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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 12th December 2018

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
0 75  
1 A French miniature oval brass carriage clock, the dial marked 'L'epee' with key, height 11cm, handle up. £45  
2 A French carriage clock and key, the dial marked 'Angelus', height 11cm, handle up. £55  
3 Halcyon Days, two bonbonnieres, tennis ball and globe (Millennium collection), boxed. £40  
4 Halcyon Days, bonbonnieres, Teacher Scarecrow and Chocolate Truffle also enamel boxes together with Royal Worcester pill box 'Hot Air Balloons' (5). £45  
5 Five paperweights including a pair of dump weights, Caithness Spindreath limited edition boxed weight, Caithness twin hearts and snowdrops (5). £45  
6 The Olympic Museum, London 2012 Collection, teawares by Wedgwood, boxed. £18  
7 Leonardo Collection, porcelain box, modern Chinese table screen, modern quaich alloa tower collection, also modern bronze and glass bird group and other ornaments, commemorative crowns, metal coasters, Jubilee gilded and enamelled coins etc. £10  
8 Worcester 250th Anniversary porcelain jugs and cream boats, Bristol blue glass bird, other modern porcelain including Worcester loving cup etc. £40  
9 A collection of various fountain pens including Parker pens with 14k nibs etc. £130  
10 Two 20th century Worcester white porcelain jugs, a glass and silver overlay vase, height 13cm, sundry postcards, some flatware and costume jewellery. £25  
11 A collection of various modern Wedgwood porcelain including diamond jubilee QEII bowl boxed, coasters, drinking glasses also Ruby Royal glasses, Jasperware etc. £18  
12 Beatles, a photographic postcard with post stamp dated 1964 together with various vintage children's booklets including Snow White by Molly Thompson, Rupert Adventure Series No 11, nursery egg cups etc. £18  
13 Moet and Chandon, large bottle of champagne 1500ml and a bottle of Carte D'or Demisec (2). £55  
15 An interesting collection including a print of The Prisoner of War Camp at Stammigiagerby; N.Uchtmann (Holland) , a Dunn and Co bowler hat, a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars with German Third Reich mark, a box containing an assortment of badges, object £600  
16 A German polyphon together with a collection of discs (diameter 16cm). £100  
17 A collection of sixteen Robertson jam enamel badges and a pair of modern book ends. £35  
18 A box set of vintage nursery teawares, three silver candlesticks, modern carriage clock and porcelain figure. £35  
19 A replica porcelain ginger jar, paperweight, Holnes book 'Poet at the Breakfast Table' and miniature National Gallery print after Turner. 5  
20 Royal Doulton Art Pottery jug impressed marks 6824 and a Doulton Lambeth three spill jug impressed marks B.W 1881, each approx 21cm. £25  
21 Royal Doulton decanter and stopper impressed marks 1324 together with a Doulton Lambeth scotch whiskey decanter impressed marks 147 (tallest 26cm). £45  
22 Royal Doulton Lambeth Art Pottery twin handled vase impressed 'H.V', height 20cm. £25  
23 Royal Doulton three piece art pottery tea set, impressed '6824'. £30  
24 Royal Doulton Slaters pattern ewer, height 27cm, another Doulton gilded and flower design vase, Doulton Lambeth art pottery vase impressed 729 and a lidded water jug (4). £30  
26 Royal Doulton, a pair of jugs with gilded swirl decoration, height 16cm. £20  
27 A large Coalport limited edition group of figures from The Snowman series after Raymond Briggs, The Snowman Party, No.225/500, 46cm long approx (boxed). £110  
28 A Coalport figure, Diana Princess of Wales, 29th July 1981,limited edition, boxed. £35  
29 Beswick, a collection of six small birds, a sheep and a donkey (8). £30  
30 Magic Mike toy robot, Tomy robot and another (3). £25  
31 Royal Doulton, three miniature lady figurines. £18  
32 Six various Hummel figures (4 boxed), small Beswick bird and two modern Florence boxed porcelain figures. £40  
33 A pair of Japanese oval wall plaques lacquered, decorated in relief with birds, 55cm x 41cm. £40  
34 Two Pelham puppets, boxed. £38  
35 Lilliput Lane a large Westminster Abbey group, boxed circa 1995. £35  
37 A Victorian wood cased architectural eight day clock with key. £10  
38 A reproduction mahogany cased barometer by Shortland of Manchester together with various other gauges and instruments. £25  
39 A collection of Rupert Daily Express annuals. £20  
40 Royal Albert, Old Country Roses, an extensive six setting tea and dinner service, including telephone, clock plate, vase etc (59 pieces). £80  
41 Hornby Dublo, OO gauge Passenger Set 'Duchess of Montrose' boxed, also a power unit and various other model railway. £65  
42 A set of miniature gold scales boxed, two marine telescopes including an antique 5 pull brass and mahogany bound telescope inscribed W. Hawks Grice, Bond Street, London and some bar pumps, gauges etc. £50  
43 Two pairs of glass decanters (4). £15  
44 A carved horn decorated with a crocodile together with a 19th Century print with a copy of 1600's letter verso (2). £25  
45 Smiths Astral ships clock with key, diameter 22cm. £85  
49 A stylish silver plated picnic kettle on stand with spirit burner. £35  
50 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century Chinese porcelain jars decorated with text script and figures, height 10cm. £400  
51 A collection of sixteen Bossons heads. £40  
52 A collection of Beswick and other porcelain small birds (10). £35  
53 Four Beswick horses.  
54 Beswick 1014 Rearing Horse, £90  
55 A Chinese silk gown. £200  
56 Nao, a collection of figurines and animals (16), four boxed. £70  
57 Lladro, 'The Glass Slipper' 05957 figure, boxed. £30  
58 Lladro, 1988 Christmas bell, two Lladro baubles, figures and plaque (7), one boxed. £20  
59 Lladro, various animal groups including Geese, also key and dish (10). £20  
60 Lladro, Pierrot boxed together with Lladro Society plaque, boxed (2). £15  
61 Lladro, collection Society plaque and cup, boxed. £40  
62 Four volumes, 'The New Book of Dogs', by Robert Leyton, with illustrations. £25  
63 A collection of Subbuteo table soccer football teams, boxed, Subbuteo table cricket boxed, Subbuteo table rugby boxed, continental soccer set with flood lighting boxed and super soccer magnetic game boxed and accessories etc. £340  
64 A pair of Chinese or Japanese large heavy porcelain figures, in kimono's, tallest 61cm. £680  
65 Wills Finecast, model 1244 scale MGBGT metal kit, boxed. £45  
66 Beswick, three graduated flying seagulls. £75  
67 A mixed lot, carved ebony elephants, Capodimonte group (4), pub jug, 19th Century ornate brass box, coinage, diecast models and Derby stoneware bottle. £45  
68 Various Tony Wood and other toby jugs, Devonware jardinire, other ornaments, patch boxes etc. £20  
69 First Day covers, a collection of world wildlife covers in album, other albums of First Day covers and various general stamps. £20  
70 A collection of various cigarette cards, trade cards, part and full sets. £10  
71 Various general coinage, commemorative crowns, tankards etc. £12  
72 Meccano Ltd gauge Hornby tinplate train, No 3C Great Western Railway locomotive 'Caerphilly Castle' (1933-39 unusually with Flying Scotsman type short chimney) and No 2 special tender (GWR button monogram) restored by Bernard Ridgley and in superb conditi £30  
73 Meccano Ltd gauge Hornby tinplate train, a M3 Great Western Railway tank locomotive (No.6600), with short chimney also very unusual for this model, in good condition. £60  
74 Meccano Ltd Hornby and Hornby style tinplate, five 0 gauge private owner wagons including 1950's/1960's Hornby 'Saxa Salt' wagon, 1990's Hornby railway collectors association directory series covered hopper wagon, 'Castle Cement' open hopper, 'Roberts' op £45  
75 A Wheatstone concertina, 48 buttons, no.11394 with pierced rosewood fretwork in original hexagonal rosewood box. £200  
76 A Lachenal duet concertina, Model No.2093, with pierced ebonised fretwork, boxed. £440  
77 A Scandelli Vibrante IV piano accordion, cased. £340  
78 A Sorrento piano accordion, cased. £30  
79 A Vercelli Anco Antonio piano accordion, cased. £400  
80 An antique four glass clock with eight day movement, the pendulum with mercury tubes, bell strike and key. £60  
81 A 19th Century apprentice type miniature chest fitted with four drawers, height 29cm, width 29cm. £55  
83 A toy electric carousel. £15  
84 A pair of 19th Century porcelain candelabra, decorated with flowers and figures each in two parts, overall height 50cm.00 £35  
85 An antique percussion shot gun. £30  
87 A Mahjong set. £25  
88 Various ornaments, Lilliput lane figures, replica ships wheel etc. £15  
89 Three vintage golf clubs mounted for hanging together with a replica Bristol Steam Company ship plaque, length 115cm. £25  
91 A mascot? depicting Hermes, height 20cm. £65  
92 Crystal World Disney Showcase figure of Minnie Mouse, boxed with certificate together with a collection of various loose crystal glass. £12  
93 Carlton, crested ware model of a WWI ambulance, a British tank and an aeroplane (3). £45  
94 A collection of various Robert Lenkiewicz memorabilia including exhibition booklets and photographs. £12  
95 A pair of three ring glass decanters and stoppers, height 28cm. £18  
97 T.H. Victor, a pair of small watercolours 'Lamorna' and 'Newlyn', signed, 11cm x 18cm. £20  
98 A bracelet set with sapphire and diamond effect stones together with a fountain pen, Unique Osmiridium with 14ct nib (2). £85  
99 A quantity of various general coins including commemorative crowns, GB sets in blue folders, decimal coinage, year sets etc. £60  
100 Lt Cdr Usher RN. Cocked Hat, Gold Braid Epaulettes and dress sword belts in original tin case by O & J Jolliffe of Devonport. With Frock Dress Coat laced to Lieutenant Commander, by Gieves dated 20/12/1938. £200  
101 Commander J.F. H Page RN. Second World War Royal Navy Officers Greatcoat dated 1944 with replacement Queens Crown buttons, original buttons and Commanders Epaulets in pocket. £18  
104 Late 1970s WRAC Officers Mess Dress comprising Dress, Cape, Scarf, Clutch bag and shoes with accompanying letter from outfitters, late 1970s WRAC uniform comprising skirts, jackets, berets, shoes, stable belts, Cap etc. £55  
105 WW1 Army Service Corps Officers Cap Badge, Beret Badge and assorted buttons, also Majors and Lts Pips. Assorted Royal Navy buttons all Kings Crown, assorted Merchant Navy buttons undated, WW1. 3 postcards blinded for you, 4 postcards, sketches of Tommy £20  
106 Various cigarette cards including Churchill's 939 Association Footballers second series complete set of 50 together with loose cards etc. 5  
107 A Victoria South Africa medal awarded to 189322 A-B R.Elford HMS Doris with three bars, Driefontein, Paardeberg and Cape Colony also three Great War commemorative medals etc. £720  
109 Royal Crown Derby, four patterned porcelain plates. £55  
110 A stereoscope boxed viewer and slides. £45  
111 Five Bank of England ten shilling notes, sequential numbers in very good condition and four Bank of England One Pound notes. £30  
112 A collection of assorted Corgi an Diecast models, mainly boxed together with two stamp blocks. £20  
113 Lledo, a collection of various Diecast models of buses also Vanguards and Corgi 469 and 46931. £18  
114 EFE, a collection of Diecast model buses, approx 18, list available. £30  
115 A collection of EFE Diecast buses (8), list available. £35  
116 An old rum barrel reputedly from Royal William Yard Cooperage together with a porcelain Plymouth crested teapot. £35  
117 Clarice Cliff, 'My Garden' pattern vase height 33cm, together with an art pottery tall jug signed Fisher. £18  
118 A modern art glass centre dish, diameter 39cm. £18  
119 An antique gold and porcelain brooch decorated with a child and companion together with an oil painting of an unknown lady wearing the same brooch. £280  
120 Two Lladro polar bears, Lladro plaque and bell, Royal Copenhagen sheep group and two times carnival glass (7). £25  
121 Nine old ginger beer bottles including South Hams Mineral Water Company, Harbourne Home Brewers, R. Whites Ginger Beer, Daw's of Dartmouth etc. £30  
122 A Wedgwood jasperware jardinire, height 23cm, unmarked. £30  
124 Carlton Ware art pottery dish, Burleigh ware, Poole Pottery dishes etc (6). £15  
125 A collection of various car badges including vintage AA and BMA. £25  
126 A collection of various post cards, Kensitas silk cigarette cards, trade cards, cigarette cards various, sets and part sets etc. £20  
128 Oris, ladies vintage wristwatch together with ten others including Sekonda. £30  
129 A vintage gents Bulla Ancre wristwatch together with an assortment of other ladies and gents wristwatches including Oris, Buler, Ruhla, approx 18, together with some micro mosaic costume brooches and including a boxed ladies Oris gilt watch. £95  
131 A Great War Memorial Plaque awarded to (Corp) David Richard Thomas, Royal Army Medical Corp, 33472, Welsh, (killed Flanders 20/12/15 aged 41), together with a swagger stick, arm band and photo with his son Rhys Meyrick who also served in the Great War an £100  
132 A collection of various English and other coins including 1797 Cartwheel tuppence, various Churchill crowns, pennies etc. £12  
134 A reproduction mahogany long case clock with eight day chiming movement with key and pendulum, height 165cm. £60  
135 A chess set commemorating The Battle of Waterloo. £20  
136 An antique 18ct gold pearl and diamond ring. £140  
137 Wembley, the famous aerial cup tie game boxed, Marx Chief Cherokee action Indian kit boxed, Hornby tunnel R576 boxed and wild west action figures and Triang model railway and accessories. £90  
138 A collection of various general postcards. £30  
139 Daily Mirror, goal action replay flicker books (5) and two packs of top trumps. 5  
141 Lladro, a collection of various porcelain hats all boxed, other ornaments, hat stands, EP wares, Florence porcelain bird groups (2), an oriental bowl and ginger jar. £40  
142 Beswick, a Dalmation dog marked Arnold Dene. £35  
143 A rosewood cased clarinet, boxed. £30  
144 A speaker extension exchange box with bells. £12  
145 A pair of cloisonn vases (2). £30  
147 A silver mounted scent bottle, white metal cream jug no markings possibly Chinese and a silver and pierced small basket unmarked (3). £45  
148 Oneida Silversmith, silver plated punch bowl and cup set, boxed £20  
149 A solid brass Port Hole of HMS Ark Royal (1955-1978) with certificate of origin, 21 1/2 inches diameter, weight approx 70lbs, serial M49/483. £300  
150 Corgi, model The Man From UNCLE Thrush Buster 497, in original box with display stand. £60  
151 Corgi, 267 Batmobile, boxed. £80  
152 Corgi, 266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, boxed. £50  
153 Corgi, Gift Set 48 Car Transporter Set with six cars, boxed. £220  
154 Corgi, 336 James Bond Aston Martin, boxed. £80  
155 Corgi Toys Gift Set 13 Renault R16 Tour De France Paramount Film Unit, white/black Renault, boxed. £80  
156 Corgi Toys Gift Set 8 Lions Of Longleat, Land-Rover with protection, boxed also Corgi Gift Set 7, Daktari, boxed (2). £70  
157 A Corgi Major Circus Horse Transporter with horses, 1130, boxed also Corgi Major 137 Ford tilt cab and trailer, boxed (2). £45  
158 Corgi, 440 Ford Cortina Super Estate Car, boxed. £50  
159 Corgi, 262 Lincoln Continental, boxed together with 246 Chrysler Imperial (2). £75  
160 Corgi, 448 B.M.C. mini Police van, boxed also 327 MGBGT and 338 Chevrolet, boxed (3). £75  
161 Corgi, 486 Kennel service wagon and 359 Commer army field kitchen, military green body with light blue interior, US Star on roof, boxed (2). £75  
162 Corgi, 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5, boxed. £50  
163 Corgi, 277 The Monkeys, Monkey mobile, boxed. £90  
164 Corgi, 485 BMC Mini Countryman, boxed together with Corgi 341 Mini Marcos GT and Corgi 332 Lancia, boxed (3). £90  
165 Corgi Toys 270 James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5, boxed. £130  
166 Corgi, 479 Commer Mobile Camera Van with cameraman, boxed. £30  
167 Corgi Toys 344 Ferrari Dino Sport Whizzwheels, boxed. £20  
168 Dinky Toys No 104 Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, boxed. £30  
169 Dinky, 287 Police Accident Unit, 250 Police Mini Cooper, 278 Warsaw Ambulance, boxed (3). £30  
170 Dinky, 100 Lady Penelope Fab One, boxed. £80  
171 Dinky, 276 Airport Fire Tender, 286 Ford Transit Fire Appliance and 293 Leyland Bus, all boxed (3). £50  
172 Dinky, 280 Midland Mobile Bank, boxed, Mercedes Benz 129, 753 Police Control Crossing, 407 Ford Transit Van, 601 Austin Para Moke, also a Lledo model (5 boxed one loose). £90  
173 Bassett Lowke tinplate - three 0 Gauge model railway advertising signs. Shell - 'That's Shell - That was!'; KLG - 'KLG Sparking Plugs - The fastest Plug in the World'; Castrol, 'Wakefield patent Castrol motor oil. £20  
175 A peridot and pearl affect fashion bracelet. £18  
176 A collection of four fashion jewellery pendants. £35  
177 A silver fashion watch set with mother of pearl. £18  
178 Raymond Weil, Swiss, a ladies gold plated wristwatch. £20  
180 An 18ct yellow gold diamond zig zag ring. £110  
181 An 18ct yellow gold aqua marine and diamond set ring. £200  
182 A emerald and diamond cluster pendant necklace set in yellow gold. £210  
186 An 18ct ruby and diamond cluster ring, finger size M. £440  
188 A carved jade? Buddha, approx 45mm. £2200  
190 Two tie pins each set with pearl, one marked 18ct gold, cased. £35  
191 A mixed lot including fountain pen, Mentmore, 14ct gold nib, various lighters, vintage ladies and gents wristwatches including Rotary and Lanco etc. £18  
192 Five QEII commemorative gold medals, cased, each approx 2.50gms. £95  
194 A vintage gents Record 9ct cushion cased wristwatch with sub-second dial (damaged dial), Limit Sport vintage gents wristwatch and a 18ct gold fob watch with key wind movement stamped 18k. £160  
195 A set of six silver sterling teaspoons reproduction of Charles I 'slipped in the stork' pattern, cased together with a set of six silver Sheffield stylish teaspoons. £70  
196 An 18ct gold antique keyless fob watch with chased back plate stamped 18k, the movement signed J.W.Benson, London, No.1620712, with an original Benson case. £130  
198 A silver matchbox case, a set of six silver teaspoons James Dixon and Son cased, also a mother of pearl card case. £40  
199 A silver cigarette case, gilt lined together with a pair of silver plated servers, crested spoons and four Indian? spoons (10). £25  
200 A Victorian silver solver on three curl feet with shaped border, approx 14.5oz, diameter 25cm. £150  
201 A Geo V silver rectangular cigarette box, approx 10cm x 14cm. £45  
202 A silver mounted and coloured glass atomiser together with a pair of silver and glass small jars (3). £40  
203 A silver holder and sovereign case and other items including pair of silver sugar tongs. £30  
204 A bag of various silverwares and mixed jewellery including contemporary silver Tiffany and Co slave bangle 1997 stamped 925, a silver buckle bangle, brooches etc. £80  
205 A bag of mixed jewellery and objects including arts and crafts style brooch, silver bangle and various hardstone brooches etc. £180  
206 A bag of mixed jewellery including bangles, objects, brooches etc. £65  
207 A bag of mixed jewellery, silver bell, gilt bangle and other jewellery. £230  
208 A bag of various wristwatches and pocket watches including gents Omega Mega sonic Chronometer, vintage Ingersoll, open face and silver pocket watches, ladies Omega vintage wristwatch etc. £150  
209 A Tiffany and Co silver slave bangle, other jewellery including Chanel Italian bangle, ornate gilt locket in yellow metal and a set of pearls in 9ct white gold etc. £130  
210 A yellow metal (gold filled locket) with enamel emblem 'RN' on a 9ct gold chain. £45  
211 A cameo brooch set in yellow metal together with a pair of 14ct and black onyx leaf design earrings. £65  
212 A silver charm bracelet and other silver objects together with a silver bangle. £35  
213 A pair of 18ct and pearl mounted earrings, a 9ct pendant and a 9ct ruby set tie pin (4). £110  
214 An 18ct and diamond set dress ring together with six other various gem stone rings. £180  
215 A 9ct blue stone dress ring together with five other gem stone set rings. £160  
216 An 18ct yellow gold and platinum dress ring together with two other gem stone rings (3). £120  
217 Two 22ct gold wedding bands, approx 11.50gms. £260  
218 A gents 18ct gold signet ring, approx 12.60gms. £220  
219 A 9ct gold contemporary styled bracelet, approx 17gms. £150  
220 A pair of 9ct gold cameo earrings and an art deco style pendant necklace. £25  
221 A three stone diamond set ring set in unmarked yellow metal together with another 18ct four stone ring (one missing). £200  
222 An antique cameo set in unmarked yellow metal carved with a romantic scene. £85  
223 Three 22ct gold wedding bands, approx 15gms. £340  
224 A gold South African half pond 1894 together with a 9ct gold locket. £110  
227 Four rings including 18ct and platinum diamond set dress ring and a 9ct diamond set keepers ring etc.(4). £70  
229 A bracelet set with enamelled silver badges stamped sterling 800 also a 9ct and metal core bangle and a brooch. £10  
230 A collection of five dress rings and a pair of gold earrings. £55  
231 A mix of general jewellery including bangles, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. £25  
232 A collection of various bead necklaces, silver fob watch, a Swiss Empress Incabloc cocktail watch etc. £10  
233 An assortment of various jewellery including two cameo pendant brooches, silver locket, cocktail watch, Black Hills gold necklace etc. £35  
234 An 18ct white gold ring set with five diamonds in a contemporary fitting. £700  
236 A platinum channel set diamond half band eternity ring. £240  
237 An 18ct white gold and diamond set cross over ring. £180  
239 A collection of dolls house furniture, vintage block puzzle game, toys, Slim Whitman signed record, other autographs incl Leslie Crowther, Peters & Lee etc. £18  
240 Collection of various vintage dolls and costumes etc. £10  
241 Collection of various general stamps in albums, incl Windsor Album and loose also scrap book including some Naval history HMS Defender 1937, Plymouth memorabilia, 1930's postal history etc £30  
242 A collection of Beatles 45 rpm single records. £40  
243 Vintage Ken and Barbie dolls by Mattel (boxed). £50  
244 Royal Copenhagen figure man and gun dog £50  
249 A modern Irish Coast, rustic pine farmhouse dresser. £50  
250 A 19th century mahogany commode cupboard. £25  
251 A pair of 19th Century carved oak hall chairs. £50  
252 Two mahogany framed elbow chairs with round backs. £50  
253 An Edwardian mahogany and inlaid elbow chair. £20  
254 A mahogany arts and crafts style two tier occasional table. £50  
255 An overpainted 'Monks Bench'. £20  
256 Victoria, 1896 gold sovereign on 9ct chain. £240  
257 A set of Geo V Sheffield silver teaspoons and tongs of a apostle design, approx 7oz. £30  
258 A small United States gold cent as a pendant. £30  
259 A Geo V silver mounted and glass scent bottle, height 13cm. £40  
260 Brian Pollard, signed print 'Three Crowns Visited', limited edition. £30  
262 Three contemporary abstract pictures, limited edition print signed Dyer 'Beach Scene' and another, Albert Illett watercolour 'North Cornish Coast' also three small castle scenes circa 1930's (9). £20  
264 English School oil on board 'Cattle in a Field', unsigned, 25cm x 30cm. £10  
265 After T.H Sheppard, 'Views of Regents Canal, London', (3) together with Pears print and print after A.Zuyder Urchin (5). £40  
268 Steven Townsend, five limited edition Owl prints each pencil signed, all framed, overall size of each 50cm x 44cm (5). £65  
273 Donald Gregg, a pair of signed limited edition prints 'The Shared Seat' and 'On the Beach, Summer Time', (2). £10  
274 A 20th Century Chinese poppy scene, two others and Jude Freeman 2012 'Yellow Birds' mixed media (4). £40  
275 A contemporary abstract limited edition signed, replica poster of South Devon and after Eleanor Ludgate 'Summers End' and 'Puffins' signed prints (4). £20  
276 Ros Wiley, signed oil on board 'Tom's Steps, Garden House Buckland Monochorum', 53cm x 67cm. £30  
278 Robert Heindel, limited edition print 'Dancers', No.307/500, 60cm x 40cm. £20  
286 A portrait of a lady, oil on canvas, not signed, 90cm x 70cm (a slight resemblance to a young Queen Victoria). £95  
287 After the engraving by Edwin Hunt, 'Persimmon', Winner of the Derby stakes at Epsom 1896, ridden by J.Watts, overall size including oak frame 77cm x 94cm. £30  
288 After the engraving by Edwin Hunt, Galtee More, print, More was the winner of the Derby in 1897, ridden by C. WOOD, overall size including oak frame 77cm x 94cm. £30  
290 A 19th Century watercolour, indistinctly signed, English School 'River Scene', 20cm x 29cm, also Tom Rowden (1842-1926), watercolour, signed 'Cattle by River', 24cm x 53cm (2) £55  
293 A 19th Century pastel portrait of a child, not signed, in oval gilt frame, overall size 66cm x 59cm. £110  
294 A 19th Century pastel portrait of a child, various written notes verso, including Miss Dashwood 1839, also from a pair of portraits of Miss Pell, the ornate gilt frame embellished with flowers with scroll embossed 'Victoria', overall size 53cm x 47cm. £55  
295 Sherree Valetine Daines, a pair of hand enhanced canvas prints, limited edition with certificates verso, 'Evening Paddle' and 'Cooling Down'. £260  
296 Omega De Ville, Prestige Co-Axial Small Seconds Chronometer, a well kept gents gold wrist watch on strap, calibre 2202, purchased new 2010 with box and papers, 81647004, 46143002 £1400  
300 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) The Eagle £60  
301 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Masquerade 1999, Pierrot £35  
302 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Masquerade 2000, Columbine £45  
303 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Masquerade 2001, Harlequin £40  
304 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Buffalo £50  
305 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Magic of Dance, Isadora 2002 £50  
306 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Magic of Dance, Antonio 2003 £45  
307 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Magic of Dance, Anna 2004 £45  
308 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Ibex and stand £35  
309 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Annual Edition 1994 'Inspiration of Africa' The Kudo £50  
310 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Annual Edition 1995 'Inspiration of Africa' The Lion £45  
311 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Fabulous Creatures, The Pegasus £50  
312 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Cheetah and stand £45  
313 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Bald Eagle and stand £60  
314 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Heron £45  
315 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Camel and stand £45  
316 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Paradise Flowers Danuba £60  
317 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Swallows and stand £75  
318 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) 10th Anniversary Edition The Squirrel and stand £25  
319 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Cobra £30  
320 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Alibey Dragonfly and Butterfly Abala (fire opal), Paradise Dragonfly (wing broken) £75  
321 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Malachite Kingfishers and stand £50  
322 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) collection of three cats and kitten with ball of wool £75  
323 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Leopard £40  
324 Swarovski Crystal, Cathedral, City Gates and Tower (not boxed), also City Houses (3) and three Town Hall and trees (3) boxed £100  
325 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Alligator and Elephant and Ant Eater £40  
326 Swarovski Crystal collection comprising Orchids (2), Margaritas (3) not boxed, also four leaf clover and crystal memories basket of flowers £25  
327 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Zodiac Collection, Rat, Goat and Ox £50  
328 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear £60  
329 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Doe Deer and two Fawns £55  
330 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Toy Soldier and two Pluto Dogs £45  
331 Swarovski Crystal, Star Candle Holder (boxed), also Lily Candle Holder (unboxed), and small Candle Holder (unboxed) £20  
332 Swarovski Crystal (unboxed) collection comprising mini items, Sparrow, Toadstool, Hen, Pelican and Beaver £25  
333 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Angle £30  
334 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Apple £20  
335 Swarovski Crystal, Four Foxes (one boxed) £20  
336 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Three Frogs £20  
337 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) collection comprising medium and small Pig, Rabbit, Field Mouse and Squirrel £30  
338 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Kangaroo and Joey, Koala and Marmot £50  
339 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) German Sheppard Dog and Sheep £55  
340 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Large Swan and stand, small Swan and Seal £18  
341 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Four Geese (one unboxed) £30  
342 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) collection comprising Owls (2), Butterfly, Dove and Drake £40  
343 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) Two coin boxes each with three coins, 4 lapel pins and one extra coin £30  
344 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) collection seventeen Paperweights £35  
345 Swarovski Crystal (boxed) collection nine Paperweights (4 unboxed) £20  
346 Swarovski Crystal, a box of stands and accessories. £30  
355 Six 19th Century Spode soup plates, 'Net' design impress marks £12  
358 A 9ct gold locket and fine 9ct chain. £110  
359 A 9ct ring set with a single diamond. £20  
360 Royal Mint cased set of Silver Proof coins Legendary Fighting Ships 2005-2007 (24). £240  
361 Raymond Weil, a gents gold plated dress watch. £20  
364 A Chinese porcelain figure of a man with long beard, gilt decorated cloak and hat reading a scripture, indistinct marks to base (damaged), height 21cm. £50  
366 A collection of foreign postcards, some photographic including African in oriental lacquered album also a small watercolour, signed and a venetian print. £20  
368 Four gold dress rings including 18ct (4.6gms), 15ct (3.6gms), 9ct (3.4gms) and another indistinct mark (2gms). £100  
369 An 18ct antique five stone diamond ring, finger size R. £500  
370 A Victorian style 18ct sapphire and diamond ring, the sapphire 5.8mm round, two diamonds approx. 0.50 carat, weight 6.50gms. £400  
371 A 9ct cameo brooch decorated with a figure and bird, another 9ct cameo brooch and two others (4). £35  
372 A Victorian 9ct gold memorial brooch set with seed pearl. £15  
374 A platinum diamond set wedding band, set with four square brilliant cut diamonds, clarity SI2, weight 6gm, with a copy of a recent insurance valuation 2018 at 1,350. £150  
375 Gordon Lees (born 1933), 'Cottage in Snow', mixed media, 18cm x 21cm. £45  
376 A late 19th century oak cased Dial Clock, marked Joyce & Co, Whitchurch, diameter 45cm, with fully restored fusee movement, working, with pendulum and key. £250  
377 Tiffany, a set of six silver salts with spoons in original Tiffany & Co box, Paris. £170  
383 Hornby, train set, O gauge clock work, boxed. £30  
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