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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 12th September 2018

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 A quantity of various metal ware including a copper coal scuttle, antique copper lantern, kettles, objects, brass telescope etc. £60  
2 Silver plated entre dish, mother of pearl handled fish set, cased and two other cased cutlery sets. £12  
3 A collection of various dress jewellery including rings, bracelets, watches, earrings etc. £95  
4 A 9ct gold bracelet with a locket clasp, approx 16gms. £100  
5 A miniature brass cased carriage clock, the dial marked, 'London' with platform escapement, height 11cm (handle up) with key, running. £75  
6 Two Victorian Staffordshire flat back figures including the wounded solider 31cm also a Japanese lacquered table cabinet and jewellery box together with a amber glass and map printed table lamp (5) £150  
7 BSA air riffle, Airsporter Mark VI, fitted with sight with carry bag. £75  
8 Bronze, a pair of cherub musicians on turned bases, height 10cm. £60  
9 A French Picquot ware four piece service together with a gilt frame mirror. £10  
10 A quantity of boxed diecast models including Lledo, Oxford Diecast, numerous promo models etc. £80  
11 Various Hornby 00 gauge model railway, coaches and wagons, boxed, also locomotive Electrotren. £55  
12 A large kukri knife with horn handle, leather scabbard (worn), three piece enamelled condiment set, a pair of brass candlesticks, boxed, some war memorabilia, ceramic finger plates and bakelite and wood desk tidy. £70  
13 A model Meccano boat, puzzle ball, novelty wood ware, swan fountain pens, boxed card games, autograph albums etc. £65  
14 German woodblock building set, Dinky Diecast ships, boxed, Britain's Royal Artillery gun, boxed, Britain's Army covered tender, boxed, Britain's Army Service Corp wagon. £180  
15 A 19th Century rosewood sewing box together with various Cantonese decorated porcelain bowls, plates and vases. £15  
17 A 20th Century German cuckoo clock. £40  
18 A Gledhill-Brook time recorder clocking in clock. £45  
19 A good large Victorian oak cased mantle clock with chiming movement on a rack of gongs, the case with three acorn finials, Corinthian columns and a four dials, height 62cm. £520  
20 A mahogany dial clock with fusee movement marked 'Hovis Bread Sold Here', with key and pendulum (running), diameter 38cm. £240  
21 A brass ships clock, on wood mount, running, with key, diameter approx 23cm. £190  
22 Smiths, an Astral ships clock, AP160174, with key, diameter 22cm. £90  
23 An early 20th Century oak two train longcase clock with striking movement. £50  
24 A group of five WWII medals, boxed and a Burma Star badge. £32  
25 Fowler's Magnum long scale circular calculator with leather case and instructions. £55  
26 Of Masonic interest, a collection of regalia, aprons, silver and gilt jewels circa 1966, Warrington Lodge, Brother Cook. £30  
27 A collection of various plastic figures including German Lone Star also some diecast models including Dinky Toys army, wild west wagon horse set, Minic toys, standing figures, Dinky sports cars etc. £40  
28 Parker 14k fountain pen, another 14ct fountain pen with mottled case, Osmiroid fountain pen, Conway Stewart 14ct fountain pen and propelling pencil (5). £42  
29 Diecast and other model cars, including playworn, Burrago, Matchbox, Corgi also Star Wars collectors cards and Tonka Toy car. £12  
30 Various metal ware, silver plated wares, part cutlery sets, fish sets, cruet set, jelly moulds etc. £50  
31 A quantity of assorted costume jewellery including watches, some porcelain and objects. £55  
32 Two old bowler hats, Harrods boxes and another hat. £25  
33 A continental pottery four handled vase, unusual short glass candlesticks, Booths willow patterned dinner service, chamber pots, also a collection of various general pictures including Ernest Bailey watercolour 'New Village Hall, Newbury'. £30  
34 A large collection of antique lead figures including Military, Naval, Horseback, Scots guard, Cowboys/ Indians etc. £130  
35 A quantity of antique lead farmyard figures and accessories. £65  
36 An assortment of cameras, binoculars etc including Junior Special antique camera, box of slides and also some magic lantern slides. £130  
37 A mid 20th Century Turkish ceremonial sword and scabbard in red velvet case. £75  
39 A Seiko Navigator Timer Automatic wristwatch and a collection of various general wristwatches. £170  
40 Moorcroft, a baluster shape vase, impressed marks, 14cm. £65  
41 Moorcroft, modern vase on red ground, boxed, height 9cm. £45  
43 Royal Dux, art nouveau porcelain figure lady and water fountain, 24cm (faults to base). £10  
44 Medals to D J Curno, CH.BTN.H.M.Costguard Victoria long service, Victoria Egypt 1882 HMS Agin Court, Great War pair to Private Curno 203682 also Egypt star medal, match vesta with bulldog and another vesta together with Great War Mary Tin. £280  
45 Cox of London, a day or night telescope. £28  
46 AJR Toys Thunderbird four model, boxed. £85  
47 Silver plated wares, small porcelain figures, Masons oil lamp and antique small pictures. £190  
48 20th Century oriental blue and white porcelain plate 'rice decoration' and other porcelain. £10  
49 Bohemian glass vases, pair of metal and decorated bookends, foreign continental vase height 19cm (seven). £12  
50 A British 1796 pattern light cavalry troopers sabre and scabbard with stirrup hilt by Osborne. £380  
51 US cavalry troopers sabre, stamped U.S. 1864 A.G.M. model by Roby with scabbard (Civil War). £190  
52 A 1970 7th GR Kothimora kukri knife. £75  
53 An Army Traders Durrani India 1942 issue kukri knife with modern scabbard. £140  
54 A Mark 2 Mills Industries 1941 issue kukri knife with modern scabbard. £150  
55 A M12 Austrian/German WWI fighting knife and a WW2 K98 error German bayonet (2). £220  
56 A 6th GR Kothimora kukri knife with jewelled scabbard. £70  
57 A collection of various knives. £110  
58 Three kukri knives including an Indian made guaranteed steel post WWII kukri knife (3). £45  
59 A Kosipo Arsenal 1915, Mark 1 kukri knife. £320  
60 A 1969 British Service issue kukri knife. £22  
61 A collection of five kukri knives including a potential WWII Army Contract kukri knife with original scabbard (no leather), a WWII error private purchase kukri knife and a Nepalese kukri (5). £85  
62 A short sword, stamped W.L & H Stargante?, with brass hilt, curved blade lion head pommel and ivory handle. length 59cm £370  
63 Various porcelain tea wares Royal Vale, Vienna style, small cabinet pieces, 19th Century trivet, dressing table wares, glove stretchers etc £25  
64 Two albums, Cartes Postales, various French postcards, 1920's and 1930's. £50  
65 A collection of various postcards including real photographic, Edwardian and later, also Great War silk postcards etc in three albums. £180  
66 Art Deco style oak cased mantle clock with chiming movement. £50  
67 A Victorian walnut and parquetry inlaid writing slope. £18  
68 Two African wood carvings of figures, one with a crocodile, the tallest 52cm. £15  
69 Various items including silver plated wares, foreign copper wares, serving trays, silver plated candlestick etc. £32  
71 A vintage Bowman stationary steam engine. £40  
72 Navy memorabilia including seven ships crests, cloth patches, buttons, etc. £28  
73 Navy memorabilia, four cartoon books HMS Apollo and HMS Diomede 1979 by W.Blagdon also first day covers, newspaper clippings, booklets etc. £22  
74 Bristol style glass, a pair of yellow decanter bottles, height 22cm. £30  
75 Gilt framed convex mirror, two old bowling balls, German anniversary clock and Victorian architectural slate mantle clock presented to W.H.W Clapp 1892 (Clapp worked in Plymouth Dockyard and saved a drowning man, he was positioned in Bermuda dockyard wher £40  
76 Collection 1940's railway gazette books and other railway subject booklets, magazines etc. £30  
78 A folding dagger with horn, brass and wood mounts, overall length approx 60cm. £55  
79 Omani Khanjar dagger, silver cased, fitted with a small further small knife, length 26cm. £180  
80 A pair of 19th Century percussion pistols stamped Birnett, Southampton length 24cm together with 19th Century copper powder flask. £380  
82 Thomas Lund, 1838, British patent corkscrew. £90  
83 Conway Stewart fountain pen 14ct gold nib, boxed also a ink pen (2) £30  
84 A yellow Parker Canadian Duofold fountain pen and a Conway Stewart 14ct gold nib pen (2). £200  
85 A metal plaque dolphin and cross stamped 'Cuiarwork, Malta', height 12cm. £30  
86 A WWII German metal plaque, width 12cm. £30  
87 A 9ct gold modern watch chain bracelet, approx 5.7gms. £65  
88 QEII gold 2016 one pence. £55  
89 Silver half hunter keyless pocket watch (faults). £12  
90 A mixed lot including pocket watch case, Isle of Man brass box, charm bracelet, enamel badges, silver Bentley motor badge etc. £55  
91 A Bilston enamel bodkin case, late 18th Century, of cylinder form decorated with flowers, length 16cm. £70  
92 A small ladies Lanco wristwatch, also three small purses etc. £45  
93 A set of game counters in fitted box with ornate decoration, approx 10cm x 10cm. £80  
94 Three figures from the Magic Roundabout children's programme, possibly used in some episodes.. £42  
95 Metal picture frame with military insignia decoration, height 33cm together with tortoiseshell style small picture frame height 15cm (2) £70  
97 A pair of copper lustre jugs, pair Vienna marked porcelain vases and Burleigh ware jug etc (7). £90  
98 Shelley, a five setting Art Deco style tea set. £95  
99 A Lladro figurine, two Nao figures and three Hummel figures (6). £55  
112 An old tin magic lantern together with a Mettoy typewriter, boxed. £12  
113 Diecast models including Dinky Toys 260 Royal Mail van, boxed, miniature Diecast accessories, Matchbox series models etc. £45  
114 Edwardian style small mantle clock with inlaid mahogany case, walnut money box, miniature portrait of a lady dated 1956 monogrammed and another similar and an amber cheroot holder box. £40  
115 A German tin plate steam stationary engine by Gamage, London, boxed. £110  
116 A collection of various 19th century and later coffee cups and saucers including Wedgwood, Worcester etc. £20  
117 A 19th Century lacquered snuff box, 'Feathers in your Cap' radiator cap, miniature photo flash camera, Ivor.D.Lawrence book 1988, linen dollies etc. £42  
118 Royal Doulton figurine HN 3173 Natalie, Royal Grafton 'Emma', Coalport Ladies of Fashion figures and 'Helen', The Regal Collection figure, also Nao & Beswick owls and three Swarovski crystal ornaments comprising Bear, Swan and Crystal Globe. £60  
119 A white metal sculpture of a spaniel, collection of coloured hock and other drinking glasses, brass pestle and mortar, Webley and other gun sights etc. £80  
120 A collection of 12 Wade Natwest piggy banks. £70  
121 A collection of various silver plated wares including photo frames, lighters, tea caddy, playing cards, No.1A pocket Kodak camera, boxed. £20  
122 Various chinaware, Susie Cooper dish set, ornate cheese dish, glassware and pair of shorter ware wall pockets. £18  
123 A Royal Doulton stoneware jug, impressed marks, circa 1900, height 22cm. £10  
124 A pair of Japanese 20th Century vases, similar single vase and a pair of Austrian porcelain ewers decorated with wild flowers, height 39cm. £20  
126 A large collection of cigarette cards and postcards including real photographic postcards, also Black Cat, Carrera's etc untouched for many years etc. £260  
127 A large collection of cigarette cards and postcards, various sets in albums and loose. £150  
128 A 19th Century pocket pistol, percussion, length 18cm £160  
129 A modern jug and basin set with an iron stand. £15  
130 Collection of boxed model cars including Vanguards, Corgi, Days gone, Formula 1 racing cars by Panini, replica Corgi James bond model etc. £80  
131 Model of a steam engine with track, length 24cm £90  
132 A Royal Doulton coffee service also a Crown Ducal service. £10  
137 The Hurricane, air pistol by Webley, boxed. £48  
138 Meccano Airport Service, set No.4 boxed £10  
139 An interesting collection of postcards and prints, booklets, war time memorabilia, including Edwardian and later greetings cards, some photographic in two albums etc. £200  
140 Collection of vintage toys and games including watches, Bayko, plastic figures, miniature cards, Crescent plastic soldiers, diecast figures, puzzles, cigarette cards etc. £42  
141 Various toys including Dinky Toys, Austin van 470, MG Midget 108, also some Matchbox, Corgi and Classico together with miniature tinplate sewing machine etc. £25  
142 A war time field phone and a demolition continual tester mark 1. £25  
143 A quantity of bead necklaces etc. 5  
144 A Capodimonte porcelain figure, Beswick hounds and brass ware. £18  
145 Various games and toys including Thunderbirds, Totopoly, boards games etc. 5  
146 Five porcelain plates including hand painted by S.Smith 1923. £10  
147 Oak cased mantle clock with double gong strike and eight day movement. £38  
148 Christina Page (American), 'Poppy', oil on canvas, signed in a wide gilt frame, image size 77cm x 77cm, certificate verso. £20  
149 James Dixon miniature silver plated hip flask together with a pair of shell and silver mounted table salts (3) £35  
150 A early 20th Century wood bench. £48  
151 An oak single door wardrobe of gothic design. £60  
152 An early 20th Century pitch pine single door wardrobe. £45  
154 A set of four Victorian carved oak and barley twist dining chairs (faults). £20  
155 A Moroccan style occasional octagonal table with marquetry and mother of pearl decoration. £140  
156 A glass display cabinet with oriental lacquered decoration together with a similar occasional table. £95  
157 A reproduction mahogany bureau of Georgian design. £30  
158 A black lacquered cabinet with oriental decoration. £35  
159 Reproduction mahogany side table with two fitted drawers and two dummy drawers on claw and ball feet £40  
160 A gothic style carved wood mirror £190  
161 Oak and rush seated corner chair. £22  
162 Mahogany free standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves. £30  
163 Edwardian mahogany and cross banded fold over games table. £28  
164 A 19th Century specimen marble table (diameter 86cm) on a pedestal mahogany base. £4600  
165 Art Deco mirror, two colour glass, on heavy plywood mahogany stained base, 50cm x 76cm. £50  
166 Reproduction mahogany pedestal desk (in three sections). £30  
167 Reproduction ornate gilt framed mantle mirror. £32  
168 Mahogany three tier folding cake stand together with a parasol (2) £10  
169 A Georgian oak wall hanging corner cabinet. £20  
170 A 19th Century French drink set in burr wood and inlaid cabinet fitted with four decanters and sixteen glasses with a lift out tiered stand and hinged doors, width 36cm height 28cm depth 28cm. £290  
171 A large 19th Century mahogany chest fitted with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, width 122cm. £38  
173 A Georgian inlaid and bow fronted mahogany sideboard fitted with two deep drawers (one a cellaret), width 113cm, depth 54cm. £65  
174 A Chinese style rosewood 'Altar' cabinet £35  
175 Two Victorian wood framed armchairs with later purple leather upholstery and similar pouffes. £40  
176 An antique English walnut bureau bookcase the upper section with two glazed doors, enclosing two shelves, the base with a fall enclosing a fitted interior of pigeon holes and drawers, over two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, in two sections, £260  
177 A modern continental walnut and marquetry inlaid bureau bookcase, width 80cm. £50  
178 Early 20th Century mahogany library bookcase in two sections. £50  
179 A set of six reproduction Victorian dining chairs. £20  
180 An Edwardian mahogany occasional two tier table. £10  
181 A set five early Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs together with a 19th century mahogany framed carver chair (6). £48  
182 A Victorian carved oak hall bench, length 136cm. £300  
183 An Edwardian mahogany bow fronted display cabinet with inlay decoration, width 90cm, height approx 170cm. £50  
184 A Victorian mahogany four tier whatnot, width 66cm. £95  
185 An oak pedestal desk fitted with nine drawers, width 123cm. £55  
186 A 19th Century chest fitted with four drawers inlaid top with plate glass, width 104cm. £30  
187 A set of four Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs. £20  
188 A large antique pine blanket box (stripped), width 106cm, depth 53cm. £100  
189 An oak free standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 139cm, height 122cm. £40  
190 An antique French Normande Armoire (dismantled). £60  
191 A mahogany single door wardrobe, with arched top and bevelled mirror plate, width approx 97cm. £42  
192 A stained wood collectors cabinet fitted with seven drawers, width 67cm, height 72cm. £70  
194 An oriental jade style magnifying glass with ornate white metal mount. £10  
195 Pan Am Airways, a collection of original 1980's First Class menus. £10  
196 Champagne and others including Jacquarts, 1996 Charles Heidseck, Grand Secle Champagne (British Airways) etc (8). £65  
197 A collection of silver plated wares. £12  
198 A quantity of vintage costume jewellery and a Victorian ebonised ivory effect jewellery box. £75  
199 A collection of traditional mantle clocks 1930/50's oak cased, Victorian slate clock, Schutz carriage clocks also a barometer (14). £65  
201 A blanc de chine porcelain Buddha, height 17cm and a green glazed figure (2). £18  
202 A blanc de chine seated figure, height 18cm. £60  
203 A Chinese Yixing teapot and cover 19th/20th Century of globular form applied with various nuts and seeds with white metal possibly silver spout and cover and four panels of script height 14cm. £650  
204 A small Chinese porcelain libation cup, possibly Kangxi, height 50mm. £55  
205 A Chinese blanc de chine libation cup, height 9cm £140  
206 Oriental porcelain tea bowls and dishes some marked (17). £25  
207 Chinese porcelain tea bowls and dishes six character marks over written and a pair of similar shallow dishes. £20  
208 Chinese porcelain, three tea bowls and two dishes, various marks. £240  
209 Square oriental box decorated with mother of pearl inlay, 20cm wide. £25  
210 Small cabinet porcelain items, glass ware and enamel objects (12). £190  
211 19th Century gilt metal box containing a group of five glass scent bottles, width 15cm, on bun feet. £210  
212 19th Century tortoiseshell and inlaid purse length 8.5cm. £55  
213 A 19th Century micro mosaic box with enamel decoration, bun feet, length approx 7cm, height 4cm. £230  
214 19th Century tortoiseshell and possibly silver inlaid card case, 10cm x 8cm £30  
215 Bronze group of two monkeys, length 9cm. £65  
216 19th Century ivory and possibly gold mounted snuff box length 6cm, oval ivory frame, match box holder, circular wood snuff box inserted with coin. £90  
217 Silver christening cup, silver mounted scent bottle, art deco style dress ring and ladies Omega wristwatch (4). £50  
218 A miniature portrait of a lady, watercolour and pair of 19th Century portrait prints in gilt frames (3). £30  
219 Three Kukri knives including an unusual large model with a carved wood handle. £18  
221 An Art Deco glass sherry set, Jasper ware Wedgwood biscuit barrel, two carnival glasses and pottery etc. £40  
222 William Calvert, 'Shipping in the Sound, Plymouth', print, with Plymouth label verso, unframed, 18cm x 30cm. £25  
223 Six various Beswick horses. £120  
224 Royal Crown Derby porcelain vase and cover decorated with flowers and gilt work, height 30cm. £80  
225 A French eight day clock with striking movement with key, height 23cm. £180  
226 Hornby Gauge O GWR clock work No.0 passenger set, circa 1931, the box lid showing LMS Pullman train containing clock work loco, tender, two Pullman coaches and track. £85  
227 Hornby Gauge O GWR clock work No.2 mixed good set circa 1930 with pictorial lid showing LMS loco containing Hornby No.2 special clock work tank loco No.2221 with GWR button monogram (rare version with tall chimney) also GW wagon, 'Royal Daylight' tank wag £95  
228 Hornby Gauge O GWR clock work No.2 special 4-4-0 loco 'County of Bedford' and matching replica Hornby six wheel tender by Burnard Ridgley. £160  
229 Two Triang Minic Routemaster buses M214 and 52M early 1960's push and go tinplate 1/43 scale. £65  
230 Various ceramics including Shelley dishes, miniature service ware of oriental design, continental porcelain and ornaments £10  
231 Three Royal Doulton early figures, HN728 Victorian lady, HN1666 Miss Winsone and HN1340 Priscilla (3). £130  
232 Two Royal Doulton figures, HN1997 Belle of the Ball and HN2149 The Love Letter (2). £60  
233 Various Nao and other ornaments and figures (13) £55  
234 Lladro, three figures together with other porcelain figure groups etc. £45  
235 Italian Copeland Spode blue and white dinner wares together with 1930's glass lamp shade, and green fish glass balls. £70  
236 A pair of blue and white vases decorated with blossom tree's oriental baluster vase, a 19th Century willow coffee pot (faults) and various modern figures (14). £85  
237 A 19th Century and later glass ware including epergne, a pair of opaline glass vases, single lustre and Sowerby glass etc (14). £65  
238 Various silver plated tea wares, coasters and vases (9) £25  
239 Collection of modern framed silhouettes, antique engraved prints of Plymouth and other pictures (14) £32  
240 Blue glass sherry decanter and six drinking glasses. £22  
242 Royal Doulton, Lydia HN1905, Wendy HN2109, Pirouette HN2216 and Hostess of Williamsburg HN2209 (4). £30  
243 Modern porcelain figures including Nao (6) £25  
244 Four reproduction art deco figures, height approx 40cm. £60  
245 Four Coalport figurines including 'Breeze' (4). £30  
246 Collection of blue drinking glasses and gilt vases also German gilt glass roamers and Victorian enamelled and green glass decanter. £10  
247 Six 19th Century Spode soup plates, 'Net' design impress marks £32  
248 A collection of various porcelain figurines including miniatures and Beswick horses. £40  
249 A spelter sculpture table lamp, three decorative jardinire's with pedestals also a large majolica jardinire and Italian reproduction three tier corner whatnot. £30  
250 Eight Nao porcelain figures £35  
251 Royal Doulton 'The Gossip' HN2025. £22  
252 Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' service twelve setting together with various Poole twin tone pottery, other tea wares, Sylvac rabbit jug and mirror. £120  
253 9ct gold necklace, 5.2gms £50  
254 Modern Tele- Science telescope, boxed £20  
255 Collection of various ships crest together with wooden inlaid box. £40  
257 Sam Brown leather belt WWI double strap with pistol pouch, signed 'Pearson E.J.1916'. £80  
258 Salter spring balance No.60 mark II. £10  
259 A stick barometer in oak case by Philip & Harris. £100  
260 A set of Griffin & Tatlock scales in cabinet. £30  
261 A Prior binocular microscope together with a magnetometer (2). £48  
262 An oak cased barograph, registration number 476369. £120  
263 Scientific instruments including copper boiler, vault metre, noremberg apparatus, Young slit experiment tools, Nicolls prism, and induction coil. £38  
264 Two Philip & Harris resistance boxes. £28  
265 Dinky Toys, collection of military vehicles together with static tanker model on wood plinth. £60  
266 Triang Minic diecast ships also Triang Harbour set etc. £70  
267 Corgi Toys, 151a lotus, 486 kennel service wagon, 1127 fire engine, 1128 Priestman shovel also dinky super toys 958 plough all boxed and brinks armoured car no box (6). £120  
268 Three Corgi Chipperfields models, boxed 503, 1121 and gift set 19 (3). £130  
269 A Corgi 1126 racing car transporter and 1105 Carrimore transporter (2). £170  
270 Dinky Toys 722 Harrier boxed, aircraft models including Junkers also Corgi Concorde model etc. £42  
271 Corgi Classics, collection of bus models also commercial vehicles, RAF models, Vanguards etc, approx 16. £80  
272 Collection of Royal Mail delivery vans, mainly Corgi and mainly boxed. £28  
273 Postcards, a collection in four albums including Devon. £100  
274 A 1970 World Cup coin collection and other Shell coin sets, approx 13. £12  
275 Meccano, a vintage collection. £10  
276 A Railway portable oil lamp, round copper base, embossed Sherwoods Ltd Bham, on wick adjuster knob, stamped BR on filler cap, stamped DDWF (?) on side above round window. £30  
277 A Railway portable Oil Lamp, black, square copper base, embossed as follows on side of copper base £ BR(M), on wick adjuster knob, Sherwoods Ltd Bham, on wick holder Type A BR, On wick Lynlight No1.  
278 A Railway portable Oil Lamp, dark grey, rounded, embossed as follows on top, 22/13, on plate, Lamp Manufacturing & Railway supplies LTD, London, registers design No 826558-9, Patented. £30  
279 A 19th century carriage lamp carriage lamp, with sprung wick and bevelled glass. £20  
280 Three gents wristwatches including Citron, Sekonda and Parmex together with a ladies Rotary wristwatch (4). £10  
282 A carved ivory Japanese figure with parasol and book, height 15cm. £70  
283 A WWII Officers metal trunk with 1940's map case and map of France, kit bag, inkwells etc. £22  
284 A collection of 280 assorted postcards in album together with a 1958 and 1962 copies of Radio Times in a folder and photos of The Beatles. £20  
285 Four gallon stoneware flagon by Charles Price of Bristol circa 1900 also watchmakers four drawer cabinet and contents and two pairs of bronzed figures. £20  
286 A collection of twenty nine vintage badges. £10  
287 Watches, including two Citizen chronographs, one Swiss Army, also three other chronograph watches. £35  
289 Silverwares, 8 crested spoons, 2 vestas, 2 thimbles, pillbox, button hook etc. £10  
290 Various items, two oriental snuff bottles, two pipes, miniature table clock, enamel glue pot etc. £35  
291 Four pairs of binoculars, four sets of fish knives and forks (3 boxed), various pewter ware etc. £18  
292 A Victorian Postman's dial clock with weights. £20  
293 Silver plated wares, candlesticks, tray and desk bell. £20  
295 Victorian walnut wall clock. £25  
296 Four Royal Doulton art pottery pieces together with Royal Worcester figure 'January' model 34542 (5). £55  
297 Two kukri knives and various other daggers (8). £28  
298 A WWII German gun sight, model 149015, marked Hildebrand-Wichmann. £35  
299 Various 00 gauge model railway including Hornby, Duplo, transformers, accessories etc. £140  
300 Model railway 00 gauge Triang including locos, tracks, wagons, rolling stock etc. £85  
301 Meccano, multi kit set and army set (2). 5  
302 Wembley Football Memorabilia, a small collection of 1950's England FA programmes from Wembley Stadium including England Vs Austria, other Wembley games of the period, Torquay vs Tottenham 1965 and Aston Villa Vs Man Utd 1957 cup tie and some ticket stubs £100  
303 Four stamp albums including three Simplex albums, Victoria & Geo V, GB including Empire Exhibition 1924 stamps etc. £20  
304 A Czech porcelain tea service decorated with flowers. £20  
305 A large Victorian mahogany and brass bound writing slope, width 46cm. £20  
307 Great War, a pair of medals 25801 Cpl A.E.Brooking, Devon Regiment, another victory medal to PTE W.T.Brooking The Queens Regiment and five WWII medals to the Brooking Family. £75  
309 Two oriental lacquered albums with various photographs and prints. £180  
310 Five WWII medals including LSGC medal 247720 C.E.Grant HMS Drake and a coronation medal to J.Wyatt Third Division and a Edward VII coronation medal J.Wyatt Third Division. £70  
311 A large nickel open face pocket watch, keyless movement together with a vintage wristwatch by West End Watch Company, Bijou (faults). £55  
312 A collection of vintage woodworking tools. £55  
313 A military telescope three pull stamped TT & H Ltd, 1915, in leather. £75  
314 A large Copeland Tyg, a harvest jug and another (3). £20  
315 An oriental bronzed dragon, four blue and white dishes (faults). £28  
316 An Art Nouveau copper jug, Victorian opaline glass vases, silver cased pocket watch and silver half hunter and keyless pocket watch. £100  
317 A Bachmann train set 'Virgin Voyager', boxed. £45  
318 A German car flag no.28383, two badges and a German service book, unused. £160  
319 A Stanley instrument set and another (2). 5  
320 Scientific instruments including light beam gover meter, resistance box, spring balance, transmitting key, reflection apparatus etc. £48  
321 Various costume jewellery, coins, vintage watches, silver open face and keyless pocket watch, vintage anchor brooch of malachite style decoration. £160  
322 A oriental cloisonn bowl and stand. £25  
323 An art glass vase with silver rim. £12  
324 A green malachite coloured glass and decorated box and cover, surmounted with a figure, £60  
325 Four brush pots and two carved bamboo boat models. £55  
327 Russian, attributed to Beta Vukanovic, a pair signed miniature oils 'Still Life Flowers and View', oil on board, 11cm x 13.5cm (2) £30  
329 A 20th Century miniature Dutch oil on panel 'Interior Scene with Figures', indistinctly signed, M.Girardt in gilt frame, overall size 17cm x 15cm. £45  
330 A flower print in heavy black frame, 104cm x 80cm including frame. £20  
332 A Coalport porcelain coffee set, five cups, six saucers with silver and pierced holders in original fitted case. £75  
333 After Montague Dawson, sailing print in gilt frame, 89cm x 59cm £42  
337 Beswick, a hunt group comprising three mounted horses, seven dogs and a fox (some faults). £240  
339 Italian School watercolour, signed and inscribed 'Amalfi', mounted, 25cm x 17cm. £190  
340 Three Lladro ballerina figures and two Nao figures (5). £75  
341 Gabriel Models, five metal kit model cars (5). £28  
342 A Victorian carved elbow chair with needlework seat. £120  
344 A pair of lanterns of gothic design, height 57cm. £60  
345 A pair of 19th Century brass fire dogs, a pair of andirons and trivet. £40  
346 A boot umbrella stand/coal scuttle.. £20  
347 A oriental dinner gong in carved wood frame, height 90cm. £90  
348 Various china wares including cottage ware, porcelain coffee pot, maritoma ware etc. £12  
349 A silver and coral handle page marker and a miniature corkscrew. £45  
350 A quanity fo general china wares £20  
351 A large wooden easel. £32  
Under government guidelines the Saleroom will be closed from Tuesday 5th January for the National Lockdown

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We look forward to welcoming you all back soon. But until then, Best wishes and take care, from Paul and the Team.

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