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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 14th November 2018

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 Lee Woods, oil on wrap around board, 'Boats and Harbour', 80cm x 92cm. £200  
2 Robin Goodwin (1909 - 1997) oil on canvas, signed, titled and dated verso 1972 'Morning with Tea Clippers', 60cm x 90cm. £190  
3 Robin Goodwin (1909 - 1997) oil on canvas, signed and titled verso 'Old Timer, off The Eddystone Light', 62cm x 76cm. £150  
4 Brian Pollard, oil on board, 'Sunflowers and Bay, September 1992', signed, 51cm x 25cm. £270  
5 Brian Pollard, acrylic on board, 'Mounts Bay and Trees', signed, 25cm x 17cm. £270  
6 Arth Lawr, 2018 acrylic on board, 'Looking at Lenkiewicz', signed, 14.5cm x 12cm. £90  
7 Jo Lanyon, mixed media, signed and titled verso, 'Left Turn 2001', 11cm x 28cm. £32  
8 Peter MacDonough Wood (1914-1982), 'Boats at Mevagissey', signed bottom right, signed and inscribed on a Society of, Marine Artist's label on the reverse, oil on board, 59 x 89.5cm. £200  
9 21st century contemporary, acrylic canvas, 'London', indistinct signature verso, 100cm x 100cm. £35  
10 Fred Yates (1922-2008) , oil on canvas, Self Portrait, 'Just Me 2006', 40cm x 40cm. £420  
12 Tina Morgan (born Devon, 1952), oil on canvas, signed, 'Sunlight on Embankment', 40cm x 50cm. £300  
13 L.Mar 19th Century pastel portrait, signed, written label verso, 'The Blue Lady, L.Mar, Paris 1825 pupil of Cibot, exhibited Pastel Drawings Exhibition Paris, Salon 1857-1877', in probably its original gilt oval frame, overall size 66cm x 54cm. £410  
21 Lee Woods, oil on wrap around board, 'Clemency', signed, 60cm x 124cm. £300  
22 Lee Woods, oil on wrap around board, 'Red Cows', signed, 76cm x 46cm. £290  
24 Jill Hudson (current contemporary artist in Cornwall) 'Day Sail, Falmouth Bay', 50cm x 50cm, Provenance; direct from the artists studio. £65  
25 Jill Hudson (current contemporary artist in Cornwall) 'Red Sails', 50cm x 50cm x 3.8cm, signed, oil on canvas. 2014, Provenance; direct from the artists studio. £65  
26 M.Hanny (Plymouth Artist), acrylic on canvas 'Charles Church, Cold Day' 50cm x 39cm and 'Charles Church Midnight' 50cm x 39cm and Charles Church pencil sketch 69cm x 49cm (3). £30  
27 Jack Vettriano OBE (born 1951), signed limited edition giclee print ''Dancer in Emerald', No.144/350 published in 2009 by Heartbreak Publishing, 33cm x 27cm. £280  
28 Jack Vettriano, poster from The Portland Gallery, 'The Waltzers', together with a signed copy of the Jack Vettriano book (2). £55  
29 Doug Hyde, postcard signed and titled 'Let It Snow', 14cm x 19cm. £50  
30 Arth Lawr, original acrylic 'The Cat of Marazion 2018', 30cm x 30cm, Provenance, direct from the artist studio. £170  
31 John Linton Chapman (Born 1946), watercolour, signed, 'No.8 Dock, Manchester', 17cm x 29cm. £50  
32 Zelda Glanville, original, 'Evening at No.1', monogrammed, 22cm x 30cm (purchased at an Exhibition in 1984 at The Countess of Lichfield'. £20  
33 Unsigned, continental landscape watercolour, 20cm x 44cm, together with another traditional view 'The Mill, Bosham' F.Hughes.Richardson (2). £30  
36 Clem Spencer, oil on board, signed 'Radford Lake' and another 'Seascape', 22cm x 30cm (2). £65  
37 Peter Goodhall, print 'Sailing Trawlers at the Barbican', signed limited edition and its pair (2). £20  
38 Charles Ayres Simmons, signed 'Ayres Simmons' watercolour 'Stonehouse Bridge' (Plymouth), 24cm x 34cm and its pair 'Sutton Harbour'. £200  
40 Mick Cawston (British 1959-2006), signed oil on canvas 2004 depicting the RNLI Overland Launch 'Louisa' of 1899 from Lynmouth, North Devon, provenance commissioned by the seller in 2004, together with book 'The story of the Louisa Lifeboat by Tim Prosser £2000  
42 William Thornton-Brocklebank (1882-1970), signed oil on board, 'View to St Michael's Mount, Marazion', 30cm x 40cm. £30  
44 P.Wilson, 20th Century signed oil on canvas, 'River Landscape', 59cm x 90cm. £20  
48 Joan McDermott mixed media on board, 'Cap'n Jaspers, Plymouth' signed. £140  
50 Allan Morgan (born 1952), original oil, 'Stormy Seas', signed, 50cm x 60cm. £75  
51 Walter Linsley Meegan (1859-1944), watercolour 'Whitby Harbour', 15cm x 23cm. £130  
54 Beryl Cook (1922-2008), 'The Art Class', signed print, published by Alexander Gallery, Bristol, 42cm x 42cm. £55  
55 Victorian School, oil on board, 'Cattle, Horse and figures in a landscape', 29cm x 34cm. £18  
57 Beryl Cook (1922-2008) 'Russian Tea Room', signed silkscreen print form an edition of 300, issued 1987. £190  
58 Piran Bishop, oil on canvas 'Reclining Nude, Lady in Purple Chair' with Robert Lenkiewicz book, signed 2010, 39cm x 49cm. £400  
59 Piran Bishop, oil on canvas 'Girl in Black Beret', signed 2008, 56cm x 45cm. £90  
61 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), signed silk screen print, 'The Painter with Anna, Rear View, Project 18', No.460/475, overall size including frame 113cm x 94cm. £550  
63 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), large oil on canvas, Ilfracombe School, approx 203cm x 210cm, Project 17 Observations on Local Education. £1500  
65 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) limited edition signed print No.13/500 'Painter in the wind, framed with Certificate of Authenticity. £70  
66 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) signed limited edition print No.186/450 'Self Portrait', framed. £120  
67 Robert Lenkiewicz book 'A Portrait.., Dr Phillip Stokes', together with six black and white photographs of Greenie. £28  
68 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) open print 'Lucinda', 28cm x 26cm. £20  
69 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) open print 'Greeney', 34cm x 24cm. £20  
70 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) print 'Anna', No.97/295 with embossed signature. £150  
71 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), poster 'Observation on Local Education, Project 17', together with four other posters. £30  
72 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) canvas print, No.2/475 'Prayer Plant', 59cm x 43cm. £20  
73 A terracotta sculpture of Robert Lenkiewicz, on base, height 82cm. £70  
74 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), signed print 'Diogenes/Early Drawing', No.82/250. £160  
75 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Karen in Blue', No.161/475, signed and titled with certificate. £340  
76 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Karen Standing' with certificate No.274/500. £100  
77 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Anna Seated' Millennium, No.188/475 with certificate, also signed by Anna Navas. £120  
78 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) print, 'Self Portrait with Self Portrait at Ninety', signed and titled No.464/585, well presented in a black frame and glazed, overall size 110cm x 85cm. £290  
79 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), print, 'Snowy', No.11/300, mounted not framed. £55  
80 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) original drawing 'Mouse feeding Wolfe', 23cm x 26cm. £160  
83 William Turner, oil on board 'Thurlestone Village' signed, 38cm x 32cm, G.N Goodban oil on board 'The Barbican From Teats Hill' signed 35cm x 25cm and T.Roberts 'The Parade, Barbican' oil on board signed, 52cm x 41cm (3). £20  
85 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Esther with Silver Locket' limited edition print 115/500 with certificate together with book signing poster and landscape expedition poster (3). £55  
86 Lawrence Coulson, 'Vivid Darkness', giclee on board, released 2004, No 19 from a US edition of 50, image size 8 1/2 inches x 36 inches. £40  
87 Lawrence Coulson, 'A Place We Love' giclee on paper, released 2003, No 292/ 295, image size 10 inches x 30 inches.(note certificate shows edition 249/295) £40  
88 Alan Weston (current artist and illustrator based in Cornwall), oil on canvas 'Owls', signed, 50cm x 50cm, Provenance; direct from the artist studio, find out more about Alan Weston art at, £370  
91 Brian Pollard, poster 'Music of The Night', signed limited edition. £50  
92 Bob Tucker, signed oil on canvas, 'Newton Ferrers', 1995, 20cm x 25cm. £38  
93 Robin Armstrong, 1996 signed pencil drawing of a Duck, 23cm x 30cm. £25  
94 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), original oil painting, 'Ian Fishing', painted 1979 acquired directly from the Artist at the time by the current owner, 34cm x 43cm, probably from Project 'Gossip on The Barbican'. £1800  
95 Ernest Knight (1915-1995), oil on canvas, signed, 'St Michael's Mount, Cornwall', 40cm x 50cm. £75  
96 Ernest Knight (1915-1995), oil on canvas, signed, 'The Lighthouse, Brixham', 30cm x 40cm. £110  
97 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), original oil on canvas 'Two Girls, Dawn Blower and Sarah Griffin' circa 2002, approx 60cm x 60cmn in a heavy 'Lenkiewicz' moulded frame overall size 82cm x 82cm. £2800  
98 Arthur Terry Blamires (born 1930), oil on board, varnished 'Scaffell Range, Yewbarrow and Mosedale from Pillar', 40cm x 61cm, titled and signed verso, with original purchase receipt dated 1998. £300  
100 Brian Pollard, original acrylic on board 'Christmas at the Dolphin', signed, titled 'July 1998', 50cm x 40cm. £1050  
101 Brian Pollard, original acrylic on board, 'Sunflowers and St Ives', titled verso and dated 2001, 46cm x 36cm. £620  
102 Brian Pollard, original acrylic on board, 'Eclipse, Mounts Bay', titled verso, July 1999', 50cm x 40cm. £700  
103 Brian Pollard, original acrylic on board, 'Snow and Hoe', titled verso 'January 2000', 17cm x 25cm. £240  
104 Brian Pollard, original acrylic on board, 'Hoe Summer', titled verso, 17cm x 12cm. £400  
105 Harley Crossley (1936 - 2013), FATG, signed oil on board 'Mudeford, Christchurch', 30cm x 68cm. £45  
106 Hamish McLachlan, gouache 'The Beach' (Budleigh Salterton), 23cm x 33cm. £28  
107 George.R.Deakins (Of Dunster, Somerset) , four original paintings including 'Road to Monksilver, Somerset 1968' 36cm x 50cm also 'Exmoor' (4). £48  
109 Mark Gibbons, watercolour, signed, 1988, 'The River Otter at Budleigh Salterton', 33cm x 49cm. £18  
113 Mary Beresford-Williams, four limited edition screen prints including 'Mist over Rydal', 'The way to the Beach', 'Spring Tide' and 'Road to Greenway' (4) £48  
117 Stella Hidden, 'Traveling Home' screen print artist proof. £20  
124 Yvonne Cole (British b1953), three limited edition screen prints 'Jungle Puzzle', 'Cats and Cacti' and 'Green Bathers' (3) £50  
125 Yvonne Cole (British b1953), four limited edition screen prints including 'Night watch', 'Cooling Off', 'Cuckoo Land' and 'Tender Spot' (4) £50  
130 William Hawton (Plymouth Artist), 'Island House, The Barbican', oil on board, signed. £35  
131 William Hawton (Plymouth Artist), 'Smeaton's Tower', oil on board, signed. £45  
132 William Hawton (Plymouth Artist), 'The Barbican'. oil on board, signed. £55  
133 Miro, poster 'At Pace, Columbus', 60cm x 76cm, framed. £30  
134 Fred Yates (1922-2008) oil on canvas (with faults), 48cm x 31cm, Provenance Estate Auction Art Artcurial. £130  
135 Fred Yates (1922--2008) double sided oil painting on board, including landscape scene, 21cm x 31cm, Provenance Estate Auction Art Artcurial, 21cm x 31cm. £130  
136 Fred Yates (1922--2008), three architectural watercolours including Moreton Old Hall, approx 25cm x 34cm and a further watercolour (4). £250  
137 Fred Yates (1922--2008, oil on canvas, two rows of people, 24cm x 35cm, Provenance Estate Auction Art Artcurial. £220  
139 Brian Pollard, limited edition poster No.32/450 'The Dolphin', 54cm x 43cm. £45  
140 Harry McConville, watercolour, 'Beach Boy, Polzeath', 36cm x 25cm also with Shirley Hole print 'Plymouth, A Waterfront City' (2). £20  
141 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Painter with Women St. Antony Theme' limited edition print 191/195. £290  
142 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) 'Daemon Series/Project 18' limited edition print 189/375. £400  
143 Lee Woods, oil, Self Portrait at Studio, glazed within an ash frame, overall size 114cm x 114cm (this was painting shows the artist at work in his first studio on the Barbican, Plymouth) £680  
144 Sheila Tiffin (1952-), oil on canvas, nude self portrait with toys, 3 ft x 4 ft picture, 3 ft 6 x 4ft 6 framed, £360  
146 Lee Woods, acrylic on canvas, Cornish Fields, signed, 60cm x 60cm. £300  
147 Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) oil on canvas, Project 20, £1300  
148 James Tatum (1944-),Contemporary Westcountry landscape artist, oil and acrylic on board 'Dartmoor Landscape', 60cm x 90cm (with high quality white frame approx 80cm x 110cm), signed verso, Provenance, Whitespace art Gallery, Totnes, circa 2016, James Tatu £450  
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