Wednesday 24th March 2021
Plymouth Auction Rooms
Lot 46

Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) oil on hardboard, ‘Painters Right Boot’ signed, 64cm x 46.50cm. This

Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) oil on hardboard, 'Painters Right Boot' signed, 64cm x 46.50cm. This rare work was painted as part of the artists Project Number 6, 'Paintings Designed to Make Money, The Diogenes Con Show and The Masterpiece Museum', and was number 20 in the collection. 'The Painter's Right Boot' was part of the project called The Masterpiece Museum, shown in 1975 at The Fool gallery, Plymouth and Blenheim Gallery, London. This project was an ironic look at the relationship between art and money and featured work by a supposedly deceased painter called 'R.O. Lenkiewicz'. The companion left boot was displayed in a glass cabinet at the same show, with the note: "A LEFT BOOT. Property of the artist and worn by him for several years. He appears to have had a deep affection for his footwear, and we know that he painted more studies of his boots than he did of anything else -- including self-portraits". Illustration (on request) the show at Blenheim Gallery, summer 1975. The still-life, one of several, of the boot is upper left. Note the remarkable self-portraits with Courbet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The whereabouts of the latter two works is unknown. Lenkiewicz' s 'The Painter's Right Boot' is an ironic pun on Van Gogh's famous study of a pair of boots.

Sold for: £4,500 + fees
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