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Date of this auction was: Wednesday 30th January 2019

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 A pair of Edwardian silver pots, William Comyns London, height 7cm with embossed decoration of birds and scroll work, approx 5.46oz. £90  
2 Five various silver vesta's including one embossed with horse riding scene, approx 4.52oz. £85  
3 A match vesta modelled in the form of a pig, unmarked together with small silver objects and including Victorian silver table salt with scrollwork handles, height 3cm, a modern silver toothpick holder, silver propelling pencil and miniature book etc. £95  
4 A Geo V silver and tortoise shell ring box marked 'G & S Ltd' with silver inlaid heraldic crest with Latin inscription marked '1911 Master Sir Walter Vaughan Morgan' (Lord Mayor of London 1905, died 1916), diameter 70mm. £85  
5 A Geo V four piece silver tea service marked 'ALD', approx 53.31oz. £500  
6 Three silver napkin rings and a silver and enamel pixie brooch (4), total weight approx 60gms. £22  
7 A 9ct amethyst and diamond cluster ring, size O. £110  
8 A platinum and diamond set decorative ring, size M. £220  
9 A rare Geo V 1911 gold Two Pound Coin. £1350  
10 Three 9ct gold charms comprising a saxophone, a pair of boxing gloves and a knuckle duster, total weight approx 23gms. £220  
11 A 9ct gold charm of a clown, approx 17.3gms. £190  
12 A 9ct gold charm of a hunting dog, approx 21.3gms. £230  
13 A 9ct gold shotgun charm with hinge barrel and two removable cartridges, approx 31.5gms, length 67mm. £410  
14 A 9ct link bracelet, approx 34.5gms. £360  
15 A 9ct gold Albert watch chain, approx 62.4gms. £650  
16 A 9ct rose gold Albert watch chain, approx 63.4gms. £620  
17 Three various 9ct gold rings, approx 8.7gms. £90  
18 An 18ct emerald and diamond cluster ring, size O. £65  
20 Tanzanite, a loose stone with IGI Lab Certificate indicating 3.98ct blue colour, oval cut, with copy of insurance valuation dated 2011 at 2,150. £260  
21 A single loose brilliant cut diamond approx 0.71ct, colour J-K, clarity SI2-P1, with copy of insurance valuation at 1,595 dated 2010. £310  
22 An 18ct white gold ruby and diamond seven stone ring set with three round brilliant cut rubies, total weight 0.80ct and four round cut diamonds, total weight 0.90ct, with a copy of insurance valuation dated 2014 for 2,250, size N. £600  
24 A 9ct gold brooch modelled as a pair of galloping horses, marked 'A & W', length 50mm, approx 18.9gms. £260  
25 A 9ct gold horse head tie pin, approx 2.1gms. £28  
26 A 9ct brooch modelled as a fish approx 12.2gms, marked 'A & W'. £120  
27 An 18ct Italian brooch with stylised acorns on a leafed branch, width maximum 47mm, approx 13gms. £250  
28 A 9ct fern brooch set with seed pearl approx 10.9gms, length 61mm. £110  
29 An 18ct brooch modelled as a flower head with green enamelled leaves set with sapphires, diameter approx 42mm, 17.6gms. £310  
30 An 18ct flower brooch set with turquoise, approx 12.3gms. £230  
31 An antique 15ct cameo brooch with a portrait of a lady, height 54mm. £70  
32 A 9ct gold grape vine brooch and matching drop earrings set with pearls, approx 13.20gms. £160  
33 A 9ct gold snake necklace and matching bracelet, gross weight 60.7gms, the bracelet fitted with steel spring marked 'S & P'. £920  
34 Two 9ct gold charms, 10 shilling and one pound note, a 9ct citrine dress ring and a 9ct gold part watch bracelet, overall weight 21gms also a marcasite cat brooch. £160  
35 Victoria, 1857 shield back sovereign set in a pendant mount on a gilt metal chain. £250  
36 A 9ct gold fringe necklace approx 13.2gms. £120  
37 A Geo V 1911 half sovereign mounted together with a 1913 French 20 franc gold coin mounted (2). £270  
38 An 18ct gold and diamond set solitaire ring together with an 18ct gold five stone diamond ring and another (3). £270  
39 A pair of opal pendant drop earrings set in yellow metal, boxed. £60  
40 A pair of diamond stud earrings. £150  
41 Four 9ct gold necklaces, approx 37.4gms. £410  
43 Three 9ct gold necklaces and a 9ct gold cross, a 9ct gold bracelet and a locket on chain approx 25gms together with a large silver gilt cross marked GJ Ltd. £250  
44 An 18ct diamond solitaire ring, size P, approx 3gms. £110  
46 A 9ct gold patterned link bracelet approx 38gms. £430  
47 A 9ct gold locket marked GG and S, set on a 9ct gold necklace approx 38.5gms together with a 9ct gold bracelet approx 6.5gms. £430  
48 An 18ct diamond solitaire ring approx 0.64ct of good colour and clarity together with a 18ct shaped wedding band with receipt from Hatton Gardens 1996 at 1,400, size J. £460  
49 A ring set with QEII 1982 half gold sovereign set in a 9ct gold mount approx 7.1gms together with a 9ct gold knot ring 4.4gms and a gold 1/20oz angel QEII coin set within a 9ct gold ring 4.3gms (3). £240  
50 An 18ct five stone ring set with old cut diamonds, size K. £370  
51 An 18ct five stone ring set with old cut diamonds, size O. £280  
52 An 18ct single stone diamond ring, size N. £140  
54 A white gold half band diamond set eternity ring, size Q. £110  
55 A opal set brooch of flower design in yellow metal, unmarked, approx 3.7gms. £140  
56 A ruby and opal cluster pendant set on a yellow metal chain, unmarked. £130  
57 A pair of garnet and opal cluster earrings set in yellow metal. £60  
58 An art deco style brooch style set with five round cut graduated diamonds, length 65mm. £300  
59 An 18ct opal cluster ring size N, together with a 9ct pearl cross over ring (2). £170  
60 Two 9ct gold necklaces, approx 10.3gms. £110  
61 A 9ct rose gold bracelet, approx 24.8gms. £280  
62 Georg Jensen, Denmark sterling silver bracelet, length 40cm circa 1970's together with a silver brooch set with moonstone? marked Georg Jensen 925 Denmark, 107 (2). £280  
63 A 9ct opal cluster ring, an 18ct antique three stone sapphire ring, size U and a 9ct dress ring (3). £180  
64 A 9ct wedding band and two other 9ct rings, approx 8.9gms. £85  
65 A 9ct signet ring set with diamonds, size U, approx 5gms. £85  
66 An 18ct antique open face pocket watch with keyless movement, chased back plate and roman numerals, diameter 37mm with key. £200  
67 A 14ct gold chain with a gold locket indistinct mark, total weight 10.5gms. £140  
69 A large 1970's citrine ring, set in yellow gold, marked 14k. £140  
70 A 14k yellow gold and diamond ring set with a heart shape blue topaz approx 10ct diamonds, approx 0.40ct total weight, size M. £700  
72 A 14k white gold and diamond ring set with an emerald cut ruby approx 7ct diamonds, approx 0.30ct total weight, size M. £440  
76 An 18ct single stone diamond ring, set with brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.50ct, colour K/l, clarity SI2, size P, with copy of insurance valuation dated 2016 at 2,100. £340  
77 A pair of sapphire and diamond drop earrings with Zam Gems Jewellery Report indicating blue sapphires, oval cut 2.47ct in 18ct white gold in a diamond setting. £600  
78 A pair of 18ct hoop gold and diamond set earrings, approx 8.8gms. £190  
79 A 9ct gold lighter, with engine turned body, approx 29.3gms. £620  
80 A good 18ct three stone diamond ring together with a copy of the insurance valuation indicating three brilliant cut stones weighing approx 1ct, F/G colour, clarity SI2, size O. with 2017 insurance valuation at 4,875. £950  
81 A 9ct bluestone and diamond affect set ring, size P. £50  
82 A 9ct amethyst five stone ring, size O. £60  
83 A 9ct emerald style diamond cluster ring, size K. £75  
84 An 18ct five stone diamond ring, size N. £170  
85 A 18ct ruby and diamond five stone ring, size P. £85  
86 An 18ct five stone emerald set ring, size P. £260  
87 A large amethyst and diamond cluster ring set in white gold, size P. £220  
88 A platinum diamond solitaire ring, set with a square brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.71ct, colour assessed as H, clarity VS2, weight 4.20gm, with a copy of a recent insurance valuation 2018 at 4,950. £720  
90 A platinum diamond solitaire ring with GIA certificate dated 2007, diamond grade I/F internally flawless, colour D, 0.35ct, cut square modified brilliant, size I/J, new from 2007, with original box and certificate. £820  
92 A Victorian gilt drop pendant brooch set with a floral arrangement set with diamonds on blue stone with a reverse panel containing a plated lock of hair inscribed 'Elis Anne Jenkyns, died July 20th 1845', unmarked, approx. 13gms. £190  
93 A brooch surmounted with West Highland Scottie set with diamonds, the brooch stamped 15 and 18ct gold. £230  
94 Victoria, a 1900 gold sovereign. £210  
95 Victoria, an 1882 gold sovereign, marked 'S'. £220  
96 A QEII, a 1976 gold sovereign. £220  
97 A gold 1982 1/10oz krugerrand mounted, 1788 Georgian gilt coin marked 'The Good Old Days' , 1810 Geo III pendant and a 1911 Geo V gold half sovereign. £250  
98 An 18ct white and yellow gold three stone diamond ring, stamped 750. £500  
99 A 14ct gold chain mounted with a Glacier gold nugget, approx 8.6gms together with a pair of Alaskan gold nugget earring studs. £150  
100 A gold bangle marked 14k, approx 27.5gms. £280  
101 A 14ct gold necklace and a 14ct bracelet, approx 21gms. £320  
103 Two 9ct gold necklaces and a 9ct gold bracelet (3), total weight approx 78.70gms. £750  
104 A yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring (hallmarked rubbed), size L. £130  
105 An 18ct wedding band (approx 6.8gms), two 9ct necklaces and a brooch (approx 17gms) and a unmarked ring (approx 3gms). £290  
106 An 18ct sapphire and diamond five stone ring together with a double channel set half band ring (2). £110  
107 An 18ct diamond and sapphire cluster ring, size P. £160  
108 An antique cameo brooch with a portrait of a lady with a bird and flowing hair in a yellow metal brooch and pendant mount, height 58mm. £70  
109 A 9ct three stone diamond ring, size O. £100  
110 A fine pair of 18ct sapphire and diamond pendant drop earrings in white gold. £450  
111 A 9ct gold necklace and a 9ct bracelet, approx 28.5gms. £270  
113 An antique 18ct boat shaped sapphire and diamond ring, size O. £95  
114 An 18ct platinum five stone diamond ring, size M. £95  
115 A 18ct sapphire and diamond three stone ring, size N. £230  
116 A pair of sapphire and diamond drop earrings set in 9ct yellow gold. £190  
117 A garnet set brooch marked '900' and also a garnet set pendant marked '333 Wibra' (2). £48  
118 A pair of Chinese yellow gold 14ct cufflinks and a pair of 14k studs, total weight 14gms also a pair of silver gilt Abacus cufflinks. £220  
120 An 18ct ruby and diamond ring set with three rows of alternate stones, size N. £120  
121 A 9ct multi stone ring, size L. £55  
122 A pair of 18ct white gold square diamond and sapphire earrings. £170  
124 A 9ct mixed colour gold bangle, approx 14gms. £150  
125 A 9ct tigers eye ring, size J. £45  
126 A Geo III 1915 gold sovereign in gold brooch mount. £210  
127 A 9ct multi coloured gold wide bracelet, approx 21gms. £240  
128 A 9ct gold multi coloured bangle, approx 14.5gms. £150  
130 An 18ct white gold and platinum jade set bracelet set with two jade panels, pearls and small diamonds of art deco style with copy of insurance valuation. £410  
131 A sapphire and diamond set ring, set in 18ct white gold, size M. £500  
132 A silver and enamelled bracelet. £70  
133 A 9ct diamond solitaire ring together with three other 9ct dress rings together with some 'Roslla' faux pearls. £280  
134 A diamond solitaire with certificate from the International Diamond Lab, indicating round brilliant, 0.90ct, colour H, clarity SI2. £800  
136 An 18ct white gold and diamond channel set eternity ring, size K, with original purchase receipt dated 2009. £190  
137 A mid 20th Century blue stone dress ring, with insurance schedule indicating a faceted glass stone, unmarked but tested between 18ct and 22ct gold, size O. £150  
138 A pair of mid 20th Century vivid blue stone earrings with insurance schedule indicating faceted glass stones unmarked but tested between 18ct and 22ct gold. £220  
139 Four 18ct gold and diamond set dress rings including a nine stone channel set and half band eternity ring, approx 12.3gms. £250  
140 Four 9ct gold opal set various dress rings, approx 14.5gms. £180  
141 A magnifying glass in yellow metal mount, an antique gilt locket set with opal, a gilt and ornate fob set with citrine and another locket (4). £120  
142 A 9ct cubic zirconia cluster ring together with a 9ct topaz small cluster ring (2). £70  
143 An antique 9ct bangle set with rubies and diamonds, approx 11gms. £140  
144 A 19th century gold mourning brooch, tow others brooches agate set and pinchbeck (3). £80  
145 A 9ct tanzanite and diamond three stone ring together with a sapphire and diamond small cluster ring (2). £85  
146 A 9ct white gold sapphire and diamond cross ring, size S. £75  
147 Two Scottish brooches and a large citrine brooch in yellow metal together with a Surrey Freemasons medallion, height 51mm (4). £75  
148 A platinum and diamond set cluster ring enhanced with two channels of diamonds to the shoulders, the centre stone approx 0.88ct, size O. £950  
149 A pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings. £230  
150 A platinum two stone diamond ring set with two oval cut diamonds, total weight approx 2.74ct, one diamond approx 1.41ct, colour K, clarity I, one diamond 1.33ct colour L/M, clarity VVS1, size N, with copy of 2019 insurance valuation at 11,750, also a val £3200  
151 A pair of 18ct diamond and sapphire earrings. £110  
152 An 18ct diamond three stone ring, approx 0.75ct, size S. £420  
153 A 9ct pendant of art nouveau design set with amethyst and seed pearl, approx 5.2gms. £120  
155 A 9ct amethyst and diamond contemporary styled bangle. £180  
156 A pair of 18ct emerald and diamond earrings. £210  
157 A fine 18ct diamond line bracelet with approx 2.80ct total weight of diamonds set in white gold, length 19cm. £1250  
158 An Italian 14k gold Milanese style necklace and matching bracelet, approx 19gms. £320  
159 Jubilee Mint, four QEII commemorative coins including centenary of WWI in 9ct gold. £95  
160 Five miniature gold QEII coins, including commemoration of Captain Cook 2009 one dollar (5). £140  
161 A 9ct gold square cameo marked A and Co together with another 9ct oval cameo in a filigree decorated pendant, height 45mm. £90  
162 A 9ct yellow gold eagle claw and ball charm together with tie stud in the form of a mans head set with a stone, unmarked (2) £55  
163 An 18ct three stone diamond ring, total diamond weight approx 1.50ct, size O. £900  
164 A coral necklace. £30  
165 A good diamond solitaire ring set, approx 2 carats, set in unmarked white gold possibly platinum, size N. £3200  
166 A styliish diamond and sapphire ring, setting size 17mm x 19mm, size L/W. £950  
167 A good diamond five stone ring, total diamond weight approx 3 carats, size P. £3200  
168 Omega, a gents 1960/70's stainless steel wristwatch, mechanical movement. £180  
169 A fine 18ct white gold diamond line bracelet, total diamond weight approx 4 carats, length 18cm. £2900  
171 Seiko, a gents Tidal Moon wristwatch circa 1992 with quartz movement, calibre 6F24, chronometer. £210  
172 Tudor, a gents Oyster Elegante wristwatch model 7960, the back plate marked 215297, case diameter 34mm, with extra links and with rocket shaped batons. £680  
174 Omega, a 1974 gents stainless steel automatic date wristwatch with purchase guarantee dated 5th October 1974 and original box, one owner since new. £250  
175 An antique 18ct gold fob watch stamped 18k with keyless movement and decorative case throughout, total weight approx 31.6gms. £170  
177 Omega, Speedmaster a gents automatic steel and gold chronograph wristwatch. £1150  
182 Longines, a vintage gents wristwatch with sub-second dial, case diameter 30mm. £180  
183 Grand Prix Election Date gents wristwatch with seconds dial. £200  
184 Longines, a silver open face and keyless pocket watch set with roman numerals and subsidiary seconds. £60  
185 Rolex, model 16610, a well kept 2006 gents Oyster Perpetual Submariner with date, one owner since new 16th January 2006, complete with guarantee no D564733, with original box and outer box, serviced with Rolex 20th April 2015 with original shop tag etc. £4700  
186 Rolex, Cellini, a ladies 18ct gold and diamond dot dial wristwatch well kept with original box, booklets, tag and guarantee dated 1st May 2004, model 6621/8, guarantee no K68127. £2200  
187 Rolex, a gents 1996 Oyster Perpetual Datejust bi metal wristwatch, model 16233, well kept with original box, outer box, guarantee certificate (number W526625), extra links, service record 2002, one owner since original purchase (this watch was purchased a £2800  
188 Rolex, a ladies 1996 Oyster Perpetual bi metal wristwatch, model 67193, well kept with original box, outer box, guarantee certificate (number W737513), extra links, service record 2009, one owner since original purchase (this watch was purchased a as pair £1700  
189 A ladies 14ct gold wristwatch, the dial marked 'Morvant' with sapphire crown, approx 19.4gms. £230  
190 Rolex, an 18ct gold square cased Cellini ladies wristwatch, silvered baton dial, model No.3659, with plaque buckle, 19 Jewel Rolex movement, condition-requires overhaul, dial stained, slight discolouration, slight dent on side lug and scratches. £300  
191 Rolex, a vintage ladies 9ct gold Rolex watch with a 9ct gold bracelet, the dial marked 'Precision' with sub-second dial, approx 17.0gms. £150  
192 Tudor, Royale a ladies 9ct yellow gold manual wind cocktail watch with silver baton dial, Rolex crown, gold plated bracelet, running with original box circa 1958/61. £140  
193 Omega, Seamaster De Ville gents automatic gold capped wristwatch with baton dial (some staining on dial). £270  
195 Eterna-Matic, a fine gents 18ct gold wristwatch model 3003, the back plate stamped 664500268 with date, automatic movement and gold Milanese bracelet, total weight approx 126gms £1900  
196 Omega, a ladies 9ct gold wristwatch, automatic with Milanese bracelet, approx 27gms. £230  
197 Constantina Suisse, a gents 18ct vintage chronograph wristwatch, the dial marked Anti-Magnetic Chronograph 17 Rubis, manual wind, 17 Jewel Landeron No.48 movement, circa 1950's, with linen champagne dial, the dial approx 37mm, condition- dented case on si £350  
198 Incabloc, Swiss ladies gold wristwatch with bark effect gold bracelet, cased marked '.375', approx 37.5gms with original Drakes box and outer box. £310  
199 Waltham, two gold plated full hunter pocket watches including Waltham 'Traveller' each with keyless movements and guard chain (1 guard chain 9ct gold approx 6.5gms). £180  
200 Four gold plated, open face and keyless Waltham pocket watches together with another vintage pocket watch with keyless movement, the enamel dial marked Illinois (5). £270  
201 A Victorian silver open face fob watch with key wind movement, diameter 36mm. £48  
203 Rolex, a gents 18ct gold Day Date wristwatch, Model 18038, Serial 5349979, overhauled and serviced by Rolex in 2005, with original box and outer box. £5600  
204 Rolex, a gents 18ct Oyster Perpetual wristwatch, with original box and outer box. £1350  
205 Omega, Speedmaster, a gents stainless steel Automatic Chronograph, wristwatch, the backplate marked 53510578, with box and instruction booklets. £1050  
207 Omega, Speedmaster Professional Mark II, a gents stainless steel chronograph wristwatch. £700  
208 Omega Seamaster Chronostop, a gents stainless steel wristwatch, on black leather strap. £420  
209 An 18ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size N. £140  
210 An 18ct ruby and diamond cluster ring of flower design, size L. £170  
211 An 18ct single stone diamond ring, size N. £210  
212 An 18ct two stone diamond ring, size N. £100  
214 Omega, Seamaster, a gents stainless steel automatic chronometer 200 meter wristwatch, approx. 37mm. £680  
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