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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 17th October 2018

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 Lalique, vase Bluebells (Elves), height 19.5cm, diameter 8cm. £110  
2 Lalique, perfume bottle, 'Claire Fontaine', height 12cm, width 11cm. £110  
3 Lalique, perfume bottle, coquillage shell, height 17cm, width 7cm. £85  
4 Lalique, crystal Turtledove. £60  
5 Lalique, perfume bottle, two flowers. £95  
6 Lalique, fish, height 5cm and cendrier (ashtray) diameter 11cm. £110  
7 Meissen, a glass cat with collar and bow. £20  
8 A collection of Mary Gregory style Victorian coloured glassware (6). £42  
9 Concorde collectables, a turbine blade, small blade mounted on Bristol blue glass also Concorde gift clock and Concorde Bristol blue glass paperweight (3). £20  
10 Moorcroft, lidded dish with daisy may pattern. £48  
11 A large modern Chinese figure, height 45cm, another similar small figure, various coloured glassware, decanter and a Minton porcelain rose basket vase circa 1993 (11). £38  
12 Various Victorian and later blue and white chinaware including willow patterned plates, drainers etc. £10  
13 A collection of Wedgwood and other cabbage leaf plates (10). £20  
14 Various items, chamber pot, stone bottles, vintage oil lamp and shade, truncheon, vintage metal cork press, various old collectors bottles, 1930's key set, 19th century print in maple frame etc. £38  
15 Various art glass ware, continental pottery dish, carved hardstone bird group and Horlicks jug etc (9). £20  
16 Glassware including bohemian goblet, crackle glass also medina wares (9). £60  
17 A late 19th/early 20th century porcelain six setting tea set, decorated in bright flowers and butterflies. £12  
18 A pair of Victorian copper lustre goblets, Torquay cockerel patterned cauldron, Doulton figure 'Michele' and other chinaware's. £20  
19 Silver plated tea pots, candlesticks and flat bottom glass decanter with silver collar. £85  
20 Doulton, Slaters five piece tea service, two 19th Century hand painted dishes, paper knife and enamelled vase. £38  
21 Charles Dickens character jugs also Doulton Monty, Doulton Wild West, a Toby jug and Nao figure table lamp (11). £60  
22 Nao, a ballerina together with two other Nao figures also five Lladro figures and a swan (8). £80  
23 A pair of ornate Victorian pottery vases, height 42cm. £15  
24 A large glazed ceramic finial in the form of an acorn, height 47cm. £30  
25 A Crown Devon chamber pot, Victorian willow meat platter, Clarice Cliff banded pattern platters and other chinaware. £15  
26 A reproduction Victorian style blue and gilt jug and basin. £15  
27 A collection of Longpark and other Torquay ware. £45  
28 Adderley, six piece tea service and teapot. £22  
29 A large porcelain vase decorated with bright flowers, height 41cm also a cut glass vase, height 24cm and Minton Haddon Hall bowl, diameter 30cm. £80  
30 A German 300 day anniversary clock, Royal Doulton three piece jug and basin set of Art Deco design, silver plated serving tray, various other ceramics. £22  
31 A Victorian glass decanter and two others, various ornaments, Welsh teapot, Coalport cottage etc together with various blue and white chinaware's, Chinese crackle vase, modern porcelain Chinese bowl etc. £65  
32 Border Fine Arts, various ornaments etc. £10  
34 Copeland Spode Chinese Rose part dinner wares and Clarice Cliff banded pattern dinnerware's. £10  
35 Various chinaware's including Oriental porcelain vase, pot lid, tin glaze plate, continental pottery and brass etc, £95  
36 A Wedgwood Willow bowl, diameter 40cm also various metal ware and objects. £10  
37 Various ornaments, plates, some Wedgwood boxes, bayonet etc. £20  
38 Doulton Bunnykins dishes, various chinaware's, modern porcelain boxes, shagreen effect card box, watches etc. £20  
39 Four Royal Crown Derby paperweights, two cats, mouse and a pheasant (4). £50  
40 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, rabbits (2). £20  
41 Hollohaza, Hungary, four porcelain Elephant models and two others (6). £28  
42 A collection of 19 porcelain figurines including Coalport, Doulton Pretty Ladies series and Worcester etc. £210  
43 Moorcroft, a modern ginger jar and cover, height 16cm. £70  
44 A 19th century porcelain muffin dish, cover and stand, decorated with panels of landscape scenes and bright flowers, blue crossed swords mark. £85  
45 Royal Worcester, two blush ivory jugs decorated with wild flowers, the tallest 16cm. £40  
46 A 19th Century Staffordshire figure 'Huntsman', also three other figures (4). £20  
47 A 19th Century Staffordshire cow creamer, porcelain monkey and 19th century Staffordshire white poodle etc (5). £42  
48 Royal Crown Derby, twin handled vase and cover, height 20cm. £200  
49 Worcester, twin handled porcelain vase and cover, hand painted fruit study, No.2363, signed P. English, height 23cm. £700  
50 A large bronze sculpture the Dancing Faun of Pompeii, after the antique, portrayed in ecstatic dance, with hands raised, with an oak and acorn wreath around his horned head, his tail issuing behind him. The original Dancing Faun was discovered in the atri £2000  
51 An impressive pair of large Chinese or Japanese bronze vases, each decorated in relief with stylised trees and exotic birds, Height £ 68cm Diameter, 32cm Weight 12.5kg (each).  
52 A rare 40cm Tampion (gun cover) from the Battleship H.M.S Lord Nelson depicting 'Nelson', heavily cast in brass and mounted on a circular wood plaque, 40cm diameter overall, circa 1905 (see news from the rostrum). £850  
53 A porcelain pug model, pair of porcelain pug groups on cushions, pair of greyhounds and other animal groups (8). £490  
54 Dresden, an early 20th century porcelain figure in period costume before a tree picking wild flowers, height 20cm. £18  
55 An Oriental bowl with stylistic decoration, indistinct mark, diameter 21cm. £10  
56 Clarice Cliff, water lily centre piece, height 13cm. £40  
57 Clarice Cliff, Crocus patterned bowl, diameter 21cm. £38  
58 Clarice Cliff, cornucopia vase with decorated interior, height 18cm. £30  
59 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Citron Cockatoo (2) £85  
60 Royal Crown Derby, a pair of bee eater birds (2) £60  
61 Royal Crown Derby, a fox cub, brown pelican, song thrush and small bird (4). £80  
62 Three pairs of reproduction Staffordshire style cats. £20  
63 Coalport, Ladies of Fashion figure, Royal Doulton 'Good Companion HN3608', also 'Miss Kay HN3659' and Franklin Mint 'Cinderella' (4). £65  
64 A mixed lot of porcelain, miniature Chinese plates, silver plated spoons etc. £40  
65 A 19th Century porcelain Meissen style group, modelled with Cupid standing blindfolded taking a scroll from a marble table, his companion seated on a chair and another figure holding a scroll with French inscription, underglaze blue cross swords mark, hei £920  
66 A pair of continental porcelain figure groups of children, under glaze mark JR, height 16cm. £20  
67 Karl Ens, porcelain Owl, height 26cm and two others (3). £80  
68 Karl Ens, four porcelain bird groups. £50  
69 Karl Ens, model of a Dachshund, length 27cm also a Doulton figure 'Top of The Hill' (2). £35  
70 20th Century Meissen porcelain, flower patterned vases, dishes, urns (7), also German porcelain animals and Meissen plate (10). £110  
71 Meissen, red clay horse sculptures (2). £30  
72 19th Century Derby porcelain, a pair of squat vases one with cover, decorated with gilt work with lion masks and pull feet, height 13cm. £20  
73 Beswick, Bull 'Claybury Leegwater', Beswick Terrier (cast iron) and Pig. £50  
74 A pair of Lladro figures of girls with baskets, height 18cm together with a Royal Crown Derby box and covers. £38  
75 A large plaster figure of a Middle Eastern girl with urn and basket, height 70cm. £45  
76 Continental earthenware charger, diameter 48cm. £60  
77 A Clarice Cliff plate Rhodanthe pattern, diameter 22cm. £30  
78 A pair of Cantonese porcelain vases, height 15cm (faults), Worcester porcelain bird decorated jug and art glass vase (restored). £30  
79 A Victoria 1892 half sovereign, shield back, set in a pendant necklace. £130  
80 A Victoria 1889 sovereign mounted as a pendant. £180  
81 Victoria, a 1884 shield back sovereign, bun head, Sydney Mint. £230  
82 A Geo V 1913 gold sovereign. £210  
83 Victoria, 1892 shield back half sovereign. £110  
84 A pair of sapphire style and yellow metal earrings. £25  
85 A Victorian 9ct gold brooch and a 15ct horse shoe tie pin. £35  
86 A gold nugget tie pin and a 9ct gold heart brooch. £20  
89 Various brooches and costume jewellery. £20  
90 A 9ct gold St Christopher and chain together with various other small gold jewellery, brooches, tie pins etc. £360  
91 A quantity of various dress jewellery, gilt bangles, brooches, pendants etc. £12  
92 A collection of various costume jewellery, mainly brooches and some coinage etc. £20  
93 Various costume jewellery, pendants, brooches etc. £60  
94 A collection of various costume jewellery, brooches, lotus pearls etc. £20  
95 Chinese silk work picture, 33cm x 56cm. £20  
96 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), Landscape poster, 59cm x 45cm £10  
98 A Steyr 1886 pattern rifle, bolt action, impressed marks 'M1886, E.W.F.G.Steyr', length 132cm. £350  
100 Various collectables including Dr Who Dalek radio controlled, Marx Toy whistling locomotive (boxed), a chess set with carved hardstone figures, a Yashica camera, compendium games set and carved wood box. £42  
101 Diecast models, a collection of approx 169 models, mainly promo models, Days Gone etc. £70  
102 Stamps, a large mixed general collection in albums and stock books also various covers and postal history. £55  
103 Various collectors action figures including Tron Legacy, Osbourne caricatures and Pokmon packs. £40  
104 Hornby, OO gauge, The Golden Arrow, train set boxed, together with South Wales Express limited edition train pack (2). £100  
105 W.Britain, a set of lead soldiers Durham Light Infantry, boxed together with some various loose Britain's figures etc. £28  
106 Railwayana, a metal bracket marked '18 Junction Down Branch to Down Loco Inner Home 14', stamped SR (Southern Rail), also brass push button No 26 (2). £32  
107 Model Railway, a tin plate platform waiting room, signal box, O gauge railway including Great Western loco 4-4-2, three wagons, right angle crossing, single arm signal, various rails and a 1938/9 GWR timetable. £120  
108 Meccano, a collection. £10  
109 Various trench art brass shell cases, art nouveau style pewter wares and other metal wares (12). £75  
110 A Great War 'death plaque' to Samuel Lees Redfern, framed. £80  
111 A collection of various postcards in two albums, including wartime humorous, Scottish, some silk flags, some real photographic including Ugborough street scene, some local interest including Argyle, travel postcards including Natives, shipping etc. £300  
112 Two lacquered albums containing various postcards including Tokyo, Shanghai, 1920's Singapore, also real photographic Bangkok, Siam etc. £300  
113 A coco de mer, cut as a hand basket. £140  
115 Trench Art, a pair of shell cases embossed with flower decoration (2) £32  
116 Metal wares including silver plated candlesticks, small silver items, EP table piece with spirit warmer etc. £30  
117 Concorde Collectables, including leather wallet, silver page marker, atlas, three boxed leather wallets, diaries etc. £40  
118 A Middle Eastern brass tea urn/samovar, height 57cm. £20  
119 A possible Prisoner of War model, an ivory and wood two deck masted ship, length 38cm (faults). £200  
120 Four Ace trains modern vintage style 0 gauge wagons, tanker set (three 'Express Diary' two cream, one blue), Hornby Collectors Club novelty Christmas van, boxed. £80  
121 Four Ace trains modern vintage style 0 gauge wagons, tanker set (three 'Express Diary', two cream one blue), 'Beautiful Isle Pears', private owner van, boxed. £85  
122 Bing gauge 0 1920's GWR luggage/passenger brake van with opening doors, Bing trains 8-wheel 'Bogie' passenger coach, manufactured in Germany in about 1924. Excellent working order and complete. £40  
123 French silver plated flatware by Cailar & Bayard, comprising 11 table spoons and 10 dinner forks stamped 'Cailar Bayard,84' together with 24 Sheffield knives. £20  
124 A model steam boat 'African Queen' German by Tucher and Walther, boxed. £190  
125 A Mamod traction engine. £30  
126 A top hat, marked JJ Petet, Paris, head size 20cm x 16cm. £50  
127 A collection of various boxes, pen and ink stand, trench art, book ends, punch door stop, tea caddy, letter racks etc (approx 17 items). £130  
129 Lord of The Rings, two limited edition film cells, also 50th Anniversary edition Tolkien book and framed collectable (4). £38  
130 Various collectables including antique mortice gauge, copper tray set with compass, military buttons and badges, various objects, also a horn marked BR ACME. £35  
131 An Edwardian and mahogany inlaid balloon clock, with French movement, height 26cm. £48  
132 A Victorian walnut card box applied with brass card decoration, approx 25cm x 14cm. £35  
133 A collection of figures, carved hardstone bird, oriental carvings etc (7). £22  
134 A collection of various interesting objects, including Charles Maine Jersey silver spoon, costume jewellery, pendant, vestas etc. £120  
135 Various metal wares including silver topped and embossed decorated jars, vesta, EP toast racks, mustard spoons and napkin ring. £65  
136 Various costume jewellery, brooches, ladies wristwatches, beads, cameo brooch in yellow metal, carved bone brooch etc. £220  
137 An assortment of costume jewellery, brooches, necklaces, Dansk design objects, wristwatches, imperial service medal etc. £300  
140 A 19th Century sampler by Elizabeth Phelps 1811 with verse and alphabet, 30cm x 25cm. £75  
141 A pair of carved wood busts, girl and boy, height 23cm. £12  
142 A 19th Century French alabaster and gilt mantel clock, overall height 59cm. £32  
143 A Chinese carved bone pleasure boat, height 60cm, length 46cm. £360  
149 A modern leather bullet belt and holster by John Bettie. £10  
151 A Japanese Naval Dirk dagger with a shagreen type handle, steel blade, leather and metal mounted scabbard, length 32cm. £400  
152 An antique Islamic knife, with pierced and decorated leather scabbard, length 30cm. £90  
153 A hunting knife, the steel blade stamped Nagpome, with horn handle and scabbard (knife length 32cm). £270  
154 A Kotli Luharane light inventory kukri, stamped 'Pensioners and Sons'. £500  
155 A Middle Eastern sword with curved blade and gilt decorated pommel, overall length approx 95cm. £2600  
159 A carved wood knobkerrie, length 54cm. £28  
160 A US Army holster and belt, John Brown. £22  
161 A 1940's Air Ministry pouch, belt and holster. £38  
162 Cloisonn, a pair of oriental vases, height 30cm. £100  
164 An early 20th Century air rifle. £40  
166 A Oriental copper photo frame with dragon decoration, 17cm x 13cm together with a brass and painted icon plaque 10cm x 8cm (2). £10  
167 An unusual model of a gun flintlock action, height 15cm. £20  
169 An old case of various old memorabilia including photo snap shots, ID cards, lighters, Parker 14ct gold nib fountain pen etc. £22  
170 Ian Fleming, book, James Bond 'The Man with the Golden Gun' First Edition. £50  
171 Book, 'The Nests and Eggs of British Birds' by Charles Dickson 1894. £30  
172 A collection of various military badges and buttons also cased medallions and a Victorian medallion inscribed 'Imperium ET Libertas' etc. £50  
173 Various medallions, cap badges, Marabout badge and coronation medal. £42  
174 A collection of various general gents and ladies wristwatches including Seiko, Ingersoll, Rotary and a Avia open face pocket watch etc. £30  
175 A silver cased key wind pocket watch, movement marked 'Centre Seconds Chronograph' with silver guard chain together with another key wind open face pocket watch. £110  
176 A vintage ladies 9ct gold cased wristwatch with Swiss movement. £28  
177 A vintage Moeris gents wristwatch, a Monde top time wristwatch and a snuff box. £75  
178 A 9ct gold plated gents Citizen gilt dress watch, Eco-Drive, boxed. £15  
179 A 9ct gold vintage ladies wristwatch. £50  
180 A Newlyn copper picture frame embossed with fish and a shell, impressed 'Newlyn' to verso, 30cm x 27cm. £920  
181 A Newlyn copper picture frame embossed with fish and a shell, impressed 'Newlyn' to verso, 30cm x 27cm. £800  
182 A Newlyn copper chamber stick with embossed fish design, stamped on the front and reverse, length 24cm. £140  
183 A Newlyn style copper rectangular tray, the border with embossed floral and pierced decoration, 41cm x 22cm. £45  
184 A pair Newlyn copper circular coasters, stamped in the centre, diameter 9.5cm also a larger coaster with scene of St Michael's Mount (no markings), diameter 14cm (3). £32  
185 A Newlyn copper matchbox holder embossed with lighthouse and sailing boats, the reverse impressed 'WSD', stamped inside, 6cm x 4cm. £90  
186 A Newlyn copper rectangular tray embossed with three fish, stamped 'Newlyn', on the front, 26cm x 7cm. £100  
187 The Armada chess set, with figures, chess board etc. £55  
188 A patchwork quilt together with various Royal napkins and tablecloth. £80  
190 Mark Vincent-Holiday, 'Spirit of the Trees', signed limited edition print No.246/850. £10  
191 A small walnut cased mantel clock, Buren Swiss movement, height 14cm, pottery cased clock and a mahogany bracket clock (3). £32  
192 An African carved wood sphere, length 150cm also a spiral twist carving and a walking stick (3). £20  
193 Bohemian glass ware (4 pieces). £65  
194 A mahogany cased bracket clock with double gong strike and eight day movement, height 27cm. £120  
195 A shark vertebrae walking stick, length 85cm. £48  
196 A shark vertebrae walking stick, length 90cm. £42  
197 Rocking Horse, a Collinson's carved and painted wooden trestle rocking horse with metal stud eyes, painted cream dappled, height 136cm, with original red corduroy and leatherette saddle (worn), with bridle, trestle rocker with straight posts, Purchased fr £310  
199 A reproduction mahogany two drawer side table, width 90cm. £22  
200 A reproduction mahogany serpentine bachelors chest fitted with four drawers, width 70cm. £70  
201 A set of five Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs. £22  
202 A Victorian walnut centre table with a carved stretcher base, approx 134cm x 70cm. £100  
203 A Victorian pedestal mahogany work table of small size, depth 73cm. £32  
204 A Victorian mahogany work table fitted with two real and two dummy drawers on ring turned legs, depth 50cm. £140  
205 A late Victorian heavily carved dark oak free standing and glazed bookcase, width 120cm £80  
206 A Victorian walnut and gilt mounted pier cabinet, width 72cm. £75  
207 A small mahogany stained wood writing table, width 80cm. £42  
208 A Victorian mahogany framed elbow chair on castors. £55  
209 An oak chest fitted with six drawers, width 60cm. £25  
210 A ships mahogany wash basin. £32  
211 Two Edwardian marquetry inlaid elbow chairs. £100  
212 A jardinire stand, brass and leaded glass fire screen, copper wine cooler and prayer stand (4). £40  
213 A gilt framed mirror with landscape decoration 61cm x 88cm (2). £20  
218 After Josiah, a pair of 19th Century marine scenes, 'Gertrude winner of 50 prize June 5th 1873' and 'Surf, winner of 40 prize June 20th 1873' in maple frames 65cm x 56cm. £100  
220 Three small open prints after Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002). £15  
221 A collection of antiquarian small engravings and five various antique prints. £22  
226 MGM Studio 'The Missing Mouse (1953) animation layout drawing, red and black pencil on animation sheet with Certificate of Authenticityalso The Pink Panther original production and pencil sketch, framed (2). £40  
228 Four various oriental decoration embroidery's, modern. £12  
229 A set of four interior scenes lithographs of Windsor Castle, titles 'The East Corridor', 'The Queens Private Sitting Room', 'The Quadrangle Looking West', 'The Crimson Drawing Room', 34cm x 50cm together with a map of The Thames after Tomblesons. £40  
230 A collection of various general marine pictures, including pair by A.E Preston, John De Barr 1986 'Plymouth Boats', marine prints also watercolour of a harvest girl indistinctly signed and continental landscape view (10). £20  
231 A set of six French cattle prints of Bulls and four other similar. £30  
233 A reproduction Pembroke table of Georgian design, with wide cross banding and square tapered legs, fitted with a single drawer, depth 164cm. £30  
234 An eight string Banjo Mandolin, in fitted case. £35  
235 A weather vane from Royal Western Yacht Club, with chrome base, height 60cm. £48  
236 A 20th Century Chinese hardwood low table, fitted with an arrangement of drawers and cupboards with metal mounts, approx 100cm x 60cm x 46cm. £40  
237 An early 20th Century German teddy bear with hump back and glass eyes, height 47cm circa 1920/30. £40  
238 A pottery owl jug of Majolica style, height 29cm. £35  
239 A 19th Century mahogany and brass bound writing slope, fitted with side drawer, 50cm x 26cm x 18cm. £48  
240 An Edwardian photograph album inscribed 'Christmas 1900' with some family portraits. £10  
241 A 19th century ivory brooch carved with a group of horses. £100  
242 A pair of mahogany bookcases with astragal glazing bars on short cabriole legs. £50  
243 A Chinese Chippendale style elbow chair together with three other chairs (4). £32  
244 A 19th Century rosewood pedestal wine table on platform base together with a mahogany tripod table (2). £85  
245 A nest of four mahogany tables with ring turned legs. £45  
246 A mahogany circular occasional table and a mahogany and inlaid reproduction tripod table on claw and ball feet (2). £60  
247 Royal Doulton, pair of art pottery vases, late 19th /early 20th century silver rims, impressed marks (2). £65  
248 Small collection of silver items. £15  
249 An album of GB postal history, postal stationery and covers from 1901 forward. £25  
250 An album of foreign postal stationery, postal history and covers. £25  
251 An album of Commonwealth postal history, covers and postal stationery. £10  
252 An album of foreign and Commonwealth stamps. £10  
253 Stamps, a collection of GB sets etc including QEII Tudor Crown, Machins, Geo V etc. £22  
254 Stamps, a collection of loose pages of World stamps, some cigarette cards, together with three albums containing Post Office first day covers, PHQ cards and a collection of Airmail sheets. £10  
256 Inkwell, carved as a mans head, height 12cm, small Cantonese baluster vase, Coalport gilt vase with panel decoration of birds, height 10cm and oriental plates (4). £140  
257 A collection of various general jewellery including some watches, necklaces etc. £260  
258 A Geo III cartwheel twopence 1797 also tokens including one penny 1812 given by John Bishop, Cheltenham, Hull Leeds Works 1812 1D, Bath 1794 token, Cornish 1811 penny, BB and Copper Company 1811 token (2), North Wales 1793 token and others. £95  
259 A collection of cigarette cards including various sets, some reprints including Churchman's Boxers and a set of Dickens Gallery by Copes Cigarettes. £10  
260 Cigarette case, decorated with mosque and map (SE Africa), inscribed and 7 others assorted cases and 2 lighters. £20  
262 Various Diecast models including Corgi novelty models, Dinky toys guy wagon and Batmobile etc (11). £42  
263 Dinky Toys , collection army vehicles (12). £55  
264 Dinky Supertoys No.622 army truck, boxed. £28  
265 Dinky Supertoys No.661 recovery tractor, boxed. £18  
267 Corgi limited edition Diecast models, boxed including Battle of Britain Anniversary and classic vehicles (8). £30  
268 A Victorian alabaster viewer Crystal Palace, Staffordshire Sailor figure, silverback brush, oriental metal squat tea pot and paperweights. £85  
269 Two silver top glass jars together with a hoof walking stick and a silver mounted cane (4). £22  
270 A Bush Dac 90 bakelite radio. £22  
272 D.McGregor and Co Barometer. £65  
273 A large 19th Century mahogany wine cooler (lacking interior), of sarcophagus shape with recess brass military carrying handles, 114cm x 67cm x 74cm. £680  
274 An 18th century walnut escritoire, the upper section with moulded cornice above a cushion moulded drawer and fall front enclosing a fitted interior, the lower section fitted with two short and two long graduated drawers standing on bun feet width 111cm, £1050  
275 A Regency tripod wine table with spiral column, an oak gate leg table, stained wood kitchen table and a small mahogany Pembroke table together with an Edwardian dressing table (faults) (5). £25  
276 A Butlers tray on folding stand. £20  
277 A large upholstered square stool on cabriole legs, approx 100cm x 100xm. £30  
278 An Edwardian satinwood oval inlaid occasional table. £20  
279 A 19th Century French style bombe chest with marble top, gilt mounts and fitted with two drawers, possibly Kingwood, width 85cm. £80  
280 HMV, a wind up table top gramophone with various '78 records. £40  
282 A model of a Mississippi paddle steamer in glazed cabinet, length including cabinet 112cm, height 53cm. £110  
283 Comitti, eight day mahogany cased striking clock with key, height 21cm £50  
284 Telescope, Galelli, Liverpool. £25  
285 A pair of Edw VIII etch glass goblets together with various crested ware and Horlicks mixer. £15  
286 Various chinawares, Honiton ware, Brewery china, Shelley jelly mould, Shredded Wheat blue and white dish, Devon Pottery and other wares. £10  
287 A pair of Staffordshire Spaniel dogs and three other Staffordshire items, a 19th Century Staffordshire childs plate and large stoneware twin handled tankard and another (8). £30  
299 Swarovski Crystal Glass, Medium Sunflower, 856211. £25  
300 Swarovski, Malachite Kingfisher, boxed. £60  
301 Swarovski, Dino the Dinosaur, boxed. £48  
302 Swarovski, Little Red Riding Hood, boxed. £50  
303 Swarovski, Candlestick, boxed. £10  
304 Swarovski, bunch of grapes with gold leaves and stem, boxed. £32  
305 Swarovski, family of three Bears, boxed. £28  
306 Swarovski, collection of Butterflies (3), boxed. £20  
307 Swarovski, two Pigs, boxed. £20  
308 Swarovski, pair of Squirrels, boxed. £28  
309 Swarovski, Clown, boxed. £25  
310 Swarovski, collection of three large Tulips on stand, nine small Tulips on stand and extra stand for each collection, boxed. £38  
311 Swarovski, flowering cactus, three margaritas and orchid, boxed. £28  
312 Swarovski, three coloured hearts and red and green window ornaments, boxed. £38  
313 Swarovski, various paperweights (7). £25  
314 Swarovski, small jewellery box and small apple photo frame, boxed. £18  
315 Swarovski, Dolphin on wave stand, boxed. £30  
316 Swarovski, a collection of small animals (6), boxed. £30  
317 Swarovski, Masquerade Columbine and stand, boxed. £32  
318 Swarovski, Masquerade Harlequin, boxed. £32  
319 Swarovski, Crystal Planet, Dove of Peace, boxed. £22  
320 Swarovski, Magic of Dance, Anna with plaque, boxed. £38  
321 Swarovski, Magic of Dance, Antonio with plaque, boxed. £32  
322 Swarovski, Magic of Dance, Isadora with plaque, boxed. £32  
323 Swarovski, Annual Edition 1998, Fabulous Creatures, The Pegasus on glass stand, boxed. £50  
324 Swarovski, Crystal Bird Bath figurine, boxed. £22  
325 Swarovski, collection consisting of key ring, paper weight, coloured abacus etc (4), boxed. £20  
326 Swarovski, Crystal Memories, push chair, rocking chair, penny farthing and tricycle, boxed. £20  
327 Swarovski, Crystal Memories, wine bottle and rack with two glasses, boxed. £18  
328 Swarovski, gramophone, kettle drum, camera, clock and dessert plate (all boxed except clock). £22  
329 Swarovski, Crystal Memories, flower brooch, glass slipper, spinning wheel, basket of flowers and wool and needles (all boxed except flowers). £20  
330 Swarovski, two frogs, wolf and fox, boxed. £55  
331 Swarovski, two seashells and starfish, boxed. £20  
332 Swarovski, two swans and puffer fish, boxed. £25  
333 Swarovski, crystal bangle, inkwell and pen, scent bottle, wallet and seven pin brooches, boxed. £35  
334 Swarovski, snail on leave, snail, dove and ladybird, boxed. £30  
335 Swarovski, three dogs and a cat, boxed. £30  
336 Swarovski, African Animals, crocodile, ant eater, cobra and rhino, boxed. £45  
337 Swarovski, collection consisting of goose, two chickens, three small mice and baby lamb, boxed. £38  
338 Swarovski, hedgehog and kangaroo, boxed. £22  
339 Swarovski, scales and World Atlas, boxed. £20  
340 Swarovski, Cheetah, boxed, £48  
341 Swarovski, leaf candlestick holder, boxed. £15  
342 Swarovski, Orchid on mirror stand, boxed. £15  
343 Swarovski, Hedgehog, boxed. £15  
344 Swarovski, Polar Bear, boxed. £20  
345 Swarovski, chaton paperweight, boxed. £10  
346 Swarovski, Swan, (boxed, but incorrect box). £18  
347 Swarovski, Locomotive, Tender and Carriage, unboxed. £30  
348 Swarovski, Christmas bells and silver coloured stand, boxed. £18  
349 Swarovski, poodle and butterflies, (boxed, but incorrect box). £20  
350 Swarovski, small elephant, boxed and tortoise and chicken, unboxed. £22  
351 Swarovski, two squirrels and rabbit, boxed. £25  
352 Swarovski, pig and teddy bear, boxed. £22  
353 Swarovski, snail and mouse, boxed. £18  
354 Swarovski, one large and two small penguins, boxed. £32  
355 Swarovski, collection of ducks on glass stand and small duck, boxed. £25  
356 Swarovski, Mickey Mouse on glass stand, boxed. £28  
357 Swarovski, small owl, boxed. £10  
358 Swarovski, two candlestick holders, boxed. £18  
359 Swarovski, large shell with pear, three small shells and pearls, boxed. £28  
360 Swarovski, various coloured insects on leaf stand, unboxed. £70  
361 Swarovski, Flamingo, unboxed. £42  
362 Swarovski, small owl, unboxed. £12  
363 Swarovski, Flamingo, unboxed. £38  
364 Swarovski, small owl, unboxed. £10  
365 Swarovski, chaton paperweight, unboxed. £10  
366 Swarovski, oyster shell and large pearl, oyster shell and small pearl and sea shell, unboxed. £22  
367 Swarovski, Dragon wooden stand with ball, unboxed. £40  
368 Swarovski, Annual Edition 1988, Sharing, The Woodpeckers, boxed. £80  
369 Swarovski, Sailing Ship, boxed. £20  
370 Swarovski, Grand Piano and stool, boxed. £22  
371 Swarovski, Annual Edition 1990, Lead Me, The Dolphins, boxed. £42  
372 Swarovski, Annual Edition 1992, Care For Me, The Whales, boxed. £50  
373 Swarovski, Annual Edition 1991, Save Me, The Seals, boxed. £30  
374 Swarovski, Butterfly on leaf with mirror stand, boxed. £22  
375 Swarovski, Small bird on mirror stand boxed, Swan on mirror stand (unboxed) and Chicken on mirror stand, boxed. £15  
376 Swarovski, Fox, Rabbit and Turtle on mirror stand, unboxed. £15  
377 Swarovski, Hedgehog on mirror stand, unboxed. £10  
378 Swarovski, Cake and Mushroom both on mirror stands, unboxed. £12  
379 Swarovski, Cherry pendant and gold plated bangle, boxed. £10  
380 Swarovski, four small paperweights, unboxed. £15  
382 Swarovski, No. 687436 £Disney Showcase Collection, Minnie Mouse (unboxed).  
386 Swarovski, No.1119964 £Disney Showcase Collection, Pluto (coloured).  
387 Swarovski, No. 943951 £Disney Showcase Collection, Bambi (unboxed).  
401 Swarovski, No. 221609 £Arabian Stallion (unboxed).  
402 Swarovski, No. 174958 £ White Stallion (unboxed).  
409 Swarovski, No.269236 Shark. £38  
410 Swarovski, No.220470 Tiger. £70  
413 Swarovski, No.623323 £Malachite Kingfishers.  
414 Swarovski, No.657378 £Turtledoves.  
416 Swarovski, No.681542 £Crystal Paradise Flowers, Dorora Fuchsia Rain.  
417 Swarovski, No.673420 £Crystal Paradise Flowers, Dalmally (unboxed).  
418 Swarovski, No.945870 £Crystal Paradise Flowers, Damarys Erinite Snowdrops (unboxed).  
421 Swarovski, No. 236718 £Blue Siamese Fighting Fish  
423 Swarovski, SCS Masquerade 'Pierrot' with plaque (damaged), also small pig and crab (damaged), boxed. £22  
1533 A set of six heavy oak dining chairs of gothic design. £160  
1677 Reproduction ornate gilt framed mantle mirror. £32  
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