Tuesday 11th July 2023
Plymouth Auction Rooms
Lot 158

A vast quantity of comic books circa 1990’s and 2000’s contained in twelve boxes

A vast quantity of comic books circa 1990's and 2000's contained in twelve boxes various titles and sequences including Avengelyne, DC reprints of Silver Age comics 1999, DC bombshell variant covers series 2014-2015, Glory and Friends, Hawk Man, Ladt Mechanika, Lady Pen Dragon, The Legend Of Oz, Legendary Green Hornet, Legion Of Worlds, Magdalena, More than Mortal, Way of the Warrior, Shi, Sins of Youth, Tomb Raider, Victory etc.

Detailed list available please note the list has been prepared by the Vendor we cannot confirm that it is 100% accurate viewing is available. .
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