhammad Ali', framed, overall size in frame 56cm x 70cm, certificate verso. £270  
139 An oak arts and crafts style desk with carved three quarter gallery, full front and fitted interior over an arrangement of nine drawers, width 121cm. £100  
140 Tim Cotterill (1950-), 'Frogman', a bronze and enamel model of a frog, limited edition, signed to the bronze, length approx 13cm. £140  
142 Chinese rosewood coffee table 102cm x 50cm x 40cm. £20  
144 A pair of oak framed and caned seated elbow chairs of Italian 'X' frame style. £70  
146 A Victorian mahogany circular breakfast table with tip up top, diameter 102cm, together with three Victorian balloon back chairs and a circular rug. £50  
147 A pair of Victorian style mahogany framed elbow chairs. £42  
148 A Victorian mahogany and mirror back chiffonier, width 122cm. £200  
150 A good burr walnut coffee table with carved walnut stretcher base, width 128cm, height 46cm. £270  
151 A William IV rosewood Teapoy, with a fitted interior twist pedestal base, diameter 50cm. £230  
152 A free standing carved oak bookcase with adjustable shelves (later back). £18  
153 A pair of oak Globe Wernicke bookcases each with four sections. £700  
154 A 20th Century Chinese rosewood 'Alter' style cupboard. £70  
155 Edwardian mahogany and inlaid ladies writing desk, fitted with a sewing basket. £90  
156 Edwardian mahogany and inlaid four drawer music cabinet. £20  
157 Victorian walnut oval side table with carved stretcher base. £110  
158 Chinese hardwood nest of four tables on claw and ball feet, faded hardwood Chinese coffee table and a small similar two tier table (3). £100  
159 An Oriental lacquered table lamp, with gilt carvings and decoration. £190  
160 Two modern figures, 'The Magic of King Arthur' sculptures by Raymond Gross with certificates. £20  
161 Steiff, miniature collectors bear, 1970 Zotty Bear, boxed. £50  
162 A pair modern portrait bust table lamps, with shades £80  
163 Pair Victorian ebonised framed and upholstered chairs (2) £80  
164 Pair soapstone style figures, Doulton stoneware jug, German porcelain figure (4). £38  
166 A rising brass table lamp with glass shade and a metal candelabra (2). £45  
167 Elkington silver plated stand, other EP ware, scent bottles and other items £95  
168 Mark Denman, signed limited edition print. £12  
169 A pair of Oriental circular lacquered plaques. £42  
171 A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror £10  
172 A mahogany side table with stretcher base £20  
173 A walnut side table, the shaped top fitted with a single drawer over cabriole legs £20  
174 A 19th century faded rosewood? campaign dressing box, brass recess handles, brass bound and inlaid, the interior with various compartments, (lacks fittings), with a Bramah lock, 38cm x 28cm x 18cm £410  
175 Two Royal Doulton character jugs and a Toby Jug (3). £10  
177 A late Victorian writing table fitted with two drawers over turned legs £45  
178 A mahogany hallstand with horseshoe style mirror £90  
180 A quantity of silver plated wares including tea services, trays, candelabra, sugar castors, entre dishes etc. £50  
181 An extensive Danish silver plated canteen of cutlery, stamped 'Blanca Solvplate'. £70  
182 A pair of Oriental porcelain 20th Century vases with stuck on wood bases (damaged), height 30cm, 20th Century Oriental circular dish set in wood case and other Oriental modern wares. £290  
183 Oriental plain blue bottle vase, height 30cm, green crackle glass vase, white crackle glass bowl and a pair of miniature earthenware bottle vases, height 10cm (5). £170  
184 A Oriental gilt metal standing 'dog', height 13cm, lacquered baluster vase, a pair of Bali carved wood figures, a pair of gilt carvings and gilt plaster oriental group (7). £40  
185 A 19th Century Chinese tea caddy with panels of decorated with landscapes and side panels of script text with circular cover, height 14cm, width 12cm, depth 7cm. £330  
186 A carved Oriental soap stone figure, height 30cm. £22  
187 A set of five Chinese porcelain tea bowls (one damaged) with carved wood stands, diameter 9.5cm. £650  
188 An antique Chinese carved ivory concentric puzzle ball, diameter approx 9cm together with its carved ivory stand, height 30cm, with probably its original packing box. £240  
189 A quantity of ornaments, trinkets, ornaments and objects. £42  
190 An antique brass oil lamp with etched globular shade and funnel, maximum height 54cm. £20  
191 'Award for Bravery' a single bronze medallion inscribed to 'W.C.Weekes, In Recognition of his Bravery Action on November 2nd, 1916 by which many lives were saved', on the reverse 'For Bravery, Transvaal Chamber of Mines', cased and some other pendants als £310  
192 A miniature antique carved pipe of a figure head, cased, length of case 8cm together with a 19th Century Cowrie Shell snuff box with brass hinge lid inscribed P.Elliott?. £30  
193 Five pocket watches including antique silver fob watch with silver guard chain, silver open face key wind fob watch, Smiths open face pocket watch, a cased nickel keyless pocket watch and an Elkington keyless open face pocket watch with engine dial, back £140  
194 A 9ct gold elongated watch chain with T-bar, stamped 'J.M, 9.375', length approx 33cm, weight 41gms together with a small 9ct curb link bracelet, weight 10gms (2). £370  
195 Two pairs of 9ct gold cufflinks approx 8.8gms (one cased). £110  
196 Avia, a ladies 9ct gold wristwatch with 9ct bracelet (approx 16.5gms), Majex, a ladies wristwatch with 9ct bracelet (approx 19gms) and Jenex ladies traditional watch. £140  
197 Four antique gold dress rings including 9ct gold spinel ring, 22ct gold sapphire set ring, 18ct gold ruby and diamond ring and another. £210  
198 A 22ct gold wedding band, finger size M, approx 5.8gms together with two antique gold brooches, 9ct and 15ct gold. £150  
199 A Geo V 1911 gold full sovereign. £190  
200 Swarovski £30  
201 Swarovski £25  
202 Swarovski £18  
203 Swarovski £22  
204 Swarovski £38  
205 Swarovski £210  
208 Swarovski £28  
210 Swarovski £30  
211 Swarovski £65  
212 Swarovski £45  
214 Swarovski £120  
215 Swarovski £50  
216 Swarovski £70  
217 Swarovski £15  
218 Swarovski £38  
220 Swarovski £60  
221 Swarovski £18  
222 Swarovski £75  
223 Swarovski £48  
225 Swarovski £40  
226 Swarovski £75  
227 Swarovski £48  
228 Swarovski £65  
229 Swarovski £85  
230 Swarovski £32  
231 Swarovski £48  
232 Swarovski £50  
233 Swarovski £60  
234 Swarovski £30  
235 Swarovski £140  
237 Swarovski £50  
241 Swarovski £60  
242 Swarovski £42  
243 Swarovski £38  
244 Swarovski £22  
245 Swarovski £95  
247 Swarovski £42  
248 Swarovski £32  
249 Swarovski £65  
250 Swarovski £30  
251 Swarovski £65  
252 Swarovski £90  
253 Swarovski £55  
254 Swarovski £10  
255 Swarovski £48  
257 Swarovski £22  
258 Swarovski £25  
259 Swarovski £60  
260 Swarovski £65  
262 Swarovski £10  
263 Swarovski £20  
264 Swarovski £22  
265 Swarovski £40  
266 Swarovski £15  
267 Swarovski £120  
268 A box of various costume jewellery, sundry objects also a horse shoe mounted book slide, a swagger stick and wood sewing box. £310  
269 An 18ct and platinum small illusion set five stone ring, finger size N. £65  
271 An assortment of 9ct gold jewellery, approx 28gms together with a cased tie pin and some other unmarked yellow metal jewellery including cufflink, brooch etc. £150  
272 A large collection of costume jewellery and jewellery boxes. £80  
273 A collection of various Action Man accessories £20  
276 A large collection of Windsor Mint and other commemorative coins, including gilt crowns, boxed sets, Henry VIII gold replica miniature, another miniature gold 'half crown' 2012 etc. £75  
278 Victorian 1887 gold half sovereign £85  
279 QEII 1982 gold half sovereign £90  
280 QEII 1980 gold half sovereign £85  
281 Nine various miniature commemorative gold coins (9) £340  
282 A Japanese cloisonn vase £ of ovoid tapering form, decorated all over with carp, 32cm. high.  
283 An antique oak and coopered barrel or stick stand with lid. £150  
284 Faux bamboo brass standard lamp £48  
285 Various items, brass trivets, modern chess set, crockery, enamell sign etc £30  
286 Miniature rocking horse, Tremar style pottery, dolls, walking stick £20  
287 Various ornaments Noritake coffee set, Wade, Hummel, Doulton four figures inc micawber and fat boy etc £60  
288 Four Nat West Wade piggy banks £20  
290 Two Royal Doulton figurines inc 'The Young Miss Nightingale' HN2010 (2) £38  
292 Collection of Copeland Spode Chinese Rose and Korea. £30  
293 Modern bookcase £20  
294 Royal Albert 'Old Country Rose' service. £100  
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